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Meyers Family Map

Branch: Germany > Herkimer Co., NY

1 Hans Meyer (?, Elwangen, Germany - bef. birth of son Peter)

1-1 Hans Peter Meyer married (17may1640) Barbara ___?___ of Gaildorf, Germany.
Peter was a teacher and a Sexton. Barbara was the widow of Michel Jung.

1-1-1 Hans David Mayer (20sep1640-20nov1711) a schoolmaster, married 1st Margaretha Leidig (?-jun1680), died during childbirth

1-1-1-1 Hans Casper Mayer (bpt 09jan1672-?) married 1st (19oct1706) to Ursula Maria Deininger
married 2nd (10may1729) Ursula Margaretha Muller

1-1-1-2 Johann Jacob Mayer (bpt 15sep1674 -?)

1-1-1-3 Georg Melchoir Mayer (bpt 17jul1676-?)

1-1-1-4 Maria Euphrosina Mayer (bpt 01may1678-28jul1682)

1-1-1-5 "Child" Mayers (?-jun1680)

David married 2nd (20sep1680) Anna Maria Kobler, daughter of Hans Köbler

1-1-1-6 Johann Bernhart Mayer (bpt 07aug1681-?) he was a weaver.

1-1-1-7 Susanna Eva Mayer (bpt 14aug1683-?)

1-1-1-8 Johannes "Hans" Mayer, a tailor and schoolmaster (23feb1686-02jul1753) married (10feb1705) Anna Margaretha Bauer (09may1682-?)

1-1-1-8-1 Johann Michael Meyers

1-1-1-8-2 Johann Joseph Meyers* (bpt 03mar1712 Michelfeld, Kingdom of Wurtemberg - c.1778 NY) married (nov1734) Maria Dorothea Deininger.
Arrived in Philadelphia sept1738 on the S/S Nancy.

1-1-1-8-2-1 John Meyers

1-1-1-8-2-2 Jacob Meyers married (before 1766) Margaret

1-1-1-8-2-3 Joseph Meyers/Moyer Jr.* (may1746-15apr1812 Warren, NY) married (before 1769) Catherine Clapsaddle (18nov1748-03apr1839)

*Note: this Joseph is probably the son of Johann Joseph (above) but it is not yet proven.
This Joseph Jr. fought in the French & Indian War in Capt. Conrad Frank's Regiment along with a "Joseph Sr." (assumed to be his father). He lost a leg in battle.
During the American Revolution he was in Col. Peter Bellinger's regiment, helping mostly by making bullets at Fort Plank, about a mile from his house .
During the Revolution the citizens of German Flatts all lived on the front lines of the war between the New York colonies and the British attacking from Canada. In addition, many of the farmers in the German Flatts area of the Mohawk River were supplying George Washington's troops with food supplies. This made them even more of a target to the British.
On August 2, 1780 the British launched a surprise attack on German Flatts. Lead by their ally, Chief Joseph Brant of the Mohawk Indians, the raiders were made up of 500-600 Mohawk Indians and a few of Butler's Rangers.
Joseph was working at the Fort when the Mohawk Indians swept in under Brant's command and attacked the nearby homes.
Joseph's home was plundered and burned. His 11 year old son and 3 year old son were slain, the older boy also being scalped. His 5 year old daughter was taken captive with other prisoners and carried away to Canada for a bounty from the British. They were eventually released and returned home.

1-1-1-8-2-3-1 John Meyers (20oct1769-02aug1780) killed by Indians

1-1-1-8-2-3-2 Maria Jos Meyers (c.1771-?) married Johannes Joh. Campbell

1-1-1-8-2-3-3 Andries "Andrew" Meyers (03jan1772 - 29apr1851 Cedarville, NY) married (15nov1793 German Flatts, NY) Catherine Scherer (Sharer) (12sep1772-04sep1851)

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-1 Peter J. Meyers (07jul1794-?) married Catherine Crouch

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-2 Nancy Meyers (1jul1799-23jun1876) married Thomas Weaver

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-3 Absalom Meyers (11jul1799-1881) married Catharine Edick

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-4 Christian "Christopher" Meyers (05dec1801-1881) married (29feb1828) Alzina "Elizabetha" Ohrendorf (28mar1809-19jan1892)

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-4-1 Pamelia "Lydia" L. Meyers (1830-1913) married C.B. Comstock

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-4-2 Alvira Beech Meyers (28jul1832-15mar1876) married (1860) Charles Frederic Runyon (29dec1829-jan1876)
Follow Runyon Line for descendants.

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-4-3 Arthur R. Meyers (31jul1833? - ?), a lawyer, married Ellen N. Jones

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-4-4 George H. Meyers (1835-1901) married Nancy Brockway (or Brockman)

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-4-5 Julia L. Meyers (24jul1838-1929) married James M. Winn

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-4-6 Helen M. Meyers (1840-15nov1922) married Milford C. Mills

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-5 Joseph Meyers (30jan1807-?)

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-6 Margaret Meyers (01jan1809 -?) married Alphinus Norton

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-7 Katherine Meyers (14jan1814-?)

1-1-1-8-2-3-3-8 Jeremiah Meyers 914sep1817-22aug1891) married (20oct1836) Sophronia Getman

1-1-1-8-2-3-4 Eve Meyers (26oct1774-30jul1860) taken prisoner by Mohawk Indians during the Revolution. Married 1st Jacob Eysman. Married 2nd Lawrence Th. Shoemaker

1-1-1-8-2-3-5 Jacob Meyers (22jul1777-02aug1780) killed by Indians

1-1-1-8-2-3-6 Elizabeth Meyers (10apr1782-?) married George Henry Campbell

1-1-1-8-2-3-7 Joseph Meyers Jr. (12may1787) married Jeanett Winn

1-1-1-8-2-3-8 Johannes Meyers (16dec1788-?) married 1st Anna "Nancy" Skinner
married 2nd a daughter of John Jost Hess

1-1-1-8-2-3-9 Gertrude "Charity" Meyers (19jun1791-02jun1847) married John Diedrich "Richard" Getman

1-1-1-8-2-3-10 Dorothy Meyers (1785-1815) married (22nov1807) Jacob Kessler

1-1-1-8-2-3-11 Daniel Meyers (12jan1794-?)

1-1-1-8-2-3-12 Catherine Meyers married Jacob Petrie

1-1-1-8-2-4 Margaret Meyer (1752-1818 Columbia, NY) married (08jan1770) Lt. George F. Helmer (1739-1823), son of Frederick Helmer and Barbara Kast.
George was wounded in the Battle of Oriskany.

1-1-1-8-3 Lt. Martinus Petrus (Martin Peter) Meyers (bpt 18nov1714 Michelfeld, Kingdom of Wurtemberg - 29jan1802 Herkimer, NY) married 1st (c.1739) ___?___, married 2nd ___?___ in Herkimer.

1-1-1-9 Wilhelm Michael Mayer (bpt 24jan1688-?)

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