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Want to do something wonderful and special for your loved one on Valentines Day? I'm not talking about buying flowers, chocolate or a special CD. I am talking about an evening where you can act like a teenager and forget you have children, in fact forget that you are even old enough to have children!! If this is what you want (the both of you), then I have some ideas that may be of use. Please find out first what type of Valentine's Day your loved one enjoys first, otherwise you could be in some pretty hot water before you know it! And you'll be blaming me for it!

The beginning can start with yourselves and 2 or more couples over for a Valentines dinner. Laughing and reminising will surely be the center of attention during meal time, continuing on to a game of charades, come on you shy ones, it's REALLY FUN!!!

If you have children, it is preferred that you have them babysat else where for the trully wonderful Valentines evening, let your guests know you are having your children babysat as this will make the evening more enjoyable and ask that they do the same. Also take the time in planning what you will eat for the main meal and desert. A couple of days before hand ask your guests if they have found a babysitter yet (They may have forgotten to book their babysitter).

Charades can be bible based by picking a verse in the bible that is about love or marriage or relationships. Each person can choose a verse to write and then the verses are hidden in a bag/container. One person from each couple will get to pick a verse out of the bag and act it out for their partner. (You never know what verse you will get, it may even be your own :0)

Next how about each person gets 3 little pieces of paper, and on the papers write 3 questions that pertain to someone. An example would be " What is your favorite color?" and so on. Again put the questions into a bag or container and let someone take a queston from the bag, the person then reads the question out loud, each person writes the answer on their own own piece of paper (supplied by the host). After all questions have been asked and answers have been written down our partner/spouse gets to say what they think the answer is, we must say if our partner is right or wrong and then give the answer we have written down. Please remeber to try and ask questions that would not be embaressing to answer, otherwise it could really spoil the party, check through the questions that each person has made to make sure there are no duplicate or offensive questions

To make the evening more fun how about giving points for correct answers for each set of games that are played. If you have planned this night enough in advance you can even buy bubble baths or scented candles etc... as prizes. Watch the competition grow once everyone realizes there are prizes involved!

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