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Lawton Family Crest All of the information on this page is to the best of my knowledge. If you detect any errors, then by all means, please contact me so that I may correct them! I have only included the direct line of descent, however I have much information on many of the children, spouses, etc. Just email me with your questions. Thank you.

The following excerpt is from Representative Men and Old Families of Rhode Island, Vol. 1, part 2, p. 1038. "The Lawton family of Newport is of English descent and dates back to the earliest days of the Rhode Island colonies, as the emigrant ancestor, Capt. George Lawton, was one of the first settlers in Portsmouth."
"George was one of the twenty-nine signers of the compact of 1639, and in 1648 was a member of the court of trials, while in the same year he was recorded as owner of fourty acres of land located near the property of his brother Thomas."

It is with Thomas Lawton that our line descends from. For this page, I will concentrate on the descendants of Thomas Lawton. However, should you have any questions on George Lawton, email me with them as I have some amount of information concerning George Lawton.

And fromThe Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island by Austin, "Thomas Lawton was immigrant to America with his brother George."

You will notice that I have included in parenthesis below the ancestors of Thomas Lawton. References for this information come from Burrell C. Lawton, Senior Advisor of Lawton Ledger, and was published in the June/Sept 1996 issue of the Lawton Ledger, Vol 2, #2/3. (For information regarding subscription to Lawton Ledger or obtaining back issues, please contact Steve Lawton at

1. Will of John Purrier, dated 28 Aug 1558, proved 29 Oct 1558, named Alis Barnellis (Barnwell). Elizabeth Suger (Sugar), Thomas Laughton, Joan Laughton and Joan her daughter, Marion Laughton and "syster Laughton". (Bedfordshire Co. Rec. Ofc. File APB/E 14f, 43d.) 2. Will of Ellen Wheeler, widow of Thomas Wheeler, dated 17 Dec. 1555, proved 4 Feb 1555/1556, named "Joan Lawton my daughter". (Bedfordshire Co. Rec. Ofc. File APB/E 13f, 29.) 3. Will of William Wheeler dated 22 Dec 1559, proved 27 July 1560, "to Joan Lawton daughter of Thomas Lawton---" (Bedforshire Co. Rec. Ofc File ABP/W 1560/177.)

1. Thomas Lawton (George, Thomas, Thomas, Richard) b. about 17 Apr 1614 England; d. bef 1681 Portsmouth, RI; m(1) 29 May 1635 England to Elizabeth Salisburie (or Salisbury). Elizabeth b. abt 1617 England; d. aft 16 Nov 1654 Portsmouth, RI. Thomas m(2) 20 Apr 1677 to Grace (Parsons) Bailey, widow of William Bailey.
Thomas and Elizabeth had at least 5 children;

2i. Elizabeth

2ii. Daniel b. abt 1640

2iii. Ann

2iv. Sarah

2v. Isaac

2ii. Daniel Lawton (Thomas, George, Thomas Thomas,Richard) b. abt 1640 Portsmouth, RI; d. 28 June 1719 Portsmouth, RI; m. abt 1662 Portsmouth, RI Rebecca Mott b. Sept 1648 and d. bef 1719. daughter of Adam Mott and Mary Lott. Daniel and Rebecca had at least 12 children:

3i. Joseph

3ii. Thomas

3iii. Daniel

3iv. Rebecca

3v. Jeremiah

3vi. Adam b. 1672

3vii. Elizabeth

3viii. Mary

3ix. Sarah

3x. Benjamin

3xi. Isaac

3xii. Jonathan.

3vi. Adam Lawton (Daniel, Thomas, George, Thomas, Thomas, Richard) b. 5 Nov 1672 Portsmouth, RI; d. bef 8 Jun 1736; m. to Mary Slocum, daughter of Giles Slocum and Anne Lawton. Mary d. 1759 Portsmouth, RI. They had at least 5 children:

4i. Rebecca

4ii. Thomas

4iii. Mary

4iv. Adam b. abt 1705

4v. William.

