1880 Custer County, Colorado Federal Census Index to Heads of Households and Individuals with Surnames Different Than the Head of the Household
NamePrecinctCensus Page #
???, ???Wet Mountain Valley316
???, AntoneWet Mountain Valley316
???, JohnWet Mountain Valley316
???, MartinWet Mountain Valley316
"X", JackSilver Cliff306
"X", JimSilver Cliff304
"X", JoeWet Mountain Valley313
"X", JohnWet Mountain Valley315
Abbott, Chas. L.Silver Cliff253
Abbott, Harris H.Silver Cliff253
Abell, Melville B.Silver Cliff307
Abernathy, JamesSilver Cliff278
Achord, WillianRosita329
Ackelbein, Wm.Wet Mountain Valley314
Ackerman, Peter W.Silver Cliff281
Ackerson, LouisSilver Cliff275
Adair, AsaSilver Cliff304
Adam, JacobRosita335
Adams, AdaSilver Cliff257
Adams, Benj. C.Silver Cliff303
Adams, Edward W.Silver Cliff269
Adams, Elmar Y.Silver Cliff304
Adams, ErestRosita327
Adams, Geo. S.Rosita318
Adams, JohnRosita319
Adams, John M.Silver Cliff276
Adams, MatthewSilver Cliff279
Adams, NellieSilver Cliff260
Adams, RileySilver Cliff274
Adams, Victor C.Silver Cliff255
Adams, William T.Silver Cliff301
Adamson, FredrickSilver Cliff279
Adamson, WilliardSilver Cliff288
Ady, Samuel R.Silver Cliff290
Afdech, Jacob Silver Cliff255
Africa, SamuelSilver Cliff283
Agnew, James B.Silver Cliff290
Ahnerd, Chas.Silver Cliff253
Aikens, Diania Silver Cliff255
Aikin, DorcasRosita326
Aikin, Geo. W.Rosita339
Alamosa, Chas.Rosita334
Alberts, Joseph W.Silver Cliff281
Alcott, FredrickSilver Cliff273
Alderson, WilliamSilver Cliff279
Aldrich, Chas. H.Wet Mountain Valley312
Aldrich, SolomenRosita333
Aldrich, WilliamSilver Cliff271
Alexander, HarrySilver Cliff273
Alexander, James P.Silver Cliff283
Alexander, Max E.Silver Cliff262
Alexander, William L.Silver Cliff267
Alexander, Wm. P.Silver Cliff297
Allen, AndrewSilver Cliff297
Allen, AndrewSilver Cliff310
Allen, EdgarRosita339
Allen, FrankSilver Cliff263
Allen, George R.Silver Cliff289
Allen, Jackson S.Silver Cliff311
Allen, Joseph M.Silver Cliff264
Allen, Webb L.Silver Cliff297
Allen, Webster J.Silver Cliff291
Alliard, Antony A.Silver Cliff308
Alloway, Peter J.Silver Cliff288
Allston, JamesSilver Cliff278
Almas, David E.Silver Cliff287
Althenreuther, ThersiaSilver Cliff308
Althenreutre, LeoSilver Cliff308
Alton, John R.Silver Cliff286
Altstadt, Jacob A.Silver Cliff267
Alvis, MarthaRosita336
Ambrose, EloeseWet Mountain Valley317
Ambrose, HarryRosita329
Amer, Lydia C.Silver Cliff261
Amer, Lydia C.Silver Cliff307
Amsbray, Allen W.Ula270
Amster, Knox I.Silver Cliff277
Anderson, Benj. H.Silver Cliff265
Anderson, Chas. A.Silver Cliff266
Anderson, Custer A.Silver Cliff266
Anderson, HenryRosita319
Anderson, HollidayRosita319
Anderson, RobertSilver Cliff274
Anderson, RobertSilver Cliff289
Anderson, St. Clair H.Silver Cliff287
Anderson, Thos.Silver Cliff295
Andrews, AlonzaSilver Cliff289
Andrews, CharlesSilver Cliff275
Andrews, David C.Silver Cliff266
Andrews, DouglasRosita320
Andrews, Jackson J.Silver Cliff279
Andrews, Sidney B.Wet Mountain Valley315
Andrews, Solomon B.Wet Mountain Valley315
Anthony, James B.Silver Cliff289
Aplin, F. A.Silver Cliff309
Apperson, ThomasRosita332
Appleby, George W.Silver Cliff285
Arbour, AlbertSilver Cliff257
Arbuckle, Williard R.Silver Cliff279
Archer, James W.Silver Cliff291
Arleth, Albert J.Silver Cliff280
Arlington, JohnsonSilver Cliff277
Arlock, Phillis A.Silver Cliff282
Armon, LouisSilver Cliff286
Armstead, Oliver W.Silver Cliff281
Armstead, Warren W.Silver Cliff279
Armstrong, Alexander J.Silver Cliff284
Armstrong, E. S.Silver Cliff294
Armstrong, John J.Silver Cliff289
Armstrong, ThomasRosita323
Armstrong, Thos. A.Silver Cliff289
Arnes, AlbertSilver Cliff280
Arnold, BentonRosita326
Arnold, William J.Silver Cliff291
Arnott, Joshua I.Silver Cliff287
Arnott, NicholasSilver Cliff274
Arrant, JamesSilver Cliff276
Artis, WilliamSilver Cliff267
Arusden, SethSilver Cliff281
Asher, HowardSilver Cliff282
Asher, John R.Silver Cliff290
Ashley, Edward T.Silver Cliff269
Ashton, CharlesSilver Cliff260
Askew, NathanSilver Cliff276
Askley, Chas.Wet Mountain Valley313
Asky, NathanSilver Cliff256
Atkins, JohnDora271
Atkins, Mark W.Silver Cliff295
Atkinson, JosiahSilver Cliff289
Atmore, Stewart J.Silver Cliff288
Atwood, Tom J.Silver Cliff274
Aulburrey, Alex. JamesSilver Cliff278
Aulricht, GaySilver Cliff274
Aulson, ChristsonSilver Cliff286
Auspach, William Silver Cliff307
Austin, EmmaRosita324
Austin, Harvey E.Silver Cliff302
Austin, Joseph A.Silver Cliff305
Austin, Joseph J.Silver Cliff255
Avery, AlexRosita328
Avery, AmosSilver Cliff298
Avery, Demars J.Silver Cliff280
Axhalm, JacobTexas Creek292
Axtell, ArthurSilver Cliff280
Ayers, JosephSilver Cliff279
Babb, Joseph Silver Cliff259
Babcock, CharlesSilver Cliff305
Bachman, D. Ira A.Silver Cliff260
Bachman, JosephRosita333
Bachrach, Aaron Silver Cliff258
Bachtell, Benton R.Silver Cliff254
Bader, Aimble E.Silver Cliff295
Badgett, George T.Silver Cliff273
Baeder, SamuelSilver Cliff301
Bagby, John H.Silver Cliff260
Bailer, AlexanderSilver Cliff276
Bailey, Jonathan D.Silver Cliff277
Bailey, RobertRosita320
Bailey, S. H.Silver Cliff308
Bailey, S. H.Silver Cliff311
Baill, MaryRosita339
Baily, EddySilver Cliff256
Bain, BirdieSilver Cliff297
Bain, CynthiaSilver Cliff296
Bainbrige, WilliamSilver Cliff287
Baird, WilliamRosita319
Baker, CharlesRosita320
Baker, Daniel M.Wet Mountain Valley313
Baker, Geo. W.Wet Mountain Valley313
Baker, George W.Silver Cliff282
Baker, Henry P.Silver Cliff302
Baker, Joseph N.Silver Cliff305
Baker, MartenSilver Cliff256
Baker, NicholasWet Mountain Valley317
Baker, WilliamRosita336
Baker, WilliamSilver Cliff274
Balcomb, Myron H.Silver Cliff307
Balder, ThompsonSilver Cliff260
Baldridge, James F.Silver Cliff254
Baldwin, AlexanderSilver Cliff273
Baldwin, Chas.Rosita332
Baldwin, DariusRosita320
Baldwin, J. H.Rosita334
Baldwin, LafayetteRosita330
Ball, FredSilver Cliff305
Ball, William D.Silver Cliff280
Ballard, Arthur H.Silver Cliff274
Ballard, Henry H.Silver Cliff296
Ballsceker, SamuelSilver Cliff260
Balman, ThomasTexas Creek292
Balzinger, SamuelWet Mountain Valley315
Bammy, Phienias C.Silver Cliff282
Bancroft, CasperSilver Cliff288
Bancroft, WillianRosita322
Bandell, RobertRosita335
Bane, RufesSilver Cliff270
Banks, Enoch H.Silver Cliff288
Banks, WilliamSilver Cliff305
Banks, WilsonRosita322
Bankstone, JohnRosita328
Banky, JohnSilver Cliff269
Banyoe, LouisSilver Cliff290
Barada, Mark W.Silver Cliff285
Barbe, Leonard K.Silver Cliff278
Barber, Charles C.Silver Cliff287
Barber, Mrs. MinnieSilver Cliff253
Barber, Robert J.Silver Cliff290
Barckley, AlexSilver Cliff274
Barckley, Richard J.Silver Cliff282
Barclay, Albert W.Silver Cliff277
Barclay, GriffinSilver Cliff298
Bard, Frank M.Silver Cliff301
Bard, John A.Silver Cliff301
Bardswell, Cromley W.Silver Cliff285
Barger, Thos. R.Silver Cliff270
Barker, FrankRosita328
Barker, Geo.Rosita329
Barker, Samuel J.Silver Cliff281
Barker, W. C.Silver Cliff305
Barkwell, Lillie H.Silver Cliff261
Barnard, WalterRosita339
Barnes, CyreaneUla293
Barnes, Dan M.Silver Cliff311
Barnes, Dewitt C.Ula268
Barnes, Geo.Rosita331
Barnes, John W.Silver Cliff300
Barnes, Joseph R.Silver Cliff281
Barnes, Samuel R.Silver Cliff276
Barnes, WilliamWet Mountain Valley316
Barnett, Frank D.Silver Cliff287
Barnett, John L.Silver Cliff273
