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Abortion Fact Sheet
From Summit Ministries. A one-pager, with quotes, resources, bibliography and organizations.

Abortion: Politically Correct Death
By Francis Beckwith. Answers arguments put forth by abortionists.

Abortion: Question & Answer
By Dr. Jack Wilke and his wife Barbara. An entire book being put on-line by Ohio Right to Life.

If You Call Yourself Pro-Life, Who Did You Vote for in 1996?

Of Lettuces and Cow-Humans
By Dr. Carl Wieland, in Creation Ex Nihilo, 9(4): 27-30. "If you don't think there are Frankensteins sitting in the world's laboratories playing God, I think you don't really understand what's going on."

Pretzel Logic
From Breakpoint by Chuck Colson. Sacrificing euthanasia to save abortion?

The TRUTH About the Legal Status of Abortion
From U.S.T.P. vice-presidental candidate Herb Titus. The amazingly simple fact - as anyone familiar with the Constitution should already know - is that abortion is still illegal and Roe v. Wade in no way affects the laws that have been on the books since before the infamous decision. This is not rocket science, folks.

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
Bills itself as "The most comprehensive listing of right to life resources on the internet."

When Does Human Life Begin?
Excellent article on the continuing reductions in the age of "viability," when a child can survive outside the womb.

Suggested Reading: I recommend Dr. Bernard Nathanson's book, The Hand of God; Dr. Nathanson is the former abortionist who killed over thirty thousand children and co-founded the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL, the chief pro-abort group). Like Carol Everett (the former abortion mill franchise owner), he awoke to what he was doing and has become a pro-life leader (and later a Christian).

American Government

America's Christian Heritage

American Heritage
From Summit Ministries, a much longer article in the format of their fact sheets. Includes many quotations from colonial and post-colonial America.

America in Chains
From Exegesis, a Washington, D.C. political magazine.

Augustinian Crime Fighting
Breakpoint article by Chuck Colson.

Buchanan Brigade Library
A list of on-line texts with a focus on early America. Includes the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Christianity and Patriotism

Christianity and Political Correctness

Clinton: A Man to Be Trusted?

Creation and the Founding Fathers
Impact #271, by Dorothy E. Kreiss Robbins. Where do you think you get your "inalienable rights" from if not God? Why do you think the erosion of personal freedom and denial of liberty has coincided with evolutionism?

Democracy in America
The classic work by Alexis de Tocqueville online here.

Did You Vote for Evil?

Government is the Rebel
By Eric Blievernicht. Originally email on L.I.F.T., I've decided to repost it here, with additional comments in brackets.

The Imperial Judiciary
By Keith Fournier, head of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). (Related reading: "Make Courts Accountable," in the Michigan Militia Weekly Update.)

Issues Page
Unnamed site, but a good one. By a U.S.T.P. supporter.

Make Me
Breakpoint article on Judge Moore and the 10 Commandments, by Chuck Colson.

The Mayflower Compact
From the Michigan website of the U.S. Taxpayers Party.

A Missing Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

Morality and Politics

The New State Religion: Atheism
Impact #257, by Dr. Jerry Bergman. In case you hadn't noticed, the First Amendment prohibition against the establishment of a national religion has been effectively trashed and for most intents and purposes we now have a State Religion to whom all must pay fealty. Try to practice any other religion publicly and the New Inquisition, the ACLU, will be on your back faster than lightning...

Nuremburg Revisited
Breakpoint article by Chuck Colson. Should doctors be required to get permission before experimenting on your body?...

Poe-tic Justice
Breakpoint article by Chuck Colson, describing the court of Judge Poe and why it has excellent recidivism rates.

A Political Parable
By Steven Schlei.

The Political Pulse
American political news of interest to Christians.

The Price of Freedom
Summarizes what happened to some of the Declaration of Independence, their lives, their families and their property.

Quotes: American Leaders and the Foundation of Our Country

Quotes #2
Found these at Summit Ministries.

Republicans: Stop Wasting Your Vote!
By Phil Lancaster.

Stick 'em up, please
Breakpoint article by Chuck Colson.