4iv. Adam Lawton (Adam, Daniel, Thomas, George, Thomas, Thomas, Richard) b. abt 1705 Portsmouth, RI; d. 11 Oct 1767; m. 24 Oct 1727 Martha Slocum, daugher of Giles Slocum and Mary Paine. Martha b. 1709; d. 11 Oct. 1776. Her parents were Giles and Mary (Paine) Slocum. Adam and Martha had at least 5 children:

5i. Giles

5ii. Ruth

5iii. Peleg b 1735

5iv. Hannah

5v. Sarah.

5iii. Peleg Lawton (Adam, Adam, Daniel, Thomas, George, Thomas, Thomas, Richard) b. 11 Nov 1735 Portsmouth, RI; d. ???; m. Ruth ?. They had at least 2 children:

6i. Isaac b 1760

6ii. Ruth.

6i. Isaac Lawton (Peleg, Adam, Adam, Daniel, Thomas, George, Thomas, Thomas, Richard) b. 5 Mar 1760 Portsmouth, RI; d. after 1820 Cambridge, Washington Co., NY; m. 12 Nov 1789 Portsmouth, RI Martha Sherman, daughter of John Sherman and Abigail Cornell. Martha born 16 Apr 1771; d. 24 Mar 1867 Cattaraugus Co., NY. Her parents were John and Abigail (Cornell) Sherman.
Isaac and Martha had at least 5 children:

7i. Anna

7ii. Isaac I. b. 1794

7iii. John

7iv. Hannah

7v. Thomas.

7ii. Isaac I. Lawton (Isaac, Peleg, Adam, Adam, Daniel, Thomas, George, Thomas, Thomas, Richard) b. 25 July 1794 (NY?); d. 9 Aug 1869 LaFarge, Vernon Co., WI; m. abt 1817 (where? NY?) Jane Green, daugher of Francis Green and Esther Hogg. Jane b. 25 June 1800 (NH?); d. 1 May 1870 LaFarge, Vernon Co., WI. Her parents were Francis and Esther (Hogg) Green.
Isaac I. and Jane had 13 children:

8i. Sherman

8ii. James

8iii. Mary

8iv. Chauncey b. 1825

8v. Elizabeth

8vi. Isaac Richard

8vii. Francis G.

8viii. David E.

8ix. Henry J.

8x. Diamond

8xi. Benjamin

8xii. George

8xiii. Caroline.

8iv. Chauncey Lawton (Isaac I., Isaac, Peleg, Adam, Adam, Daniel, Thomas, George, Thomas, Thomas, Richard) b. 25 Jun 1825 NY; d. 8 Nov. 1905 LaFarge, Vernon Co., WI; m(1) Mariam Farnum Dyer, daughter of Samuel Dyer and Sophronia Field of which there were 3 children:

9i. Clarence J.

9ii. Ulysses S.

9iii. Alice. Chauncey m(2) 3 Aug. 1872 Jemima Dowell, daughter of John Dowell and Ann Unknown. Jemima b. abt May 1835 probably Scotland. Chauncey and Jemima had 4 children:

9iv. Caroline M.

9v. William Edgar b. 1875

9vi. Alexander E.

9vii. Maggie (died infancy). 9v. William Edgar Lawton (Chauncey, Isaac I., Isaac, Peleg, Adam, Adam, Daniel, Thomas, George, Thomas, Thomas, Richard) b. 8 Jan 1875 LaFarge, Vernon Co., WI; d. 10 Dec 1962 Milwaukee, WI; m(1)16 Jun 1908 in Boscobel, WI to Cora Elizabeth Kretsch, daughter of Charles Kretsch and Magdalene Haeffer. Cora b. 19 Aug 1874 Boscobel, WI and d. 10 Apr 1943 LaCrosse, LaCrosse Co., WI. William and Cora had 3 sons:

10i. William Charles

10ii. Lawrence Raymond b. 1911

10iii. Karl Francis.

10ii. Lawrence Raymond Lawton (William, Chauncey, Isaac I., Isaac, Peleg, Adam, Adam, Daniel, Thomas, George, Thomas, Thomas, Richard) b. 11 Jan 1911 Viroqua, Vernon Co., WI; d. 18 Apr 1970 Dyer, Lake Co., IN; m. 19 Jul 1941 Rising Sun, WI to Johanna Antonia Gisler. They had 3 sons:

11i. Lawrence William

11ii. Jonathan Karl

11iii. Gregory Charles

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