Barnhardt, P. D.Silver Cliff309
Barnstable, William J.Silver Cliff278
Barnyea, JosephSilver Cliff290
Barnyea, PeterSilver Cliff290
Barr, AndrewRosita338
Barr, Lycus Jr.Rosita339
Barrett, Chas. H. C.Silver Cliff270
Barrett, ThomasTexas Creek292
Barrett, Thos.Silver Cliff302
Barrington, Chester A.Silver Cliff286
Barrows, Raphel M.Rosita318
Barry, Caleb W.Silver Cliff300
Barry, Charles W.Silver Cliff301
Barry, Horace W.Silver Cliff301
Barry, VincentSilver Cliff301
Bartlett, AmbroseRosita335
Bartlett, AugustusSilver Cliff275
Barton, AliceSilver Cliff260
Barton, Henry W.Silver Cliff286
Barton, LaRueRosita340
Barton, Samuel J.Silver Cliff288
Baser, WilliamSilver Cliff281
Baslick, Geo.Silver Cliff311
Bassett, Lynder S.Silver Cliff273
Batchelor, AbrahamSilver Cliff295
Bates, JennieRosita320
Bates, Joseph H.Silver Cliff284
Bath, WillianRosita330
Batts, Phillip J.Silver Cliff280
Batz, WilliamSilver Cliff301
Baugh, MarcellaRosita322
Baum, AugustSilver Cliff311
Baumann, HermanSilver Cliff280
Bavepps, Frank L.Silver Cliff258
Baxter, C. HarrisSilver Cliff309
Baxter, David R.Silver Cliff277
Baxter, Jackson W.Silver Cliff256
Baxter, James F.Silver Cliff275
Baxter, Richard W.Silver Cliff288
Baxter, WilliamSilver Cliff280
Bayard, John H.Silver Cliff275
Bayless, Dudley F.Silver Cliff296
Beach, William M.Silver Cliff289
Beach, William P.Silver Cliff301
Bealer, James K. P.Dora272
Bealer, Jessie F.Dora271
Beall, W. R.Silver Cliff309
Bean, James M.Silver Cliff259
Beasley, Sylvester H.Silver Cliff287
Beaumont, Clarance W.Silver Cliff277
Beaumont, Theo. R.Rosita323
Beaumont, William H.Silver Cliff291
Beaver, Geo. R.Silver Cliff255
Beaver, SamuelSilver Cliff277
Beavers, James H.Dora272
Beck, AlfredSilver Cliff273
Beck, Chas. M.Silver Cliff310
Beck, George W.Silver Cliff289
Beck, JacobWet Mountain Valley317
Beck, JamesRosita329
Beck, James L.Silver Cliff260
Beck, JosephSilver Cliff287
Beckwith, EltonUla283
Beddoes, CecilTexas Creek292
Beegle, Daniel F.Silver Cliff276
Beelman, James J.Silver Cliff281
Beggs, Robert G.Silver Cliff280
Beil, Frank J.Silver Cliff260
Beirsher, ColumbusWet Mountain Valley312
Belcher, Alex W.Silver Cliff278
Bell, James C.Silver Cliff259
Bell, Wm. T.Silver Cliff295
Bellchambers, CharlesSilver Cliff286
Beneck, AdolRosita321
Beniper, James C.Silver Cliff286
Benny, James R.Silver Cliff288
Bensfield, Nicholas D.Silver Cliff259
Bent, John W.Silver Cliff295
Bente, LaSelleSilver Cliff280
Benton, Edward M.Silver Cliff274
Benton, George H.Silver Cliff267
Benton, HenrySilver Cliff281
Berckess, Walter M.Silver Cliff310
Bergin, James M.Silver Cliff278
Berkhardt, JacobRosita328
Berkley, EdwardSilver Cliff267
Bernard, Elmer E.Silver Cliff270
Berry, Chas. E.Silver Cliff254
Berry, Edward C.Silver Cliff254
Berry, ElibethSilver Cliff253
Berry, EzraRosita323
Berry, Fred C.Silver Cliff258
Berry, George G.Silver Cliff307
Berry, Thos. J. T.Silver Cliff255
Bert, Ida L.Rosita335
Bertholf, FredRosita319
Bertram, JamesSilver Cliff260
Bertram, Wardlow R.Silver Cliff286
Beslisle, JosephWet Mountain Valley314
Bessaier, Chas.Rosita329
Bester, Albert J.Silver Cliff285
Bethune, GeorgeSilver Cliff275
Betts, JacobRosita339
Betts, John C.Silver Cliff302
Beverly, MaudRosita335
Bevers, Geo. T.Rosita320
Bickly, Charles S.Silver Cliff256
Biddal, SarahRosita324
Biddall, William H.Silver Cliff305
Biddrell, W. HenrySilver Cliff274
Bigelow, William J.Silver Cliff280
Bilesbene, William J.Silver Cliff278
Bilksbash, Thos.Silver Cliff305
Bill, MathewSilver Cliff300
Billesback, LenaSilver Cliff302
Billesback, MarySilver Cliff300
Bills, AlbertSilver Cliff269
Bills, John W.Silver Cliff276
Bingley, Frank H.Silver Cliff262
Binkhard, JacobRosita333
Birch, Mary J.Silver Cliff299
Bird, BessieRosita320
Bird, JamesRosita333
Bird, Thomas R.Silver Cliff280
Birdsell, Frank C.Silver Cliff262
Birk, Charles W.Silver Cliff281
Bischoff, Jared M.Silver Cliff280
Bishop, FrankSilver Cliff287
Bishop, JamesSilver Cliff263
Bishop, Robert P.Silver Cliff285
Bishop, Robt. C.Silver Cliff310
Bittinbender, Geo. W.Silver Cliff270
Black, Chas. A.Silver Cliff308
Black, Jared M.Silver Cliff291
Black, John R.Silver Cliff284
Black, M. NellieSilver Cliff260
Black, SamuelSilver Cliff300
Black, SamuelSilver Cliff309
Black, SamuelSilver Cliff311
Blackbun, JohnRosita326
Blackman, John W.Silver Cliff266
Blackmar, John G.Silver Cliff298
Blackmer, Chancey W.Silver Cliff294
Blackstock, Benj. F.Silver Cliff274
Blackstock, GeorgeSilver Cliff273
Blackwell, John S.Silver Cliff303
Blackwood, Samuel R.Silver Cliff276
Blade, AdamSilver Cliff281
Blair, ThomasSilver Cliff287
Blake, GeorgeRosita340
Blake, Walter C.Silver Cliff265
Blakeslee, JasonRosita339
Blanchard, Albert W.Silver Cliff289
Blanchard, HenryRosita334
Blanchard, Henry W.Silver Cliff278
Bland, George W.Silver Cliff269
Blevins, AndrewRosita340
Bley, WilliamSilver Cliff277
Blight, WilliamSilver Cliff277
Block, IgnatiusRosita330
Blood, Richard D.Silver Cliff288
Bloomer, Edward M.Silver Cliff262
Bloomfield, James W.Silver Cliff280
Blosser, WilliamSilver Cliff269
Blossom, Chas. F.Rosita327
Blotten, John C.Silver Cliff291
Blount, Allan C.Silver Cliff286
Bloxem, PhilipSilver Cliff303
Bloxon, JohnRosita331
Blunt, James A.Silver Cliff260
Blurton, JohnSilver Cliff263
Blush, DanRosita320
Blye, William A.Silver Cliff280
Blyth, William R.Silver Cliff280
Boardman, George W.Silver Cliff288
Bock, PhillipSilver Cliff279
Bodine, William F.Silver Cliff286
Boggess, James E.Silver Cliff306
Bolder, PhillipSilver Cliff278
Boliver, P.Silver Cliff309
Boller, AntoneRosita341
Boller, JacobRosita319
Bonn, MikeSilver Cliff300
Bonnell, J. W.Silver Cliff294
Bookright, IsabelleSilver Cliff302
Boom, Horace H.Silver Cliff294
Boorn, Edward T.Silver Cliff275
Borders, AlbertSilver Cliff274
Born, Fredrick Silver Cliff259
Borne, PhillipSilver Cliff278
Boss, Joseph E.Rosita326
Bostwick, ________Silver Cliff302
Bothwell, AlbertWet Mountain Valley313
Bothwell, Chas. E.Rosita319
Bothwell, FrankSilver Cliff307
Bothwell, George W.Silver Cliff307
Bottomfelt, JohnRosita334
Botts, MaryRosita331
Boughanour, Alex H.Silver Cliff262
Bouness, Skeffington B.Silver Cliff273
Bourdean, TanisseWet Mountain Valley312
Bourne, Benj. W.Silver Cliff260
Bourne, HenrySilver Cliff299
Bowden, Joseph R.Silver Cliff285
Bowden, WilliamSilver Cliff304
Bowden, WilliamSilver Cliff310
Bowen, Judson J.Silver Cliff289
Bowen, Lawrence L.Silver Cliff273
Bowen, Maclain P.Silver Cliff311
Bowers, EzekialSilver Cliff277
Bowers, JamesRosita338
Bowers, Lewis H.Silver Cliff256
Bowlen, EdwardSilver Cliff279
Bowlen, HenryTexas Creek293
Bowler, Geo. W.Silver Cliff296
Bowler, George W.Silver Cliff274
Bowler, George W.Silver Cliff308
Bowman, ArthurSilver Cliff285
Bowman, NoahSilver Cliff275
Bowman, Thomas B.Silver Cliff291
Bowman, Wesley J.Silver Cliff289
Boyce, Marcus L.Dora271
Boycott, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Boyd, ElvinSilver Cliff303
Boyd, Hiram R.Silver Cliff279
Boylan, Johnson C.Silver Cliff280
Boyle, Chas. C.Silver Cliff310
Boyle, Harry C.Silver Cliff288
Boyton, GordonRosita330
Bradbury, BruceRosita319
Bradbury, EdwinRosita319
Bradbury, FrankRosita336
Bradbury, WilliamSilver Cliff286
Braddock, Joseph W.Silver Cliff286
Bradley, Chas. D.Silver Cliff304
Bradley, DavidRosita339
Brady, HamiltonSilver Cliff277
