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990705/1800 GMT: Federal holiday! Hope you all had a good, safe Independance Day celebration.

My son's cat died, today, of a heart attack. He was a 4 year old Siamese Cat. If you reached this page through the Open Pages ring, you can see a couple of pix of Aspen on my main page. He really loved that cat. We are all saddened at the loss.
Aspen was eating at his food bowl, when he suddenly ran off to our bedroom, acting as if he were choking. We found him beside our bed, heaving and trying to breathe. His tongue was already blue. We brought him to the living room to get a better look at him. He crawled along the floor a couple of feet, and then just stopped moving. My wife got the cat carrier, and whisked him away to a local vet office. The doctors worked on him for a while, and was able to get his heart started and get him breathing, again, but he just couldn't hang on.

My son is 13, and this has hit him harder than any other member of the family. He chose Aspen from several cats at the Denver Dumb Friends League. While my son understands that death is the inevitable conclusion to life, at this moment that knowledge doesn't soothe the pain. Should you wish to write my son any words of encouragement, his email address is bronze-c@juno.com. TIA!

990703/0319 GMT: Still home.

Those of you that have followed this journal might recall that my wife had a car wreck on August 16, 1997, which totalled her van (along with the vehicle that was at fault). She is still taking physical therapy for her injuries. Well, anyway, I think that I said that I would post the pictures of the accident as soon as I could.
It has taken a while, but if you follow THIS LINK you can see them. Her van is the white Dodge Caravan. Of course, if you aren't interested, there's no need to look.

We are getting ready for the Independance Day weekend. You know, the day that is supposed to remind us that we are a country of free citizens. Oh, by the way, here in the area in which I live, we are not free to buy fireworks to celebrate the rememberance day of freedom. Ironic, isn't it? But, then again, maybe it's appropriate, as this holiday has, like most, lost its meaning anyway.

Mayor Wellington Webb, HNIC in Denver, sucks.

990701/1950 GMT: Still at home, folks. It's been over 2 months, now, that I have been on administrative leave. It would be interesting to know what is going on. But, since I have never been a proctologist, I am not experienced with figuring out the mindset of a Government agency. Perhaps if there is a congressman or senator out there that is as interested in knowing as I, you could lend a hand in finding out. . .

We are another day closer to moving back east! Hope to be back in Indiana w/in 2 months, with or without a job. It has become clearer to me about how one must set priorities in life, and that working for the government is not necessarily high on my list.

990630/1428 GMT: Still home, nothing new.
We are gearing up for the July 4th weekend. We plan a small cookout with a friend or two. Nothing spectacular.

I think, since I have a digital camera, that I will start putting up some pix of various personal things, such as our pets, plants, crafts and projects, etc. Sound like a good idea? Would you be interested in something like that? I don't get very much feedback from anyone who might have visited this site, so I don't really know what people want. So, until I do, you get what I give you.

If you entered this page through the "Open Pages" webring, please take a moment and visit my main page by clicking on the link near the top of this page. Thanks!

I don't know if this helps, but I have now moved 1997 and 1998 journal entries to separate pages. Just click on the appropriate link in the sentence above, or on the link at near the top of the page to go there. Hopefully, this will make page loading a little quicker, and help me with uploading this current page, as well.

990627/1637 GMT: I am still at home.
I put an ICQ status indicator near the top of this page. If I am online, you are most welcome to ICQ me. I think it's a fairly efficient way to communicate, although it does get just a little busy at times.
Nothing much exciting has happened, lately. We weren't able to make it to the second nudist gathering yesterday, which is a bummer. But, there will be others coming up.

Help me out, here, if you can. I would like to get an idea of how people find THIS particular page. I have it in a webring, but I am not sure how effective this is. Would you please take a moment, and send me a quick email telling me how you found my journal page? Thanks!

