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I thank all of you who have given me such wonderful awards and comments. I am very greatful to have them. But, in truth I know of one reward greater than anyone on the Net could ever give me. It is a reward not as sought after as the ones here on the Net. Perhaps too many people feared what the price could be of such an award. There is a price for everything isn't there? Some prices are higher than others and we are forced to make the decision which award is worth its price.

Well I have found an award well worth it's price, actually it really surpasses it's price by a long shot! How many of us have had to pay the price of just living? I have. How many have paid the price of loving? I have. Is it worth it? ...In many cases it is worth it. For others they would rather die than to pay the price they have been made to pay.

Again I have found an award that is well worth it's price, that in truth doesn't feel like a price at all, it feels more like a want, or a need or a longing, but not a price. First let me tell you about the reward. The reward is an eternal friend, one who will walk every step with you, one who will encourage you, one who will hold your weakened and broken body. But he asks of this: ASK ME.. That is what He asks. He will never break promises, He will answer questions, even the ones that are to hard for others to answer, He will answer them. But this He says: TRUST ME. That's what He says. He will never let you down, even when your friends, family, and yourself have let you down, and for this HE says: LEAN ON ME. That's what He says. There are more rewards much more, but I may end up writing a novel for you, so now I will fast forward through many many pages to get to what the price really is.

The price of which you'll pay is the price of worship. For some worship may not be so easy to understand, but I will help to explain it, as it is an act that we do every single day of our lives whether consciously or unconciously. Worship means to put someone or something on a pedestal above all else. Whatever things in your life are the most important to you and that you could never give up is something you have been worshipping. Here are examples of what can be worshipped- family members, friends, T.V. stereos, cars, fur coats, money, Holidays, gardens, computers, drugs, food, church, Pastors,Evangelists, and much much more. All the above are not God. And that is why people have a difficult time wanting to know God more because they are afraid of losing the very things they worship.

But I tell you now, God will not take all these away from you right off the start you will go through a process, a process of knowing what is right and wrong, and then little by little you will change, not because you forced yourself, or because a someone said thats's what you need to do, but because it will happen without you even knowing what is going on. Other people may even notice it before you do, and that's O.K.

Awarded by Christian

How do you come about getting this reward? Well God wants you to be His child, so now ask Jesus to come into your heart and tell Him you want to live for Him. Ask to be forgiven as you know you have done things that were wrong and tell Him you don't want to live that way anymore. After this it is a good idea find a church to belong to, as the people there will play a very important part of your life.

This award was given to me by a wonderful friend Sherri Hughes.

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