Bragg, Chas. S.Silver Cliff257
Bragg, Duncan R.Silver Cliff277
Bragg, WilliamRosita330
Bragg, WilliamRosita335
Braham, E. H.Silver Cliff309
Brainard, Alvert S.Wet Mountain Valley315
Brake, Isaac W.Silver Cliff274
Bramburg, MinnieTexas Creek272
Bramer, Geo.Rosita329
Bramghton, SidneyRosita336
Brandall, Joseph C.Silver Cliff286
Brandt, Charles W.Silver Cliff291
Brandt, George W.Silver Cliff281
Branduff, SidneyRosita331
Brant, Ellmore E.Silver Cliff256
Braun, Theodore F.Rosita324
Braxton, Mamie Silver Cliff255
Bray, JohnSilver Cliff256
Bray, JosephSilver Cliff257
Bray, Lizzie Silver Cliff255
Bray, Philip R.Silver Cliff257
Bray, WilliamRosita319
Brazil, Geo.Rosita328
Breckenridge, JacksonSilver Cliff283
Breed, PhillipSilver Cliff289
Breese, FrederickRosita342
Brennen, DavidSilver Cliff303
Breslin, DennisRosita322
Bresnahan, JeremiahSilver Cliff266
Brewer, PhillipSilver Cliff289
Brewer, Samuel S.Silver Cliff286
Brewer, William W.Silver Cliff275
Brewster, Joseph W.Rosita320
Bricker, David Silver Cliff258
Bricker, Samuel J.Silver Cliff278
Bridewell, JohnsonSilver Cliff283
Bridge, Samuel J.Silver Cliff271
Bridges, Isaac L.Wet Mountain Valley312
Bridges, WilliamSilver Cliff302
Briggs, CordeliaRosita332
Briggs, LoutrelSilver Cliff275
Briggs, PerrySilver Cliff276
Briggwell, Luther A.Silver Cliff287
Brigham, WillianRosita333
Brighton, Carl W.Silver Cliff287
Brimmer, Laura M.Silver Cliff304
Brinckles, Geo.Rosita340
Brinegar, JohnSilver Cliff310
Brinker, OlinSilver Cliff302
Brinkkroeger, HenrySilver Cliff275
Brinkman, Jacob W.Silver Cliff290
Briscol, Joseph W.Silver Cliff288
Briscow, JosephSilver Cliff304
Britton, Francis L.Silver Cliff256
Broabent, JerrySilver Cliff262
Broad, Edwin E.Wet Mountain Valley313
Brodard, EarnestSilver Cliff267
Brodus, JamesRosita334
Bronson, John C.Silver Cliff287
Brooks, Charles H.Silver Cliff279
Brooks, James W.Silver Cliff274
Brooks, William D.Silver Cliff265
Brower, Chas.Ula268
Brower, JohnUla293
Browing, AlbertSilver Cliff287
Brown, Aaron H.Silver Cliff277
Brown, Charles V.Silver Cliff283
Brown, DanielWet Mountain Valley313
Brown, DeliaRosita338
Brown, EmmaSilver Cliff304
Brown, Felix C.Silver Cliff287
Brown, Geo. E.Silver Cliff311
Brown, GeorgeRosita336
Brown, George S.Silver Cliff304
Brown, IdaSilver Cliff311
Brown, Irwin G.Silver Cliff290
Brown, J. W.Silver Cliff258
Brown, J. W.Silver Cliff309
Brown, James L.Silver Cliff259
Brown, James W.Silver Cliff311
Brown, John F.Rosita334
Brown, Louis T.Silver Cliff266
Brown, Marion F.Silver Cliff307
Brown, Myron M.Silver Cliff261
Brown, ReubenRosita331
Brown, RiceRosita338
Brown, SamuelSilver Cliff273
Brown, Thomas BartonSilver Cliff291
Brown, Thomas J.Silver Cliff288
Brown, WilliamSilver Cliff257
Brown, William H.Silver Cliff274
Brown, William J.Silver Cliff282
Browndenburg, MontyWet Mountain Valley314
Brownlee, EbenezerRosita325
Brownlee, IsaacSilver Cliff257
Brownslee, IsaacSilver Cliff273
Brownson, M. CharlesSilver Cliff256
Bruce, HoratioRosita339
Bruce, Russell D.Silver Cliff263
Bruce, SarahSilver Cliff260
Brugheart, HendrichSilver Cliff265
Bruinegar, Thomas J.Silver Cliff290
Brunard, JennieSilver Cliff260
Bruner, JacobRosita338
Brush, John B.Silver Cliff298
Brush, William R.Silver Cliff307
Bryan, RobertRosita339
Bryan, VanSilver Cliff287
Bryant, EdRosita331
Bryant, Fayette M.Silver Cliff269
Bryant, Robert R.Silver Cliff279
Bryant, ThomasSilver Cliff275
Bryant, WarrenSilver Cliff299
Buchanan, SarahSilver Cliff306
Buchanan, SusanSilver Cliff306
Buchanan, Thos. J.Silver Cliff287
Buchanan, Thos. J.Silver Cliff297
Buck, Herman C.Silver Cliff281
Buckingham, Chas.Rosita326
Buckle, PhillipSilver Cliff281
Buckley, Thomas A.Silver Cliff277
Buckwalter, Henry H.Silver Cliff307
Bucter, Edward A.Silver Cliff255
Budlong, John K.Silver Cliff276
Buler, EdwardSilver Cliff290
Bull, JosephRosita336
Bulloch, Alonzo H.Silver Cliff270
Bullwer, Joseph H.Silver Cliff282
Bump, JuliusSilver Cliff271
Bungey, CharlesSilver Cliff279
Bungley, Charles H.Silver Cliff281
Burch, HarveyRosita323
Burdick, Robert H.Silver Cliff277
Burger, Erastes J.Silver Cliff279
Burgess, JohnSilver Cliff253
Burke, GeorgeSilver Cliff270
Burke, JamesUla268
Burley, Albert R.Silver Cliff279
Burnes, Joseph H.Silver Cliff291
Burnett, James M.Wet Mountain Valley312
Burnett, LymanRosita330
Burnette, James M.Silver Cliff310
Burnham, E. F.Silver Cliff294
Burns, Henry J.Silver Cliff300
Burns, James Silver Cliff259
Burns, JamesSilver Cliff279
Burns, JaneSilver Cliff299
Burr, Alpha R.Silver Cliff303
Burrell, James B.Silver Cliff290
Burrill, William H.Silver Cliff287
Burrows, John A. D.Silver Cliff267
Burrows, Victor J.Ula292
Burt, Irvin W.Silver Cliff280
Burt, JamesRosita338
Burton, Archibald R.Silver Cliff291
Burton, ElmerUla292
Burton, JohnRosita331
Burton, WalterUla292
Burwash, MathewSilver Cliff295
Busby, Joseph E.Silver Cliff286
Buse, WilliamSilver Cliff304
Butter, JamesRosita336
Butterfield, Chas. W.Silver Cliff262
Buttler, JamesSilver Cliff310
Buttler, JuliaSilver Cliff310
Buttler, S. L.Silver Cliff294
Butts, Henry H.Silver Cliff288
Buzzard, Andrew J.Silver Cliff295
Buzzard, JohnRosita332
Buzzo, Geo.Rosita319
Byker, WilliamSilver Cliff280
Byrne, WilliamSilver Cliff296
Byrns, William L.Silver Cliff302
Cable, Alonzo J.Silver Cliff278
Cadwell, Geo. T.Silver Cliff311
Cady, Joseph J.Silver Cliff281
Cahn, EliasSilver Cliff274
Cain, WilliamSilver Cliff270
Caine, Edwin G.Silver Cliff287
Caithcart, SpencerSilver Cliff269
Caldwell, FrankRosita324
Caldwell, RobertWet Mountain Valley313
Caldwell, Robt.Rosita318
Caldwell, Theo.Rosita324
Caleb, MartinWet Mountain Valley315
Calhoun, ThomasSilver Cliff288
Call, Silas S.Silver Cliff259
Callahan, EdmundSilver Cliff295
Callahan, Henry C.Silver Cliff266
Callahan, Joshua R.Silver Cliff277
Callaway, WylieSilver Cliff302
Calliss, SamuelRosita340
Calvery, RobertSilver Cliff288
Calvin, E.Silver Cliff309
Camden, Albert A.Silver Cliff289
Cameron, AnnaRosita322
Cameron, DanielSilver Cliff283
Cameron, EnosRosita329
Cameron, George M.Silver Cliff300
Cameron, WillianRosita333
Camp, W. SharpRosita326
Camp, WilliamRosita330
Camp, Wm. W.Silver Cliff270
Campbell, ArchibaldSilver Cliff277
Campbell, HenrySilver Cliff264
Campbell, Judsen S.Silver Cliff291
Campbell, MahlonRosita336
Campbell, R. C.Silver Cliff309
Campbell, TheodoreSilver Cliff282
Campbell, Thos. J.Silver Cliff257
Campbell, Wm.Rosita318
Camper, AndrewUla283
Camphor, HenriettRosita340
Camwell, Phillip C.Silver Cliff285
Cane, PresleyRosita334
Canfield, Ezra A.Silver Cliff281
Canfield, Swelb Jr.Silver Cliff269
Cannon, B. F.Silver Cliff294
Cannon, Geo. W.Rosita319
Cannon, Rufes J.Silver Cliff291
Cantril, William W.Silver Cliff254
Cantru, PhillipSilver Cliff277
Capen, Charles C.Silver Cliff280
Cardwick, JohnRosita325
Carew, AlexanderSilver Cliff278
Carleton, Samuel M.Silver Cliff260
Carlin, John A.Texas Creek284
Carlson, Chas.Silver Cliff266
Carmell, David W.Silver Cliff281
Carmickel, CharlesSilver Cliff288
Carnahan, James H.Silver Cliff288
Carnes, Joseph R.Silver Cliff287
Carnett, M. Winton Silver Cliff259
Carpenter, AlbertSilver Cliff282
Carpenter, Charles W.Silver Cliff285
Carpenter, JohnSilver Cliff304
Carpenter, StevenSilver Cliff308
Carpenter, Van R.Silver Cliff311
Carr, Abram W.Silver Cliff254
Carr, FrankRosita319
