Friends ,are always there when you need them. This is dedicated to all my friends who have been there for me hope ya'll enjoy it.

A friendship can last forever in your heart and soul.

A love for that person will never die,it may just fade away.

But within the love of most friends its always there to stay.

Although they may live miles away, you can still be the best of friends everyday.

Friendship is a gift to be cherished and to be of one to take for granted.

Your memories of them may last a life time , for as long as you both shall live.

A friend is one who is always there for you when you need them the most.

And thats why I'm glad I've got friends like you.

author Tina Luck

Now to my chat friends from around the world!!!!

Here is Tobi one of my best friends *S

Here's another sweetheart from the T, Smoothing *kotc*

Here is my cybersis Stacy from Ca!!*hugz*

And one of the most lovable huggy bears Incy *S*

Here's Dez my cybertwin *S*

Heres Ira my sweetie from the great white north*hugz&kisses*

Two of the most best people in the world Thumper&Insanity

Always a special hug to my baby Phi *s*

Here is Firefly* another one of my favorite people *hugz*

Heres my Aussie sis Susi*huggerz*

Heres Cobra2 &Nicebabe my Texas friends luv ya guys *S*

Wildthing you are a friend of mine *G*

This is another cybersis Liltanlines *hugz*

Now heres a real nut *lmbo* TnT32

Here is another great friend Heavenscent *hugs*