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My Buddy "Blue" a 14 year old neutered tom cat, who *tolerates* my other cats.  I guess you might say he is a cat with definite attitued....I wonder if he is related to *Garfield*?  I used this photo as a model for one of my pen and ink drawings found in my Graphics Gallery.   I have found homes for many kittens in the past few years so I guess you might say I am a softy for those pretty green, yellow and in some cases, blue eyes.


"Cali" (who is no longer with us)

"Smudge" & "Sandy"

I couldn't resist adopting these cuties one spring and at the same time I found homes for their 5 brothers and sisters.

As I *surf* the Web, I am always looking for interesting graphics, especially ones from the *feline* persuasion and not just photos of cats.  I am really interested in finding cartoon graphics of cats, kittens etc.  Yes, I know that "Garfield" has a page and also "Felix the Cat" and I have come across some other interesting sites with *kitty kartoons*. If anyone out there in CyberSpace has some CAT cartoons, animated graphics or even knows of web sites that might prove interesting.........drop me a line.


"Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run" and "The Bad Kitty/Bad Human List", both found at Harold Reynolds' page, anyone with a cat will appreciate these very funny lists.

Gail Gastfield's Teddy Bear Art.......check out Roosevelt a cat with attitude.

Garfield ....of course we must not forget Felix the Cat

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