Carragan, Chas. V.Silver Cliff303
Carson, LovingSilver Cliff307
Carson, StephenSilver Cliff288
Carstaphen, ChappellSilver Cliff274
Carstaphen, William D.Silver Cliff290
Carstarphen, John C.Silver Cliff304
Carstarphen, OnerSilver Cliff304
Carstarphen, Will.Silver Cliff304
Carteen, PeterRosita322
Carter, BarneySilver Cliff286
Carter, EdwardSilver Cliff275
Carter, JosephSilver Cliff260
Carter, Joseph C.Silver Cliff298
Carter, MariaRosita340
Cartney, BernardRosita321
Cartwright, ________Rosita331
Caruthers, Leonard W.Silver Cliff279
Carver, Char.Rosita336
Cary, JamesSilver Cliff263
Case, Chas. E.Silver Cliff261
Case, ChristopherRosita320
Case, Eunice C.Rosita318
Casebeer, JoshuaSilver Cliff273
Casette, JohnRosita339
Cashdollar, Daniel R.Silver Cliff277
Cass, Phillip W.Silver Cliff281
Cassady, Edwin F.Silver Cliff297
Cassiday, Isreal H.Silver Cliff285
Cassiday, JamesSilver Cliff276
Cassilly, William C.Silver Cliff280
Caton, JamesSilver Cliff274
Caughman, Charles Silver Cliff259
Caughman, SeaburnTexas Creek272
Caughman, WillianRosita330
Cavanaugh, James Silver Cliff259
Caywood, EllenRosita332
Ceymore, Chas.Silver Cliff253
Chadwick, William P.Silver Cliff281
Chamberlain, AbnerSilver Cliff287
Chamberlain, AlbertRosita324
Chamberlain, Thos.Rosita331
Chamberlain, William J.Silver Cliff265
Chamberlin, Bancroft I.Silver Cliff288
Chamberlin, WilliamSilver Cliff260
Chambers, AlexanderSilver Cliff276
Champlin, JamesSilver Cliff281
Chance, TilmanRosita324
Chance, WillianRosita324
Chandler, Joel B.Silver Cliff255
Chaney, AbsolomRosita336
Channing, NicholisTexas Creek272
Channing, Robert R.Silver Cliff278
Chapen, Polly R.Ula283
Chapin, JamesRosita335
Chapin, Saml.Rosita318
Chappel, Robert A.Silver Cliff279
Charles, Jacob F.Silver Cliff278
Charles, Wesley H.Silver Cliff269
Charleston, Andrew J.Silver Cliff282
Charlton, GeorgeSilver Cliff271
Chase, Albert Wm.Silver Cliff288
Chase, Edmun H.Silver Cliff265
Chase, MarvinRosita323
Cheatham, MathewSilver Cliff277
Cheek, JohnRosita333
Cheek, Sylvester A.Silver Cliff281
Cheong, LinSilver Cliff260
Chessney, IsaacSilver Cliff286
Chester, WilliamSilver Cliff273
Chesterfield, DavidSilver Cliff277
Chetelat, GeorgeWet Mountain Valley317
Chetelat, JohnWet Mountain Valley317
Chew, Anthoney R.Silver Cliff279
Childs, Alice M.Silver Cliff256
Chisholm, Alexander P.Silver Cliff277
Chisom, John W.Ula283
Chiswell, Louis E.Silver Cliff290
Chivers, JamsSilver Cliff260
Chlough, Sam. G.Silver Cliff298
Christ, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Christal, Millard D.Silver Cliff259
Christe, HughSilver Cliff300
Christopher, JacobSilver Cliff278
Christopher, Starling K.Silver Cliff274
Christy, Christian R.Silver Cliff279
Chubb, ________Silver Cliff305
Chubb, RogerSilver Cliff303
Church, George W.Silver Cliff285
Clancey, Thos.Silver Cliff263
Clancy, ThomasSilver Cliff300
Clarage, Phillip H.Silver Cliff280
Clark, Aaron K.Wet Mountain Valley314
Clark, Arthar H.Silver Cliff279
Clark, EdwardDora271
Clark, Edward F.Silver Cliff295
Clark, henry J.Wet Mountain Valley313
Clark, J. W.Silver Cliff310
Clark, James W.Silver Cliff277
Clark, Joshua W.Silver Cliff285
Clark, L. NoahSilver Cliff275
Clark, Napolean B.Silver Cliff283
Clark, PalmerSilver Cliff308
Clark, William B.Silver Cliff303
Claudius, MartinWet Mountain Valley315
Clauton, Jasper G.Silver Cliff267
Clay, Leonidas B.Silver Cliff272
Cleinnats, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Cleland, Wm. J.Silver Cliff270
Clements, Harvey J.Silver Cliff289
Clements, WilliamSilver Cliff265
Clemmons, EdwardSilver Cliff295
Clendening, ArthurSilver Cliff282
Cleveland, RobertSilver Cliff308
Clifford, AnnieSilver Cliff296
Clifford, Harry C.Silver Cliff260
Clifford, MargaretSilver Cliff296
Clifford, MargaretSilver Cliff296
Clifford, OakleafSilver Cliff296
Clifford, WilliamSilver Cliff296
Clifford, WillianRosita331
Clifton, Thomas W.Silver Cliff282
Climkin, Herman Silver Cliff255
Cline, George L.Wet Mountain Valley314
Cline, PeterSilver Cliff277
Clinton, Peter F.Silver Cliff287
Clohosey, JamesSilver Cliff266
Clossan, ________Silver Cliff306
Closson, C. P.Silver Cliff296
Cloud, Isaac J.Silver Cliff280
Clouse, I. Warren Silver Cliff254
Clugh, James M.Silver Cliff267
Clunkett, BlancheSilver Cliff267
Clymonts, Stephen H.Silver Cliff281
Coaten, James K.Silver Cliff288
Cobb, Nicholas R.Silver Cliff278
Cochran, Andrew J.Silver Cliff299
Cochran, Bradley R.Silver Cliff288
Cochran, EdwardRosita335
Cochran, James N.Silver Cliff261
Cochran, ThomasRosita340
Cochran, ThompsonRosita339
Cochran, WillianRosita338
Cockrell, ThomasSilver Cliff287
Coe, ThomasRosita323
Coe, Thomas J.Silver Cliff285
Coffey, Daniel C.Silver Cliff290
Coffin, SamuelRosita335
Coffman, GeorgeSilver Cliff266
Cogan, ________Silver Cliff306
Cogen, JohnSilver Cliff288
Cogswell, Arthur C.Silver Cliff265
Cogswell, Theodore M.Silver Cliff262
Coklep, William W.Silver Cliff274
Colbert, Christian L.Silver Cliff286
Colburn, BlancheRosita329
Colburn, BurtSilver Cliff261
Colburne, ArchibaldSilver Cliff286
Cole, James C.Silver Cliff304
Cole, James Q.Silver Cliff306
Cole, Joseph B.Wet Mountain Valley314
Cole, Samuel C.Rosita324
Coleman, JesseeRosita339
Coleman, John F.Silver Cliff276
Coleman, Robt.Silver Cliff274
Coleman, Stephen A.Silver Cliff291
Coleman, ThortonRosita335
Coleman, WillianRosita335
Colemen, SamuelSilver Cliff275
Collenwood, Chales W.Silver Cliff289
Collins, Thos.Silver Cliff311
Collister, ArthurSilver Cliff290
Collom, J. B.Silver Cliff309
Collyer, SamuelWet Mountain Valley312
Collyer, TheodoreSilver Cliff290
Colman, WillianRosita330
Colton, James W.Silver Cliff285
Comestock, Nelson G.Silver Cliff261
Commons, RobertSilver Cliff287
Comstock, AppolisSilver Cliff294
Comstock, ChesterRosita324
Comstock, Henry W.Silver Cliff299
Conard, SamuelSilver Cliff303
Conditt, E. B.Silver Cliff309
Conger, Geo. T.Silver Cliff311
Conly, ThomasRosita331
Connal, JamesRosita318
Connell, Geo. W.Silver Cliff300
Connelly, MichealSilver Cliff283
Connelly, PatrickRosita320
Connelly, Robt.Wet Mountain Valley314
Conrad, ________Wet Mountain Valley316
Conradtz, WilliamWet Mountain Valley315
Conrand, Chas. AnnSilver Cliff295
Conroz, John R.Silver Cliff285
Consadine, Phillip A.Silver Cliff278
Constable, Ida MaySilver Cliff261
Constable, OtisSilver Cliff261
Converse, Geo. M.Silver Cliff275
Conway, Andrew J.Silver Cliff254
Cook, AbramSilver Cliff311
Cook, Addie B.Silver Cliff306
Cook, Elibeth A.Silver Cliff264
Cook, J.Silver Cliff310
Cook, JohnRosita323
Cook, JohnSilver Cliff263
Cook, MarySilver Cliff294
Cook, Miss AgnesSilver Cliff253
Cook, Rodney B.Silver Cliff262
Cook, RoscoeRosita340
Cookston, KellySilver Cliff256
Cooley, James K.Silver Cliff279
Cooley, William F.Ula292
Coombs, Alice RoselleSilver Cliff253
Coombs, Elmer E.Silver Cliff261
Coombs, Lorenzo G.Silver Cliff301
Coombs, Walter H.Silver Cliff263
Coon, George E.Silver Cliff275
Coons, Joseph R.Silver Cliff290
Cooper, AndrewSilver Cliff264
Cooper, Blair W.Silver Cliff288
Cooper, ColumbusRosita334
Cooper, DennisSilver Cliff263
Cooper, FrankSilver Cliff274
Cooper, JamesRosita334
Cooper, JeffersonRosita334
Cooper, JesseeRosita331
Cooper, JonathanRosita326
Cooper, TurnerRosita326
Cooper, TurnerRosita334
Cooper, W. A.Silver Cliff311
Cope, FrancisRosita330
