My name is Alan and I was born, and have lived all of my life, in the state of Washington. I have lived off and on in the Grand Coulee area for most of my 48 years. My Father's Grandparents, on both his Mother's and Father's side, homesteaded in Washington when it was still just a Territory, in the late 1880's.

I work for the U.S. Gov't., the Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, at Grand Coulee Dam. Grand Coulee Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric facilities in the world and is located on the Columbia River, in the east/central part of the state.
My work involves dealing mostly with environmental types of issues or projects, primarily wildlife habitat development, water quality and the collection and disposal of wood debris before it comes down river and possibly damages a generator turbine in the dam.

My hobbies and interests include: Hunting, Firearms (especially antiques), Antiques (almost anything), Log Cabins, Fishing, Backpacking, Wildlife, Horsebackriding, Buckskinning, Sports, Reading (early American history, Native American spiritualism, New Age, etc.)
My interest in early American history, antiques and things, have made me come to the conclusion that I was born 150 years too late. :-)

(to be cont.)

My chat room pictures,really liked the movie and the time period, so I decided to use the movie poster, and I use the ol' gambler on occasion also. Say hello if you see me meanderin' around!