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This page updated 12/18/96.

About Us, Pack 165

Pack 165 was initially chartered in the fall of 1972. We are looking forward to celebrating our 25th aniversary soon. The pack is charted to Macedonia United Methodist Church located at 2904 Walnut Street in Cary, NC. We are part of the Dan Beard District of the Occoneechee Council in the great state of North Carolina. We currently have over 80 boys in our pack in eleven dens. But enough about our pack right now. Keep going to find out more about Scouting!

The History of Cub Scouting --UPDATED!--

I finally did it, here it is! Please take a look at it, Cub Scouting has had a very interesting history. I will be adding more information on the history and the people making it as time goes on. Please check in every now and then. Thanks.

Boy Scouting, What it is and How it Works

I could do a lot of typing, give you a lot of spelling errors and bad grammar, but I won't. The best place to get a good idea about Boy Scouts is on the following links:
BSA Home Pages
- Official BSA Pages
BSA History
- Lots and lots of great stuff! Lots on our founder, Baden-Powell.
Come back to see us when you are done.

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