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You will find below some of my Favourite links that I have discovered by *surfing* the Net.  I must say that my bookmarks and favourites are growing by leaps and bounds and sometimes when I print them out, they fill many pages.   I hope you enjoy viewing these links and it helps you find what you may be looking for.


The Victorian Era

Here are links to some wonderful sites and Web Rings depicting Victorian times.


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These links are close to my heart being as I suffer with fibromyalga.  For anyone wanting information the following pages are very informative and helpful.


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Dollz, Teenies, Dollmakers etc





















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Victorian Graphics

Here are just a few links to some beautiful Victorian Graphics.

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Doll Avatars


PSP Tubes, Brushes etc


Backgrounds & Stationery& E-Sig Tags


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Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

GrafX Design Fly by Night Graphics Dixie Lady
LoneWolf Design Web Graphics on a Budget Alicia's Place
Jasca PSP Tutorials Graphics by CandeeKis Wompie Tuts
PSP Interactive School Zone Skeldale/Pinecone Lane Tutorials by Burn
Peg's Tutorials Janes's Place PSP Toybox
Ron's Toons Vector Tutorial Yiddleones WGB PSP Tutorials
Dizzinz Studio Sherrie's Tutorials for PSP Designs by Donna
Julie's PSP Tutorials Dee's Enchanted Expressions Angie's Art PSP 7 Tutorials
Pati's PSP Page Tutorials Hope's Heaven Tutorials Lori's Tutorials
Dis Dat PSP 7 Tutorials Hands on Tutorials Dawn's Tutorials
Lori's PSP Tutorials Mousehold Creations Robin's PSP7 Tutorials
PSP Users Group Pinoy7 - PSP tips and tutorials Nanette's Tutorials
Country Scraps Cathy's Corner Designs by Joy
Jane's Country Tole in PSP Irene's Designs Madison Ave Tutorials
Designs by Joy    

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Corel Draw Tutorials

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Photo ShopTutorials

Photo Impact Tutorials

Artists & Galleries


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Visit Elfwood

Art Galleries



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It is so nice to send someone a card for their Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well or for no reason at all but  just to tell them that you are thinking of them.  Now you can send cards and greetings via the World Wide Web and you need not worry about missing that special occasion.  You can even send cyber *Flowers* and *Meals*.

Gone are the times when you have to rush to the store to buy the card, take it home, fill it out and hope that *snail mail*  will deliver it on time.  For those of us who are on the Internet, we can now send wonderful, animated and musical cards to those we love and know that it will arrive on time.  Of course it is still nice to buy a paper card and mail it, but if time is a factor and your "sweetums" owns a computer and is online, what better way for them to receive your greetings for their special occasion.

Visit some of these wonderful web sites and send someone you know a cyber card.

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