Copenbarger, NancySilver Cliff298
Coreless, Thomas A.Silver Cliff289
Corenelies, DavidSilver Cliff290
Corey, Archie J.Silver Cliff281
Corkins, AlmoreSilver Cliff277
Cornett, William Q.Silver Cliff301
Corning, EnochSilver Cliff277
Corthell, NathanielRosita335
Corthell, WellmanRosita335
Corwin, JohnRosita338
Corzatt, Chars. W.Ula268
Costen, J. PrestonSilver Cliff263
Coston, C. LeslieSilver Cliff267
Cotter, WarrenSilver Cliff273
Couch, Thomas N.Silver Cliff289
Cougar, William J.Silver Cliff291
Coulson, JamesSilver Cliff281
Coulter, RobertSilver Cliff266
County, JamesSilver Cliff271
Courtney, ClaranceSilver Cliff291
Courtwright, Willes A.Silver Cliff273
Cousins, JamesSilver Cliff276
Cover, John W.Silver Cliff274
Cowan, Robert B.Silver Cliff254
Cowell, John W.Silver Cliff258
Cowell, Thos. W.Silver Cliff258
Cowell, William A.Wet Mountain Valley312
Cowles, WilliamSilver Cliff267
Cowles, WilliamWet Mountain Valley316
Cowper, Thomas J.Silver Cliff286
Cox, AlexanderRosita338
Cox, Ervinna A.Silver Cliff296
Cox, JohnSilver Cliff299
Cox, JuliaSilver Cliff296
Cox, William E.Silver Cliff306
Cox, William P.Silver Cliff270
Cozens, Clark Z.Silver Cliff307
Cozens, Nelson Z.Silver Cliff307
Craig, Charles W.Silver Cliff285
Craig, WillianRosita324
Cramer, James R.Silver Cliff290
Cramp, James J.Silver Cliff279
Crampton, Heny.Rosita338
Cramton, AlexanderSilver Cliff280
Cranch, OttoSilver Cliff280
Crandall, Henry A.Silver Cliff258
Crandall, HerbertSilver Cliff307
Crandle, WilliamSilver Cliff257
Crane, StevenSilver Cliff276
Cranfield, PhillipSilver Cliff277
Crautz, JacobSilver Cliff288
Cravens, JeramiahSilver Cliff282
Craver, Judson P.Silver Cliff286
Crawford, Benj.Silver Cliff274
Crawford, JamesSilver Cliff264
Crawford, John W.Silver Cliff257
Crawford, Phillip S.Silver Cliff274
Creeger, JohnRosita325
Creighton, Abner C.Silver Cliff277
Cress, Benj. L.Silver Cliff260
Cress, HenrySilver Cliff278
Creston, Joseph H.Silver Cliff287
Crisk, Samuel JamesSilver Cliff253
Criss, Phillip H.Silver Cliff282
Criswell, HamiltonSilver Cliff282
Crites, John F.Silver Cliff275
Crittenden, JosephRosita334
Critz, ChristopherSilver Cliff264
Critz, Christopher C.Silver Cliff274
Crocker, CharlesSilver Cliff263
Crocker, JosephSilver Cliff285
Crocker, Samuel G.Silver Cliff263
Crompton, Allen R.Silver Cliff286
Cronk, JamesSilver Cliff280
Crook, Eugene C.Silver Cliff265
Crookshank, FrankSilver Cliff282
Cropsey, MaryRosita323
Crosby, RufusSilver Cliff253
Cross, Dan. K.Silver Cliff297
Crossley, William J.Silver Cliff276
Crossly, Dan. F.Silver Cliff297
Crouch, IsrealSilver Cliff289
Crouch, SamRosita339
Crounse, JacobSilver Cliff302
Crouse, PhillipSilver Cliff283
Crow, L. C.Silver Cliff261
Crowell, FrankSilver Cliff253
Crownsden, William J.Silver Cliff285
Cruise, Phillip K.Silver Cliff277
Crummy, G. W.Silver Cliff294
Culbertson, DavidSilver Cliff279
Culong, CharlesSilver Cliff290
Cumings, Edw.Rosita321
Cummings, JohnSilver Cliff304
Cummings, WilliRosita333
Cummons, John W.Silver Cliff277
Cunningham, AmosWet Mountain Valley314
Cunningham, Charles R.Silver Cliff278
Cunningham, JohnSilver Cliff297
Cunningham, JohnWet Mountain Valley312
Currier, DavidRosita334
Currier, JohnRosita334
Currier, Lyman W.Silver Cliff263
Curry, Hiram S.Silver Cliff303
Curtz, Henry C.Silver Cliff286
Custard, AlfredWet Mountain Valley317
Cuthbert, Cromwell J.Silver Cliff278
Cutler, ElizabethRosita318
Cutter, AmosSilver Cliff281
Dailey, JamesRosita326
Daily, JohnSilver Cliff298
Dale, Henry L.Silver Cliff274
Dale, PhillipSilver Cliff275
Dalton, Gabriel H.Silver Cliff286
Dalton, MurvilleSilver Cliff273
Dalton, R.Silver Cliff298
Daly, C. M.Silver Cliff311
Daly, Charles M.Silver Cliff290
Daly, PatrickSilver Cliff265
Danels, MaudRosita323
Danforth, AshtonSilver Cliff276
Dangerfield, Willis C.Silver Cliff287
Daniels, Henry H.Rosita326
Daniels, John C.Silver Cliff277
Dantel, Jefferson G.Silver Cliff287
Darby, Samuel T.Silver Cliff288
Darling, William C.Silver Cliff282
Darnell, SimeonSilver Cliff306
Dash, FrederickSilver Cliff300
Daulton, Harvey B.Silver Cliff258
Davenport, StewartSilver Cliff256
Davenport, Wilber Silver Cliff255
David, Richard D.Silver Cliff291
David, Thomas J.Silver Cliff279
Davidson, John A.Silver Cliff269
Davidson, Sam. S.Silver Cliff299
Davis, ______Wet Mountain Valley312
Davis, Annie A.Silver Cliff260
Davis, Daniel A.Silver Cliff263
Davis, DavidRosita338
Davis, David D.Silver Cliff308
Davis, Erastus P.Silver Cliff288
Davis, FrankRosita331
Davis, George W.Silver Cliff267
Davis, HattieSilver Cliff260
Davis, HughRosita326
Davis, JamesWet Mountain Valley314
Davis, JohnSilver Cliff264
Davis, JosephSilver Cliff266
Davis, Joseph A.Ula268
Davis, PierceRosita336
Davis, Rwan F.Silver Cliff259
Davis, SamuelRosita323
Davis, SilasRosita339
Davis, StephenRosita335
Davis, StephenSilver Cliff269
Davis, ThomasRosita338
Davis, ThomasSilver Cliff286
Davis, Thomas R.Silver Cliff285
Davis, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Davis, William J.Silver Cliff296
Davison, Calvin C.Silver Cliff254
Davy, WilliamSilver Cliff265
Dawson, George W.Silver Cliff290
Dawson, LewisRosita333
Day, CarlRosita319
Day, Ella M.Silver Cliff257
Day, Robert B.Silver Cliff275
Dayten, Peter H.Silver Cliff278
Deagle, PhillipSilver Cliff291
Deam, JacobSilver Cliff299
Deam, JohnSilver Cliff299
Dean, Thomas Silver Cliff254
Deane, Cecil A.Silver Cliff308
Dearborn, James W.Silver Cliff287
DeBaur, WilliamSilver Cliff264
DeBlo, SamuelSilver Cliff256
Deboard, Albert M.Silver Cliff272
Decatur, Stephen Silver Cliff259
Decker, William W.Silver Cliff265
DeComety, HenryRosita331
Deering, Carl Y. K.Silver Cliff307
Deershettle, AndrewSilver Cliff256
Degree, AugustineWet Mountain Valley314
Degree, LucyWet Mountain Valley314
DeGrosley, Napolean Silver Cliff254
DeHavens, Stephen A.Silver Cliff286
Deitz, John Silver Cliff258
Dejarnatt, John L.Silver Cliff278
Delar, Peter J.Silver Cliff279
Delbridge, CharlesSilver Cliff281
Delbridge, JamesSilver Cliff273
Dempsey, John W.Silver Cliff281
Denning, Catherine Silver Cliff259
Dennis, John W.Silver Cliff285
Dennison, JohnSilver Cliff260
Dennison, Thomas J.Silver Cliff290
Denow, FredWet Mountain Valley316
Denton, WillinRosita333
Detarr, Theo.Silver Cliff311
Dettman, Jacob J.Silver Cliff280
Deven, JohnSilver Cliff311
Devereux, Louis H.Silver Cliff288
Devol, A. O.Silver Cliff308
Devol, Dwight H.Silver Cliff279
Devol, Lester C.Silver Cliff308
Dewalt, Frank W.Silver Cliff297
Dewess, James H.Silver Cliff270
Dewitt, LeraidSilver Cliff269
Dewody, J. PatersonSilver Cliff303
Dewoody, OliverSilver Cliff303
Dewoody, PattersonSilver Cliff308
Dewyer, David H.Silver Cliff280
Dickens, Mark R.Silver Cliff278
Dickinson, Thomas J.Silver Cliff290
Dickman, HenryWet Mountain Valley315
Dickson, Horace G.Rosita327
Dickson, JohnSilver Cliff307
Diehl, HenrySilver Cliff266
Diehl, JacobSilver Cliff281
Dietz, FrederickWet Mountain Valley316
Dihle, GustavRosita318
Dill, EzekielRosita333
Dill, HenryRosita333
Dill, Jasper C.Silver Cliff286
Dill, W. W.Silver Cliff311
Dilley, John F.Silver Cliff273
Dillingham, FrankSilver Cliff282
Dillon, ElizabethSilver Cliff299
Dillon, JosephSilver Cliff296
Dillworth, WilliamSilver Cliff278
Dinsmore, Ebbert B.Silver Cliff282
Dismer, Frank B.Silver Cliff273
Dissmore, Richard H.Texas Creek284