Tax Dollars and Little Green Men
From ChristianAnswers.Net. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been used by evolutionists on their pet projects. It's one thing to believe in something and support it with your own money, but should government really be forcing people to support all kinds of projects they may be opposed or indifferent to?

From ChristianAnswers.Net. Many children today are taught the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were giving thanks to the Indians for their help. Who were they really thanking? Hint: what do you think "pilgrim" means in the first place?

The United Nations Flag Rises Over Lansing, Michigan (News Story)
Story with photographs showing the raising of the U.N. flag over City Hall - and the response of the Michigan Militia.

U.S. Taxpayers Party
I voted for Howard Phillips and Herb Titus of the U.S. Taxpayer Party in the last election - click here to learn why.

Wake Up, America!
Commentary from Exegesis.

What Happened That Day in 1937?
On the 10th Amendment, a key piece of the struggle to restore the Republic.

What Role Should Christianity and the Bible Play in Our Government?

Your Children Should Be Government Chattel
At least, that's what so-called "experts" and folks like Hilary Clinton preach. This article summarizes events like the government-mandated mass child molestation incident in Pennsylvania in 1995 (What!? Your local liberal news media forgot to tell you about that??) and a Government raid on a home-schooling family. Whatever gave you the idea that you have responsibility for your children?...


Marxist/Leninist Fact Sheet
Summit Ministries fact sheet.

Stalin's Brutal Faith
Impact #172, by Paul Humber, M.S., M.Div. Everyone has a foundational religious belief of some sort, even those who are unaware of what theirs is (and isn't that the worst sort?) Upon what did Stalin base his beliefs?


10 Advantages to Courtship

The Courtship Process Explained
EJB. What is courtship? How does it work? This paper explains the best and safest way to attain a happy marriage safely and with minimum heartache and stress.

Qualities of a Bride
EJB. List of attributes I would look for in a potential mate. You can use it as the basis for your own list.

The Solution to Dating: Christian Courtship
EJB. Is there an alternative to dating, an alternative which is emotionally and physically safer and more freely enjoyable? Something without all the tensions and stresses and dangers and general dysfunctionality of modern dating?


Ludwig von Mises Institute
A bastion of free-market advocates and economic liberty in a world of socialism.

A Political Parable
By Steven Schlei.

Remarkable Remedy
A small book online, by Jean Carpenter.

Restoring the Dollar
By Dr. Edwin Viera.

Education (Including Home Schooling)

The Christian World View of Science and Technology
Impact #161, a carefully crafted statement explaining the relationship between Christianity and science and technology; thoughtful reading.

Destroying Character
By Steven Kossor.

Developmentalism and Self-Esteem
By Steven Kossor.

Does the State Have a Compelling Interest?
By Samuel Blumenfeld.

Educational Tyranny: HR 1617
Are you a being created by God, of infinite worth with inalienable rights? Or an economic resource to be manipulated "for the good of the [Almighty] State"? HR 1617, passed in 1995, provides a frightening glimpse into the Orwellian world of what we might call hyper-communism...

The Freedom Movement
By Samuel Blumenfeld.

Home Schooling Sites
List at Dave Ihms' site.

Tangled Web
By Joseph Esposito. Congress has already passed "school-to-work" legislation that mandates federal government command and control of the economy - and your career. From what I can tell, this is the system that would have made Isaac Einstein a janitor for his entire life. Think communism is dead? What's that I see heading our way?

Home School Legal Defense Assocation

A "Liberal" Education
From Breakpoint by Chuck Colson.

National Home Education Research Institute
Fact Sheet IB
Fact Sheet IIB
Fact Sheet IIIB
Research Abstracts

Parent-School Compacts
Don't sign that dotted line...

Planning a Creationist Field Trip
Impact #281 by Dr. Steve Deckard, Jan Barnett and Richard Overman.

Postmodern Prose
From Breakpoint by Chuck Colson. Banning students from reading Romeo and Juliet because it's not homosexual??

Secular Humanism: Religion in the Schools
From ChristianAnswers.Net.

Separation of School and State Alliance
Homeschoolers and other supporters of liberty, please consider adding your endorsement to their system!

Susie's Parents' Letter
Home-schooling humor.

