Hi everyone, thanks for sticking with me this far, would you like to help me out a bit? OH! I'm so glad you said "yes". Here's how you can help. Write to me (Nancy Fifi) and tell me how you have shared your faith with someone else. I will be posting your responses up on this page. You may keep your name anonnymous or use a handle. This page has been designed to encourage others to share their faith with friends, family, and acquaintances and to tell them about the gospel of our Lord. If you have any
advice for this page please do let me know, thanks.

Koalaty's Homepage

I'd like to share with all of you, what a joy it has been for me to be able to chat with people on the Internet, and email new friends. I believe God has given me the gift of encouragement, because I love to do it so much. I have only had the Internet for seven months now, but during that time, God has directly led me to other Christians who need encouragement.

While chatting, I've enjoyed praying and sharing with people how much Jesus loves them and wants them to be whole and walk in victory. I have met many people that I'm still in a deeper relationship of emailing on a regular basis. One girl is not a Christian and I pray that she will come to know the Lord. I share what God is doing in my life, and continually plant little seeds of faith and hope.

Another girl returned to the Lord and is seeing blessings and joys abound. She lives on the other side of the world from me, yet we talk every day, and share what God is doing in our lives.

Two other people I've met were sexually abused, and I am making them copies of encouraging messages I have heard on the topic, and I'll be mailing them out to them as soon as I'm finished.

One girl I've met is so very sick right now and is contemplating suicide. I have the opportunity to pray for her daily.

Also, as a teacher, I love children, and God has led me to several children who do not know him, and I am praying for their salvation, and just loving them to the Lord.

Some people have said that the Internet is "satan's tool". Well, a tool is only used for the purpose you intend it. Yes, I agree there are so many satanic sites on here, but God has just as many, if not more, if you are open to the Holy Spirit, and ask Him to lead and guide your path on here to find them. Everyday is a new blessing for me on this Internet. The Lord has told us to "go into all the world and preach the gospel (the "good news") of salvation, and this is a real way the we can ALL fulfill that mission.

If you need prayer or encouragement from the Lord, feel free to email me at

The Lord loves you and wants to be close to you. Bless His Name forever!!!

Here are the words to the song you are listening to.
Shine, Jesus, shine,___ fill this land with the Father's glo-ry, blaze, Spirit, blaze, set our hearts on fire; Flow, river,flow,___ flood the nations with grace and mer-cy, send forth Your word,___ Lord, and let there be light.

I have been sharing my faith with many people around me, both in my own town and on the Internet. One thing I have done is created this homepage which reveals the many pains and trials I have faced in my years so far. The pain though real and strong does not compare with what God has done with them, and I share that with others. God has brought me out of many problems I faced and has brought understanding of why I went through them the way I did.

Most of the pains I have faced were from childhood, which is probably why my heart goes out to children the most. Their hearts are so big and are so easily hurt, but I let them know I care about them, and not because they are my kids, as they are not, but because I do. I am beginning to feel as though they are my kids though. :0) Which is such a wonderful feeling. Remember a time when you thought "Oh no, that child is just up to no good."? Well allow yourself to know them a bit, you'll find out that they would rather have hugs than get in trouble with other parents. :0) You'll be surprised what happens to this child next, perhaps their hearts soften, their love for God grows, who knows... :0) But one thing is for sure, they will accept a caring heart if you are willing to give them one. :0

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