Dissmore, ThomasTexas Creek284
Dixey, PatrickSilver Cliff294
Dixon, NancyRosita323
Doan, Albert S.Silver Cliff257
Dodd, Jared R.Silver Cliff279
Dodge, Cheney C.Silver Cliff255
Dodge, DavidSilver Cliff296
Doherety, Geo.Rosita329
Dolan, William H.Silver Cliff282
Dole, Samuel P.Rosita320
Donahu, PeterSilver Cliff276
Donahue, Chas.Rosita330
Donahue, Chas. J.Wet Mountain Valley317
Donahue, Edwart L.Silver Cliff283
Donahue, PeterSilver Cliff289
Donahue, WilliamSilver Cliff274
Donald, AlbertSilver Cliff288
Donaldson, FredrickSilver Cliff281
Donnell, Geo. O.Silver Cliff300
Donnell, Geo. W.Silver Cliff311
Donnell, John E.Silver Cliff300
Donnell, OliverSilver Cliff311
Donnell, WilliamSilver Cliff311
Donnell, Wm. R.Silver Cliff300
Donnelly, Charles M.Silver Cliff289
Donnelly, Lins H.Rosita318
Doolittle, Clarance A.Silver Cliff287
Dooly, PatrickSilver Cliff285
Dora, Wls.Silver Cliff275
Dorman, Wm.Rosita330
Dotwell, AlexSilver Cliff299
Dougan, Harry Silver Cliff258
Dougan, Jacob F.Silver Cliff278
Dougherty, Jackson H.Silver Cliff278
Dougherty, James B.Silver Cliff290
Dougherty, MikeWet Mountain Valley312
Douglas, AlexSilver Cliff277
Douglas, DelarmaSilver Cliff264
Douglas, Elijah H.Silver Cliff285
Dovee, Jason U.Silver Cliff280
Dow, ThomasRosita319
Dowell, Rabecca E.Silver Cliff300
Dowling, HenrySilver Cliff311
Downes, Thon.Rosita325
Downs, JacobSilver Cliff282
Doyle, John B.Silver Cliff261
Doyle, MartinSilver Cliff309
Doyle, William H.Silver Cliff266
Doyle, William H. Jr.Silver Cliff266
Drach, HenryWet Mountain Valley315
Drake, ChauncySilver Cliff285
Drake, Passmore R.Silver Cliff281
Draper, KilersSilver Cliff289
Draper, WillianRosita342
Dreibling, Clozse W.Silver Cliff258
Dresser, LincolnSilver Cliff299
Driseon, JosephRosita329
Driver, AlfredRosita336
Druhe, Peter W.Silver Cliff289
Drum, SimpsonSilver Cliff280
Drummond, Eli C.Silver Cliff281
Dubbs, John A.Silver Cliff306
Dube, JosephSilver Cliff256
Dublen, MargaretSilver Cliff253
Dubler, JohnSilver Cliff309
Dubois, Jarvie F.Silver Cliff297
Dubois, Millie R.Silver Cliff297
Duckett, James L.Texas Creek292
Duckett, John B.Texas Creek292
Duckett, Joseph A.Texas Creek292
Duckett, ThaddeusTexas Creek292
Duckett, William F.Texas Creek292
Dudley, RichardSilver Cliff257
Dudley, WilliamRosita336
Duffy, HughSilver Cliff274
Duffy, MargaretSilver Cliff260
Dufty, William H.Silver Cliff260
Duke, EdwardRosita320
Dukes, JohnSilver Cliff309
Dumars, Louis A.Silver Cliff286
Dummler, JohnSilver Cliff308
Dunbar, Nathienel W.Silver Cliff273
Dunbar, Robert J.Silver Cliff291
Duncan, BarbaraSilver Cliff266
Duncan, Jas.Rosita329
Duncan, Lyson D.Silver Cliff287
Duncan, Thomas C.Silver Cliff274
Duncan, Thos. C.Silver Cliff287
Duncan, Thos. F.Silver Cliff256
Duncan, William P.Silver Cliff276
Duncan, Wm.Rosita339
Duncanon, PhillipSilver Cliff277
Dunham, Hamilton C.Silver Cliff291
Dunkle, PhillipSilver Cliff276
Dunlap, Amos H.Silver Cliff282
Dunleith, FredrickSilver Cliff277
Dunleith, Joseph W.Silver Cliff282
Dunn, SamRosita323
Dupree, FrankSilver Cliff295
Durham, Henry B.Silver Cliff270
Durham, Henry B.Silver Cliff304
Durham, SamuelSilver Cliff304
Durkee, Chas.Rosita328
Durwin, QuintonSilver Cliff256
Dutton, Phillip A.Silver Cliff281
Dwyer, James R.Silver Cliff263
Dwyer, JohnSilver Cliff267
Dwyer, WilliamSilver Cliff265
Dwyer, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Dyer, Albert R.Silver Cliff300
Dyer, James S.Silver Cliff290
Eagle, Lee C.Silver Cliff260
Eames, John A.Rosita333
Earl, LizzieSilver Cliff253
Earle, Jackson W.Silver Cliff280
Earley, Sarah J.Silver Cliff294
Early, EdwardRosita323
Early, JamesRosita323
Earnest, Peter L.Silver Cliff310
Earnest, Will. H.Silver Cliff295
Easling, JaredSilver Cliff271
Easling, William G.Silver Cliff271
Eastwood, Phillip J.Silver Cliff288
Eaton, GeorgeSilver Cliff304
Eaton, George C.Silver Cliff289
Eaton, George C.Silver Cliff290
Eaton, Leonard B.Silver Cliff288
Ebbert, Wesley W.Silver Cliff289
Ebner, EdwardSilver Cliff267
Eddy, Frank R.Silver Cliff271
Edgar, StewartSilver Cliff281
Edson, WesleyRosita334
Edwards, Edward H.Silver Cliff257
Edwards, JohnRosita320
Edwards, John J.Silver Cliff297
Eggert, AugustineSilver Cliff279
Eichenlant, JohnWet Mountain Valley316
Eikey, SamuelSilver Cliff279
Elbert, Albert C.Silver Cliff286
Elder, Andrew R.Silver Cliff305
Elder, John Silver Cliff255
Elerick, ChristianWet Mountain Valley315
Ellermeyer, CharlesSilver Cliff275
Ellinger, AmeliaSilver Cliff266
Elliott, Chas.Rosita325
Elliott, Erastus I.Silver Cliff289
Elliott, FrankSilver Cliff275
Elliott, JohnSilver Cliff271
Elliott, John W.Silver Cliff269
Elliott, LorenzoRosita319
Elliott, SusanSilver Cliff269
Elliott, WilliamSilver Cliff289
Elliott, William T.Silver Cliff289
Ellis, J. WarrenSilver Cliff303
Ellis, KateRosita322
Ellis, NettieRosita324
Ellis, Samuel B.Silver Cliff261
Ellison, Henry C.Silver Cliff281
Ellsworth, EzekielSilver Cliff282
Ellsworth, H.Dora272
Ellwood, GranvilleSilver Cliff278
Elter, AntonWet Mountain Valley315
Elton, RobertRosita329
Elton, Robert J.Silver Cliff278
Emard, EmenSilver Cliff274
Embrey, JerrySilver Cliff309
Emerson, LizzieRosita320
Emerson, ThomasSilver Cliff274
Emery, Charles E.Silver Cliff300
Emery, Jesse B.Silver Cliff297
Emigh, WilliamRosita321
Emmet, Charles H.Silver Cliff290
Emmett, CharlesSilver Cliff257
Enderle, EdwardRosita323
Endicott, William B.Silver Cliff289
Endie, Peter A.Silver Cliff285
England, John S.Silver Cliff261
England, ParenSilver Cliff306
Engle, PhillipSilver Cliff289
English, JohnRosita336
Ensign, Frank H.Silver Cliff294
Entwistle, Sarah J.Silver Cliff300
Entwistle, ThomasSilver Cliff300
Enyard, JohnSilver Cliff257
Epsom, MarySilver Cliff275
Erickson, Peter E.Silver Cliff310
Erickson, ReedRosita331
Ernest, William H.Silver Cliff291
Erricks, Jacob W.Silver Cliff282
Ervine, HenryTexas Creek292
Ervine, JacobTexas Creek292
Esser, William H.Silver Cliff264
Estep, JamesSilver Cliff290
Estep, WilliamSilver Cliff290
Estep, ZachariahSilver Cliff290
Estlack, JohnSilver Cliff263
Estlank, AlbertSilver Cliff300
Etzel, GabrielWet Mountain Valley315
Eufield, William T.Silver Cliff287
Eusey, Cloe F.Silver Cliff297
Eusitus, JohnRosita331
Eustare, Samuel B.Silver Cliff276
Evans, DeWittRosita331
Evans, E. E.Silver Cliff294
Evans, EdwardRosita326
Evans, Edward C.Silver Cliff265
Evans, EvanRosita320
Evans, James W.Silver Cliff289
Evans, John H.Silver Cliff308
Evans, Jonathan J.Silver Cliff276
Evans, ThomasRosita334
Evans, WillianRosita322
Evanston, BlanchardSilver Cliff289
Everheart, AdolphesSilver Cliff276
Everson, John J.Silver Cliff283
Evort, John O.***Silver Cliff295
Ewling, Joseph R.Silver Cliff276
Eyer, SamuelSilver Cliff305
Fabian, JamesRosita319
Fagenbush, Charles M.Silver Cliff287
Fahey, Mike J.Silver Cliff299
Fain, John J.Silver Cliff273
Fair, LizzieSilver Cliff311
Fair, RobertRosita336
Fairchild, James P.Silver Cliff295
Fairchilds, SethSilver Cliff299
Falkenberg, John P.Ula268
Fall, William H.Wet Mountain Valley312
Fall, WillianRosita330
Fallow, A. JamesSilver Cliff290
Fanning, CharlesSilver Cliff304
Fargo, William J.Silver Cliff280
Fariss, James F.Silver Cliff265
Fariss, John R.Silver Cliff265
Farley, ThomasSilver Cliff282
Farlow, Thomas H.Silver Cliff282
Farmington, Thos. A.Silver Cliff297
Farnem, Peter I.Silver Cliff277