What To Do When Your Teacher is an Evolutionist
From ChristianAnswers.Net. Ten tips for confronting them with the truth and protecting yourself and fellow students.

Whose Law is It Anyway?
From Breakpoint by Chuck Colson; based on the graduation where police officers charged forward and dragged off a student for leading the class in a Banned Song.


Confusion in Christian Music
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Movie Reviews from a Christian Perspective
Brought to you by Eden Communications, sponsors of ChristianAnswers.Net.


The Bible, Creation and Ecology
Impact #221, by Dr. Henry Morris. What does the Bible teach us about our stewardship over the earth?

What is Man's Responsibility to the Environment?
From ChristianAnswers.Net.

Feminism & Women's Issues

Christianity and Women's Lib
From ChristianAnswers.Net.

Concerned Women for America
With more than six hundred thousand members, CWA dwarfs the radicals at NOW. So why does the media tend to ignore them?

Darwin's Teaching of Women's Inferiority
Impact #249, by Dr. Jerry Bergman. Just as Darwin was an out-and-out racist, he also was convinced that the feminine gender was inferior. Are modern, "politically correct" evolutionists being inconsistent?

The Debate Over Feminist Theology: Which View is Biblical?
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Feminism Fact Sheet
From Summit Ministries, similar in structure to the abortion fact sheet.

The History of Evolution's Teaching of Women's Inferiority
From Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 48:3 (1996), by Dr. Jerry Bergman. Much more material than the Impact listed above.

Free Speech

Green Ribbon Campaign: "Responsibility in Free Speech"
Sponsored by the Zondervan organization, promoting RESPONSIBLE free speech (you never have an "inalienable right" to do evil, whatever you may think, because true "inalienable rights" come only from God.)
LIBERTY: The right to do what you want, within moral boundaries. (Green Ribbon Campaign)
LICENSE: The right to do what you want, without restraint. (Blue Ribbon Campaign)


Is It OK to Gamble?
Courtesy of ChristianAnswers.Net.


A Creationist's Thoughts on Government
EJB. The three errors made in forming governments and the need for checks and balances against the evil in human nature.

A Dozen Good Reasons to Get the U.S. OUT of the United Nations
Looking forward to one-world slavery? Courtesy of the John Birch Society (read for yourself about the man after whom the Society was named at this link).

Fearful Austrians Decide That a Vote for Hitler is the Lesser of Two Evils
By Doug Phillips at U.S.T.P.

Liberty and License
EJB. Brief. Does liberty mean doing whatever you feel like?

Magna Carta
From the Michigan HQ of the U.S. Taxpayers Party, this is a foundational document in the history of constitutional republics.

Home Schooling




Humanism, Secular

Secular Humanist World View
Summit Ministries fact sheet on humanism, essentially the dominant state religion in much of the world.

(My) Letters to the Editor

Detroit News Letter to the Editor, 11/4/96
This page contains my letter to the editor, printed in the Detroit News, Monday, November 4, 1996 (the day before the election.)

Detroit News Letter to the Editor, 8/22/95
Printed most of what I sent them (minus most of the semi-technical stuff), asking people to properly buckle their children in cars, not because the government is forcing them to but for the sake of their children.


Crutch or Healing Balm?
From Breakpoint by Chuck Colson. Religious faith and medical facts.

Enter the Dragon? (Martial Arts - Historical Overview)
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Enter the Dragon? (Martial Arts - Christian Assessment)
By Dr. Ron Rhodes, part II.

Millenial Madness
By Dr. Ron Rhodes. A sanity check. For those of you who don't realize it, it is well established that Christ was born around 4 B.C. or even a little earlier, see we are really already past the 2,000 year date.

Quotes & Comments

Recovering from the Recovery Movement
By Dr. Ron Rhodes. Dovetails with my own life experience...

Morality & Society

(See also Sexuality section below.)

From ChristianAnswers.Net. Helpful suggestions for dealing with depression.

Idea Makers Fact Sheet
Summit Ministries fact sheet.