We rented PATCH ADAMS (starring Robin Williams). It is a fairly good video. Plenty of humor, good story line. It is based on a true story of a man who want's to become a doctor simply to help people, and has to fight the 'way it has always been' to try to reach his goal. If you watch it, let me know what you think about it.

My son fell out of the shower this morning. Messed up his ankle. He is in bed, with it elevated, icing it down. If it doesn't feel better in a few hours, I think we might have to take him out to the ER.

990623/2307 GMT: Still here, folks. I'm just amazed.

My daughter's last day of the school year was today. My son's will be Friday. Then, they are out for about 3 weeks, and then it's back to school for a new year. Year-round school sucks. Don't get suckered into it, if you can keep from it.

Have you ever listened to any "Native American" music? I am listenting to a tape of a Hearts of Space program called "Prophecy". This radio show has a number of songs by various artists, all playing "Native American" sounding music. Quite soothing.

I think I am going to run for Mayor of the scrungee little town that I live in at next election. My campaign slogan will be, "This town needs an enema", which some of you will recognize from "Batman, The Movie". And, it is quite appropriate. Have you ever heard of a town ordinance that requires CATS to be on leashes when they are outside?!? What a joke!
Well, if you live here, or you move to Aurora, Colorado, vote for me, won't you? Thanks!

990621/1504 GMT: Still at home, no new news.
I had a wonderful Father's Day, and hope that those fathers reading this did, too. It certainly is nice for children to show their appreciation.

We went to the Rocky Mountain Bears house party on Saturday. It was quite refreshing. We haven't been to any nudist activities for nearly 3 years (ever since we moved to the USA's enema insertion point, Colorado). The weather was perfect, the food was good, and the company was interesting. There is another one this coming Saturday, and we plan to go to that one, too.

Well, I've have some good feedback on my main page, and I've also had a few left-wing nuts write to me, wanting to infringe on my first AND second amendment rights. All I have to say to them is, "Isn't America a great country, where we can express our opinions without fear of being thrown in jail. I want to keep it that way. Thanks for writing."

990618/1351 GMT: Well, the weather has cleared up. Should be into the 90's by the weekend.
At least it should be good weather for a little nudist gathering that we plan to attend. We belong to a group called the Rocky Mountain Bares.
There is also a Ren Festival going on in a town called Larkspur. We went last year and had a blast. We may go Sunday, if all goes as planned. I will take the digital camera, and try to get some shots good enough to post in my pages. Check back.

990615/1712 GMT: The weather is pretty weird, like much else, here in Colorado. Four hail storms in as many days. We are just waiting for today's little blessing of ice from the sky.
I'm still at home, waiting to be called back to work. I have heard no new information about when I will return.

If you entered this journal through the webring, please take a moment, go to my main page, and read the little blurb from the Paul Harvey radio show. I think it is quite good. You can click HERE to go to my main page. Use your 'back' button to return to this page.

There's not a whole lot else to say, right now, so, I will write later!

990602/1414 GMT: I have switched to using GMT for the journal entries, since the time zones change here in Colorado seasonally. I apologize for not updating for quite a while, but I have been a little busy. I am working on a webpage for someone, and it has been time consuming. If you want to know the URL, email me , and I will send it to you.
So, here's a little catch up.

On 990429, I was placed on administrative leave from my job. I have been at home, drawing pay and benefits, ever since. Thank you for your tax dollars.

My son and I started taking kenjutsu, the art of Japanese Swordsmanship. It is a very interesting art. You might ask, "Why a sword?" If you learn to use a sword effectively, you can pick up any object that would be similar to a sword (walking stick, cane, tree branch, mop handle, etc) and use it just as efficiently. The training also helps with unarmed combat techniques. Considering that the US Government is working VERY hard to disarm its population, such training could be very useful.

I did a wonderful photo shoot out in southern Colorado. The models beauty was outdone only by the surrounding landscape.