Farnsworth, James H.Silver Cliff291
Farnsworth, Richard J.Silver Cliff285
Farnsworth, WilliamSilver Cliff288
Farnsy, John E.Silver Cliff273
Faron, JohnSilver Cliff273
Farriso, Chas. L.Silver Cliff262
Farwell, WilliamSilver Cliff273
Faske, August F.Silver Cliff258
Faulkner, CharlesSilver Cliff306
Faulkner, Frank J.Silver Cliff277
Faulkner, John F.Silver Cliff272
Faust, MaryRosita324
Fay, JohnSilver Cliff262
Feidel, WilliamSilver Cliff289
Feigel, WilliamSilver Cliff302
Feigh, FerdSilver Cliff305
Feldmann, JohnWet Mountain Valley312
Felken, ArchibaldSilver Cliff278
Fellows, Joseph R.Silver Cliff291
Fellows, William D.Silver Cliff290
Felter, PhillipSilver Cliff256
Femeyor, LeoSilver Cliff257
Femire, James W.Silver Cliff277
Fenton, John C.Silver Cliff291
Fenwick, James H.Silver Cliff291
Ferdon, Joseph I.Silver Cliff280
Ferguson, AlexanderSilver Cliff275
Ferguson, Benj. C.Silver Cliff308
Ferrand, John W.Silver Cliff276
Ferrand, Richard A.Silver Cliff280
Ferrier, George W.Silver Cliff280
Ferril, Will. C.Silver Cliff310
Ferrin, AuthurSilver Cliff310
Ferris, Frank B.Silver Cliff267
Ferris, WilliamSilver Cliff271
Ferssll, JacobSilver Cliff284
Fethanie, F. R.Silver Cliff309
Fetis, H. G.Silver Cliff309
Ficken, Jacob M.Silver Cliff275
Fiddle, Andrew C.Silver Cliff311
Field, George W.Silver Cliff263
Field, Samuel A.Silver Cliff303
Filmore, George W.Silver Cliff281
Finch, MathewRosita329
Findlay, JamesSilver Cliff289
Fine, JohnSilver Cliff256
Fine, JohnSilver Cliff310
Fink, SamuelSilver Cliff273
Finley, Arthur S.Silver Cliff277
Finneran, Will J.Silver Cliff311
Finney, EliSilver Cliff279
Firestone, WilliamRosita323
First, Thomas J.Silver Cliff280
Fischer, FredrickSilver Cliff262
Fisher, CynthiaSilver Cliff275
Fisher, EmilyRosita330
Fisher, IsaacRosita329
Fisher, IsaacSilver Cliff304
Fisher, IsaacSilver Cliff310
Fisher, JackSilver Cliff298
Fisher, JackSilver Cliff311
Fisher, JohnSilver Cliff283
Fisher, John W.Silver Cliff281
Fisher, PriceWet Mountain Valley316
Fisher, Robt. S.Silver Cliff307
Fisher, Robt. S.Silver Cliff311
Fisher, Wilber R.Silver Cliff311
Fisher, William F.Ula293
Fitch, Mathew W.Silver Cliff287
Fitzgerald, Jas.Rosita331
Fitzgerald, T. W. H.Silver Cliff309
Fitzgerald, WilliamSilver Cliff275
Fitzmaunce, G. H.Silver Cliff309
Fitzsimmons, AlexanderSilver Cliff277
Flaherty, DanielSilver Cliff283
Flanagan, William E.Silver Cliff254
Fleece, Albert W.Silver Cliff285
Fleming, CharlesSilver Cliff274
Fleming, Jasper A.Silver Cliff291
Fleming, Rob't. B.Silver Cliff269
Fletcher, DavidSilver Cliff260
Fletcher, George W.Silver Cliff273
Fletcher, George W.Silver Cliff284
Fletcher, LouisSilver Cliff275
Fletcher, Marcus W.Silver Cliff286
Flick, JacobSilver Cliff297
Flick, James H.Texas Creek284
Flint, Albert R.Silver Cliff253
Flint, Asa E.Silver Cliff297
Flint, Asa W.Silver Cliff285
Flowers, RobertSilver Cliff308
Floyd, Williard J.Silver Cliff281
Flynn, MichealSilver Cliff273
Focke, Jared W.Silver Cliff285
Fockler, JosephSilver Cliff280
Foesick, Charles H.Silver Cliff289
Fogg, Frank E.Silver Cliff269
Fogg, GeorgeSilver Cliff305
Fogg, John C.Silver Cliff276
Foley, JamesSilver Cliff289
Foley, ThomasSilver Cliff306
Foote, George H.Silver Cliff278
Foote, Samuel B.Silver Cliff286
Forbes, Allen A.Silver Cliff287
Forbes, GustaveRosita341
Forbes, James R.Silver Cliff291
Force, Authur W.Silver Cliff308
Ford, Annie E. P.Silver Cliff260
Ford, Chester A.Silver Cliff285
Ford, William O.Silver Cliff286
Fore, Arthur W.Silver Cliff307
Foreman, William W.Silver Cliff285
Forester, AlexSilver Cliff283
Forhan, JohnSilver Cliff256
Forker, Chas.Rosita323
Forker, JamesSilver Cliff286
Forquer, EmerySilver Cliff278
Forrestt, William H.Silver Cliff278
Forsyth, Stephen A.Silver Cliff288
Forte, Chas. H.Silver Cliff258
Foss, Hiram W.Silver Cliff256
Foster, David W.Silver Cliff282
Foster, EdwardSilver Cliff299
Foster, Fred. Chas.Silver Cliff308
Foster, James H.Silver Cliff267
Foster, JohnRosita336
Foster, John M.Silver Cliff287
Foster, M.Silver Cliff276
Foulk, WilliamSilver Cliff273
Fowler, Isaac H.Silver Cliff256
Fowler, SamuelSilver Cliff273
Fox, CharlesRosita333
Fox, Geo. W.Rosita333
Fox, JohnSilver Cliff289
Fox, Joseph W.Silver Cliff267
Fozier, FrankRosita331
Francis, Sam.Silver Cliff310
Francis, SamuelSilver Cliff276
Francis, Willard C.Silver Cliff296
Franklin, ConradSilver Cliff287
Franklin, George W.Silver Cliff279
Franklin, MathewRosita334
Franklin, RuthRosita323
Frankum, George T.Silver Cliff289
Fraser, CatherineSilver Cliff307
Fraser, HughSilver Cliff263
Fraser, StevenWet Mountain Valley312
Frazier, BerthaSilver Cliff311
Frazier, GabrielRosita338
Frazier, RebeccaSilver Cliff263
Frazier, Willoughby C.Silver Cliff282
Freedman, Moses Silver Cliff258
Freeman, AndrusRosita328
Freeman, Columbus Wash.Silver Cliff253
Freeman, George H.Silver Cliff289
Freeman, JohnSilver Cliff308
Freemen, Edmun F.Silver Cliff275
Freer, Lemuel H.Ula292
Freiling, EustaceSilver Cliff277
Freland, Benj.Rosita339
French, Allen D.Silver Cliff262
French, William M.Silver Cliff298
Frey, FredrickSilver Cliff279
Frink, WilliamRosita340
Frink, William T.Wet Mountain Valley316
Frisbee, Chas. R.Rosita338
Frisbee, William R.Silver Cliff299
Fritz, EliSilver Cliff277
Fritz, MartinSilver Cliff287
Frost, Asa D.Silver Cliff301
Frost, JamesWet Mountain Valley315
Frost, James W.Silver Cliff290
Frounts, PhillipSilver Cliff277
Fruit, GeorgeRosita334
Fruithamor, L. G.Silver Cliff257
Frye, FredSilver Cliff304
Fuller, D. W.Silver Cliff308
Fuller, Daniel W.Silver Cliff282
Fuller, GeorgeRosita336
Fuller, George Silver Cliff255
Fuller, MarySilver Cliff257
Fuller, Samuel B.Silver Cliff305
Fulton, Edward J.Silver Cliff257
Fulton, Willis W.Silver Cliff285
Funk, AdrianSilver Cliff287
Funkhouser, Wesley G.Silver Cliff274
Fuqua, JamesSilver Cliff273
Furbush, William J.Silver Cliff276
Furlong, John K.Silver Cliff266
Furman, GracieRosita319
Furman, MinnifredRosita319
Furnace, Mathew A.Silver Cliff282
Furniss, Henry W.Wet Mountain Valley312
Furrow, John W.Silver Cliff259
Fzazle, Geo.***Silver Cliff295
Gach, EdwardRosita319
Gage, Porter M.Silver Cliff286
Gagne, AlmerWet Mountain Valley312
Gagne, EustaWet Mountain Valley312
Gagne, JakeWet Mountain Valley312
Gagne, PascalWet Mountain Valley312
Gagne, PeterWet Mountain Valley312
Gaither, William G.Silver Cliff269
Gallager, CharlesSilver Cliff307
Gallager, MichealSilver Cliff287
Galley, William J.Silver Cliff265
Gallway, Phillip H.Silver Cliff287
Gamber, Jared L.Silver Cliff288
Gamwell, LawrenceSilver Cliff281
Gano, DavidRosita324
Gant, JamesRosita333
Garber, FrederickWet Mountain Valley314
Garbutt, Elijah H.Silver Cliff279
Garbutt, John J.Silver Cliff296
Garcia, Juan Silver Cliff259
Garcia, OneSilver Cliff307
Garcia, RiechelSilver Cliff264
Gardiner, AlbertSilver Cliff288
Gardiner, William J.Silver Cliff282
Gardner, EmmaSilver Cliff262
Garland, FrankWet Mountain Valley314
Garlick, LorenzoRosita319
Garner, AlfredRosita326
Garnley, Phillip A.Silver Cliff282
Garrett, Charles D.Silver Cliff282
Garrison, CalvenSilver Cliff273
Garrison, MattRosita333
Garrison, Phillip H.Silver Cliff282
Garrison, WilliamWet Mountain Valley313
Gast, Fredrick A.Silver Cliff282
Gaston, WilliamSilver Cliff289
Gates, SamuelRosita319
Gaunt, Harley A.Silver Cliff279
Gaven, JohnTexas Creek284