Of Lettuces and Cow-Humans
By Dr. Carl Wieland, in Creation Ex Nihilo, 9(4): 27-30. (A more recent CEN article reports that one sickening possibility mentioned in this article - of humans learning to eat and enjoy human fetuses - is now true; they are reported to be the hottest new gourmet dish in parts of China.) "If you don't think there are Frankensteins sitting in the world's laboratories playing God, I think you don't really understand what's going on."

Moral Relativism Fact Sheet
Summit Ministries fact sheet.

Situation Ethics
From ChristianAnswers.Net.

From ChristianAnswers.Net. As mentioned in the "About Me" section, I don't own a television because it is such a poor use of time and resources. Here is some good reading for those of you who are spending a ridiculous chunk of your life in front of that thing!


Hitler and the German Church
What happened? Could it happen again? Some commentary on Erwin Lutzer's excellent work, Hitler's Cross, with many quotations.

New Age

New Age Fact Sheet
Summit Ministries fact sheet on the New Age (what they call "cosmic humanism").

Organizations & Resources

American Family Association
A wealth of information on social issues and morality in the public square is available here.

( Boycott Disney!)
You may have heard a few of the reasons Disney is under boycott... but I doubt you've seen all the ones listed here! From AFA.

Breakpoint Article Archive
By acclaimed writer and speaker Chuck Colson.

Conservative Internet Forum
Containing links to hundreds of websites.

Kidogo's World
A U.S.T.P. site.

On Eagles' Wings

Quotations from Answers in Genesis

U.S. Taxpayers Party
I first heard of the U.S.T.P. when hard-headed Washington political commentator Jane Chastain did an editorial commentary for Crawford Broadcasting Co. Jane was absolutely gushing with enthusiasm for this party and the heroic stand it is taking. Please understand, Jane never gushes about anything! This is the party worthy of the mantle of the Founders of the American Republic, and none other. They are our last, best chance for a peaceful return to a Constitutional Republic.

World Magazine
A weekly news magazine, one that is worth reading for a change. Stop supporting humanism, drop your subscriptions to leftist propaganda pieces like Time, U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek and other secular periodicals and subscribe to World instead.

Persecution of Christians

See also the Internation News of Interest to Christians for many recent reports from around the world.

[NCGUB: Unlawful Executions Extra-judicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions If we captured Karen soldiers we never kept them alive. We killed them. The NCOs didn't even interrogate them, they just said, 'Pray to .. [At] Link to plight of the Christian Karen tribesmen in Burma.]

A Biblical Perspective on Persecution
What the Bible teaches us about persecution.

Children Being Sold as Slaves
Report on the resurgence of slavery in Sudan, where 3 million Christians and other non-Muslims are estimated to have been murdered by genocide since 1992. Excuse me, secular media, where are you? How many died in Bosnia-Herzegovinia? A quarter million?...

Iran, Examples of Persecution in,
Obviously, it should come as no surprise that this state, ruled by fanatical Islamicists, is trying to stamp out Christians.

The Karen of Burma
The Karen tribesmen of Burma have waged the longest struggle for freedom in this century. Learn more about this largely Christian minority and the war crimes committed against them by the evil SLORC government. And what's with the treachery of the Buddhist Karen? (Learn more at the Karen National Union page, an example of recent actions by DKBA soldiers and Buddhist monks is described here. This is another example.)

Lutheran Church in the U.S.S.R.
From Charles Colson's collection of essays, A Dance With Deception. Inspirational account of the survival of the Lutheran church after Stalin tried to make it a case study in his destruction of Christianity.

Mona Charen on the Persecution of Christians

The Persecuted Church
Website tracking Christian persecution.

Project Open Book: Documenting Persecution of Christians in Islamic Countries
Sudan, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia... places where the Church really is being seeded by the blood of martyrs.

Soldiers Destroy Christian Complex Near Cairo

Sudan: Widespread Enslavement and Gunpoint "Conversions" to Islam
From a U.S. Government report. Did you think classical slavery had died out? Can you imagine being a refugee and being deliberately starved by government authorities withholding food because you will not renounce Christ and adopt Islam? Since the establishment of a brutal Islamic military government, southern Christians and other non-Islamic peoples have faced severe oppression. Civil war has only made matters worse, with the rebels no better than the government and private Islamic zealots. In the meantime, the Clinton administration consistently looks the other way, as the Bush administration did before them. Why are Clinton and Bush so eager to spend millions and American blood helping Muslims in Somalia, Kuwait and Bosnia - while pointedly ignoring much greater Christian suffering elsewhere?