Have you ever heard of Art Bell? He is a talk radio host based in Mesa, Arizona. He talks about consipiries, UFO, unnatural phenomena, etc. I don't necessarily believe in all the things he discusses (and, I don't think he does, either), but it makes for some very interesting late-night listening.

We're still stuck if f*cking Colorado. But, there is still a glimmer of hope that we will get back to the real world, eventually. If you want to help, let me know, and I will let you know where to send your check :)

Well, there's not much else that has gone on. So, you can see why I didn't update any earlier than I did. Keep in touch, and we will be thinking about y'all.

990420/2048: I haven't written in a couple of months, as you can tell. There really hasn't been much going on. Got a new computer, a digital camera, and a few other things. Nothing major. But, today, in a suburb of Denver, a couple of students went into a school and began shooting the other students. You may have heard about it, as it made national news. The gunmen killed themselves after killing about 25 or so of their school mates. People are trying to blame the parents. Those wacky Canadians, of course, are blaming the 'relaxed gun laws of the US' (what do they know?) I blame the local and state governments, and the school administration. If the teachers were trained and armed (and not the cowards that seem to be VERY prevalent in this part of the country), this little melee would have been over in a much shorter period of time, with much less loss of life, than it was. The local and state governments, and the school admin should be sued until they bleed, for allowing this to happen to innocent children.
Even now, there is a CCW permit bill that should be reaching the governor's desk within a few weeks for his signature or veto. This bill contains language that will make it illegal to carry a firearm in, among other places, a school. Now, keep in mind that today's shooters weren't acting legally. So, this bill will prevent this type of tragedy from happening again? I think not. What it will do is let the criminally minded know that if they decide to go on a shooting rampage in a school, they won't likely be challenged by a law-abiding citizen carrying a gun, because THERE WON'T BE ANY IN THE SCHOOL! Bleeding-hearts say, "we need more police, we need more security". As Ben Franklin said, "Those who trade freedom for security deserve neither." The government wants you to believe that they are the answer. The love to hear the weak-minded say, "Give us more protection", because the government wants you to depend on the so they can control you. If you don't believe it, just ask a welfare scumbag to give up their 'good gubment handouts', and see what reaction you get. Sure, the government want's you to depend on them to protect you and your family. Where were they today, in Littleton?
If none of this makes sense to you, relax. I'm just really troubled right now by the group of sheep that are lead to slaughter everyday in this town. I'm sure I will be better, tomorrow.

990217/2149: Well, I didn't get the tattoo picture up yesterday, but it's up, today. You can see it by clicking here! Comments are welcome.

990216/0647: Not a whole lot has happened, lately. We went out last night and got a game called FORSAKEN for the Sony Playstation. The two player mode (head-to-head deathmatch) is pretty fun, and can be challenging.
I hope to have a pic of my tattoo on here later this afternoon, so check back to see if, if you wish.

990205/2015: A friend of mine wrote me that this site hasn't been updated in quite a while. She's right. I've been keeping this journal up (well, as much as it is kept up), but I have been forgetting to upload it to the server. Duh! It don't work if you don't upload it, does it? Well, hyer'tis! Thanks, J, for bringing it to my attention. I will try to not be so busy.

My son lost a tooth, yesterday. I think that he doesn't have too many more 'baby' teeth left.

The smoothie list is still going well, but it could always use more subscribers. Think about signing up, if you would, from my main page. And, while you're on the main page, buy a book or cd through my Amazon.com link. Thanks!

990202/2100: I'm back! The trip was okay, and I think it was successful. I will know in a few weeks, I hope. Being away from the family wasn't a good experience. Too much to worry about, and I really missed them. They missed me, too. My wife says that I won't be leaving them for a week, again. I'm, inclined to agree with her.

990126/2000: I took half the day off to get ready for my trip. I fly out to Indy tomorrow. I will be there for a week. I have to go to an arbitration on an episode in which a drunk firefighter (off-duty) hit me in the back (of the car) in 1995. We are finally getting around to getting it settled. I wonder how I will do being a week away from the family . . .

