Pack 165

1998 Pinewood Derby

This page updated 3/8/98

The Winners!

Pictures of the Winners are finally here!
First Place Second Place Third Place Best Appearance Most Unique
Tigers Mark T. Christian J. Brian S. Skhi G. Mark T.
Cubs Miles H. Davis H. Michael H. Cameron B. Aaron W.
Webelos Brian T. Kyle L. Keith S. Christopher C-R Josh L.
Overall Miles H. Davis. H. Mike H. Those Cubs swept it!
Akelas Bill B. Mike K. Martin H.

Our Derby Winners

The Tiger Winners

The Cub Winners
The speed winners are the Packs fastest also. They even beat out the Webelos!
The Webelos Winners

Our Kitchen Staff
Thanks for keeping us well nourished for the races!
The Hired Help!
You just can't get good help these days.

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