Other Sudan links: The Islamic Gulag: Slavery Makes a Comeback in Sudan, Amnesty International Criticism: Where is the UN in Sudan??, U.S. State Department Report(Filled with detailed information and examples, see part "C" for persecution.) Since our government knows what is going on, why doesn't it act with the same initiative as it does for other (i.e., oil-rich and/or Islamic) areas?

The Suffering Church
From Breakpoint by Chuck Colson; discussing the link between Indonesian donations, the Clinton administration, and warming relations with Indonesia's anti-Christian dictator.

Testimonies of Persecuted Christians

Voice of the Martyrs

"Will No One Hear the Screams?"
"President Clinton and the media are ignoring Arab Muslim and Asian communist violence against Christians." By Tom Hess.

Why Does Islam Persecute Christianity?
By Patrick Sookhdeo. When Christians treat others poorly for their misguided religious beliefs (such as the Crusades), it is a direct violation the God's law and biblical teaching. Unfortunately the same is not true of the Koran and the doctrine of Jihad, holy war against the infidel.


Black Theology, Black Power, and the Black Experience
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Evolution and Racism
From Impact #164, by Paul Humber, M.S., M.Div. Evil beliefs produce evil fruits, and racism is inherent in evolutionary belief.

The Founding Fathers and Racism
From ChristianAnswers.Net. Were the Founders of America racists?

Is Interracial Marriage Biblical?
By Kevin J. Bywater of Summit Ministries. I'll give you a hint: there is only one race - the human race!


See also COURTSHIP Above.

Can a Homosexual Go to Heaven?
From ChristianAnswers.Net.

The Consequences of Sexual Immorality
From ChristianAnswers.Net. It's more than just "unplanned" pregnancies and the scores of venereal diseases now known to science. This is important reading.

Divorce and Remarriage
From ChristianAnswers.Net. What does the Bible teach about these topics?

Homosexuality in America: Exposing the Myths
The mainstream media has lied and distorted the facts on few issues as badly as homosexuality during the "gay offensive" of the last few years. From the American Family Association.

Is Marriage Obsolete?
From ChristianAnswers.Net.

Is Masturbation Sinful?
By Dawson McAllister.

Pornography: Insights from Science
EJB. Is opposition to pornography just "prudishness" or being "out of date" - or are those who sling those labels just unable to defend themselves rationally? What's wrong with pornography anyway?

Saving Sex for Marriage
From ChristianAnswers.Net. I suggest reading this and the Pornography essay above together.


See Also Persecution Above.

Coalition Against Slavery in Mauritania and Sudan (CASMAS)
And to think my high school social sciences teacher asserted the "end of slavery" was a sign of moral progress by humankind...


A Biblical Persepctive on Suicide
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Suicide: A Paper by Rev. John Hildebrant
Entitled "Do We Bury Suicides from the Church," by a WELS pastor.


A true story about Davy Crockett. Why is it sinful to use government money to help those in need?

I also strongly encourage folks to study Dr. Marvin Olasky's work, The Tragedy of American Compassion. It reminds us that not every welfare system in history has been the disaster that ours has been. Learn what America has forgotten.

What cha thinking, doing the things you do
Whose opinions are ya listening to
Justifying you turn it all to gray
Synhronizing to society's ways
Society has gotten to be all out of whack
And don't bother with excuses whether white or black
to blame it on color won't get a result
Because history reveals to me how ethics were lost
In reality our decency has taken a plunge
In God We Trust is an American pun
Funny how it happened so subtly

From: DC Talk, "Socially Acceptable," Free at Last, ©1992 Up in the Mix Music/BMI

Quick Quiz: What Right-Wing Extremist Said the Following to Congress?

"Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone under independence. From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events occurences and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good."


""... and he that has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one." (Luke 22:36)

The Lord is My Webmaster... (humor :-)

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