990122/2100: I suffered a kidney stone, yesterday. The familiar pain started yesterday morning during breakfast. I ignored it, hoping against hope that it wasn't what I thought it was. I drove to work, and by the time I had gotten there, I had already had to pull off the road to do the obligatory heaving. I got back in the car, and continued to work. I was there for about an hour before I couldn't stand it any more. A friend of mine took me to the hospital, and then went on to pick up my wife so she could retrieve the car. I was in the ER for about 6 hours or so, and had the most WONDERFUL drugs. They gave me a prescription, and released me to go home. I remember getting into bed at home, and then waking up to eat a little. I took some of the prescription, and drifted (crashed?) off to sleep. I awoke at about 2:30 am, and took another pill. At 8:30, I awoke, again, and had no pain. I knew that this meant that the stone had made its way down into my bladder. So, I grabbed the strainer, aimed, fired, and there it was, my new born. Let me tell you, if you have never experienced the 'joy' of a kidney stone, you just don't know what your missing, unless you have had a baby by natural birth!

990118/2030: Today is my daughter's 9th birthday. As you can see, January is an interesting month at our house. Both of the kids are growing up so quickly. I have to take a trip out of town soon, for about a week, and we are going to celebrate the January birthdays shortly after I get back.

990112/2130: Today is my wife's birthday. If you get a chance, drop her a note to wish her Happy Birthday.
As you can see from the gap in the dates, not much noteworthy has happened. The family is fairly healthy. My daughter was lying on the playground at school one day during recess, and some other kid kicked some gravel near her. A piece of small gravel went into her ear, but did no damage. The Colorado_smoothie list has over 100 subscribers, now. If you want to sign up, go to my main page, and click on the ONEList icon.

990103/1740: Hope everyone had a good New Year celebration. We stayed at home, and at 2200 local time, called Mom and Dad to wish them a HNY (their time zone is 2 hours ahead of ours). We watched the ball drop in Times Square, and then watched the repeat 2 hours later when 1999 caught up with us. We all celebrated with a small cup of Coca-Cola, and then went to bed. It's strange how the passing of the year seems to be less and less significant . . .

Today is my son's birthday. Thirteen. Officially a teenager. This, too, feels truly strange. He is our first born, and I really don't quite know how to process the data about his age, right now. I'm sure it will come in it's own time, as all things do. I look back, and I really don't believe that it has been 13 years since my wife and I were alone, together. I remember parts of the day of his birth like it was yesterday. It was then that I beheld his tiny body, marveling at the miracle of creation the way that I had, to that point, never wondered about ANYTHING, before. I recall announcing to my parents that their very first grandchild was a boy. Until his actual birth, all indications were that he was a girl. I must have burst at least one seam in my scrubshirt as my chest swelled when the nurse told me of my son. The recollection is bringing tears to my usually dry eyes. Fortunately, I have a cold at the moment, so nothing seems out of place. If you knew me personally, this would make much more sense.

The Monday and Tuesday after Christmas, I was home, sick, from work. Sore throat, fever, stuffy nose, etc. I was feeling well enough to make it to work on Wednesday, and as I walked out to the car, I noticed that some little hemorrhoid had broken out my driver's side window on my car. There are some weeks that just don't go right. I drove to work to put in about 2 hours before I had to drive back home to await the glass replacer. It was a chilly drive, but there have been worse days on which this could have happened. Although cold, there was no snow or rain. The repairman arrived about 1630, and it took him about a half hour to replace the window. He had to be called in off of vacation because his shop was so inundated with work.

We all got to leave work at 1400 on New Year's Eve. That was a pleasant surprise. I don't like being out on NYE any more than I have to be.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot to include this little news item. My eight year old daughter decided to start shaving her underarms, today. Talk about growing up, fast!

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