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Note:  As I have time, I'm going through these pages and trying to weed out what is terribly outdated.  Many of them are as I stopped creating anything new for about three years.  I try to do the same periodically with the sites using my graphics to make sure the links are still correct and my background is indeed the one on the page with the link.

Sites Using My Graphics

My genealogy graphics are still at Barbara's Bordered Backgrounds.




Angels 2 5/31/99


Birdhouses Updated 7/8/99


Button Borders Updated 11/15/98

Button Border Sets 1/16/99

Christian Added 6/27/99

Country Blue Added 7/26/99

Decorative Borders Page 1

Decorative Borders Page 2

Double Beveled Borders 1/18/99

Double Borders 1/16/99

Embossed 5/15/99


Fans Added 7/31/99 (Updated 8/27/99)

Floral Updated 8/22/99

Gems New 9/8/98

Genealogy Icons & Banners

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