Gavick, DavidSilver Cliff279
Gay, FelixSilver Cliff285
Geadro, ArchieSilver Cliff290
Gee, George W.Silver Cliff281
Geiaina, SantosSilver Cliff264
Geizinger, ________Wet Mountain Valley315
Gentleman, JamesSilver Cliff275
George, Andrew I.Silver Cliff291
George, John P.Silver Cliff288
Gerant, OskarRosita324
Gerard, Lester H.Silver Cliff281
Gerber, IsabelleSilver Cliff304
Gerry, E. W.Silver Cliff262
Gerry, EdwardSilver Cliff304
Gerst, PeterSilver Cliff276
Gesker, FredWet Mountain Valley314
Getty, George W.Silver Cliff286
Gibbons, HenrySilver Cliff275
Gibbs, AgnessRosita321
Gibbs, IdaSilver Cliff261
Gibbs, IdaSilver Cliff305
Gibbs, SamuelRosita340
Gibland, Allen J.Ula292
Gibson, CharlesRosita336
Gibson, Chas. W.Silver Cliff255
Gibson, GeorgeSilver Cliff283
Gibson, James Silver Cliff259
Gibson, OliverRosita319
Gicker, George H.Silver Cliff258
Gilbride, Thomas M.Silver Cliff269
Gilchrist, AugustSilver Cliff276
Gilchrist, EnochSilver Cliff273
Gilcrest, DellaSilver Cliff294
Giles, MinnieSilver Cliff304
Giles, MyronSilver Cliff273
Gill, ElyUla268
Gillam, WilliamWet Mountain Valley317
Gillett, JasonSilver Cliff261
Gillette, PhoebeSilver Cliff311
Gillham, Chas. G.Silver Cliff305
Gillham, John B.Silver Cliff296
Gillham, Sam. C.Silver Cliff305
Gillis, George G.Silver Cliff305
Gillmore, MorganSilver Cliff302
Gillum, Samuel C.Silver Cliff274
Gimmy, AdamSilver Cliff265
Ginsler, JohnSilver Cliff309
Gittern, NathanielSilver Cliff285
Gladden, William J.Silver Cliff288
Glasgow, Alex A.Silver Cliff289
Gleason, JamesRosita329
Glenn, JosephSilver Cliff296
Glenn, SabathiRosita334
Glenn, Simpson J.Silver Cliff280
Glime, HenrySilver Cliff297
Glines, SimeonRosita334
Glover, AlexanderSilver Cliff279
Goal, AhimageDora271
Goard, BenjamenSilver Cliff279
Gockes, JosephSilver Cliff274
Goerke, EmmaRosita324
Goerke, PaulRosita324
Goff, Charles W.Silver Cliff286
Gofoort, DinaSilver Cliff282
Golden, Washington B.Silver Cliff282
Goldsmith, SamuelSilver Cliff277
Goldstandt, AbramSilver Cliff311
Goldthorp, George H.Silver Cliff266
Goldwater, SamuelSilver Cliff257
Gooch, Jams H.Rosita319
Good, Jacob T.Silver Cliff267
Good, WilliamRosita334
Goodall, Louisa Silver Cliff254
Goodheart, Daniel E.Silver Cliff257
Goodman, AndresRosita327
Goodnight, Wm. L.Silver Cliff273
Goodrich, JacobRosita333
Goodwell, Charles W.Silver Cliff278
Goodwin, Charles C.Silver Cliff260
Goodwin, ElizaRosita339
Goodwin, Geo.Rosita322
Goodwin, William H.Silver Cliff302
Goodwin, Wm. H.Silver Cliff258
Goodyear, Phillip G.Silver Cliff279
Gorden, Sylvester A.Silver Cliff288
Gordon, MathewSilver Cliff282
Gore, David D.Silver Cliff286
Gormley, AndrewSilver Cliff253
Gorten, Albert A.Silver Cliff289
Goshen, HenryTexas Creek272
Gosherd, HenrySilver Cliff275
Gosney, Chas. E.Silver Cliff257
Goss, Charles J.Silver Cliff279
Gould, Abner A.Silver Cliff278
Gould, EdwardRosita341
Gould, Geo. P.Rosita336
Gouter, William K.Silver Cliff285
Gowdy, WilliamRosita319
Gowell, GasperSilver Cliff281
Gower, DavidSilver Cliff264
Graham, HarveyRosita333
Graham, James A.Silver Cliff279
Graham, Napolean W.Silver Cliff286
Graham, Robert L.Silver Cliff263
Graham, W. J.Silver Cliff309
Graham, WilliamRosita322
Graham, WilliamSilver Cliff269
Gramus, Deluth A.Silver Cliff280
Granett, M. CrsolfodSilver Cliff306
Grant, Chas. W.Silver Cliff265
Grant, WilsonRosita329
Grasser, JohnSilver Cliff262
Grattie, PhillipSilver Cliff277
Graustoff, Austen A.Silver Cliff289
Graves, HarrietRosita323
Graves, SamuelSilver Cliff289
Gravestock, Henry L.Silver Cliff273
Gray, James JohnstonSilver Cliff253
Gray, John H.Rosita327
Gray, NelsonRosita327
Gray, WilliamRosita335
Grayson, RichardSilver Cliff285
Grazo, JosephSilver Cliff264
Grear, James W.Silver Cliff291
Green, BenjamenSilver Cliff271
Green, Geo.Rosita338
Green, JonathanSilver Cliff287
Green, NathanTexas Creek284
Green, Nellie H.Silver Cliff299
Green, William H.Silver Cliff261
Greene, John Silver Cliff259
Greenlee, Clarence F.Silver Cliff296
Greenlee, Samuel R.Silver Cliff279
Greenow, WalterRosita330
Greentree, Stephen J.Silver Cliff291
Greenup, Thomas J.Silver Cliff290
Greenwood, WilliamSilver Cliff277
Gregg, William E.Silver Cliff272
Gregory, JamesSilver Cliff306
Grey, Arthur M.Silver Cliff285
Griffin, DavidWet Mountain Valley312
Griffith, Kate M.Silver Cliff297
Griggs, AnthonySilver Cliff260
Grimes, Benj. J.Silver Cliff296
Griswold, N. F.Silver Cliff308
Griswold, Norris F.Silver Cliff262
Griswold, Onan F.Silver Cliff265
Griswold, Phillip H.Silver Cliff285
Groff, Henry A.Silver Cliff281
Grogan, Chas.Rosita327
Grogan, WillianRosita327
Grognar, FrankRosita327
Grompton, Charles H.Silver Cliff291
Gross, Amos M.Silver Cliff279
Grostock, H. T.Silver Cliff309
Grout, SamuelRosita340
Grouts, George W.Silver Cliff285
Grove, J. T.Silver Cliff311
Grove, Newton P.Silver Cliff308
Grow, SamuelSilver Cliff285
Guild, Sanford K.Silver Cliff280
Guiles, MyronSilver Cliff304
Guiles, MyronSilver Cliff310
Guiles, OrrenSilver Cliff304
Guillian David T.Silver Cliff308
Gulbransen, TheodoreSilver Cliff275
Gundersohn, ChristianSilver Cliff284
Gundy, JamesSilver Cliff287
Gunn, JamesRosita323
Gunsgler, Chas.Silver Cliff260
Gunther, Robert L.Silver Cliff276
Guyoe, FredrickSilver Cliff276
Guywoaner, ImmanualSilver Cliff279
Gwinn, I. B.Silver Cliff305
Gwinn, I. J.Silver Cliff305
Haase, CharlesWet Mountain Valley314
Hacket, TubeRosita328
Hackett, Fredrick W.Silver Cliff285
Hackett, John F.Silver Cliff263
Hackney, L. M.Rosita335
Hadcock, John W.Silver Cliff300
Haemer, JacobSilver Cliff279
Hagan, Albert W.Silver Cliff285
Haggerty, ElmerRosita323
Hagin, Chas.Silver Cliff258
Hahn, SylvesterSilver Cliff280
Haigler, Elijah S.Silver Cliff261
Hainey, Hattie LouiseRosita318
Halbouer, FredSilver Cliff266
Halbour, GeorgeSilver Cliff290
Hale, AlexanderSilver Cliff271
Hale, John A.Silver Cliff260
Hale, JosephUla283
Halk, George W.Silver Cliff267
Hall, "Cal"Silver Cliff307
Hall, Calvin T.Silver Cliff301
Hall, John D.Silver Cliff295
Hall, Julia A.Silver Cliff301
Hall, OliverSilver Cliff310
Hall, SimonSilver Cliff283
Hall, WilliamSilver Cliff297
Hall****, Frank D.Silver Cliff258
Hall****, RobertSilver Cliff266
Hallis, HarvySilver Cliff281
Hallswell, JeffriesRosita330
Halm, FrankSilver Cliff299
Halow, FerdRosita320
Halstein, Augustus A.Silver Cliff278
Ham, Peter M.Silver Cliff266
Hambleton, PhilbertSilver Cliff289
Hames, N. ByronSilver Cliff298
Hamil, JosephRosita323
Hamilton, ErastusSilver Cliff276
Hamilton, Humphy B.Silver Cliff265
Hamilton, Lon D.Silver Cliff311
Hamilton, Lorenso D.Silver Cliff300
Hammerley, CharlesSilver Cliff278
Hammill, EdwardSilver Cliff274
Hammill, John C.Silver Cliff282
Hammond, Preston S.Silver Cliff258
Hammond, Robt. E.Silver Cliff257
Hammond, T. D.Silver Cliff294
Hammond, William T.Silver Cliff265
Hamway, Stephen W.Silver Cliff288
Hancock, William H.Silver Cliff263
Hand, Percival J.Silver Cliff279
Handshaw, AdamSilver Cliff296
Hang, SamSilver Cliff295
Hank, AlexRosita335
Hankins, A. C.Wet Mountain Valley312
Hanley, Geo.Silver Cliff298
Hanley, George J.Silver Cliff302
Hanley, MaggieRosita318
Hanlon, MichealSilver Cliff275
Hann, John C.Silver Cliff279
Hanna, Andrew J.Silver Cliff265
Hanna, Andrew J.Silver Cliff273
Hanna, Cassius B.Silver Cliff254
Hanna, Mary D.Silver Cliff303
Hannan, EdwardSilver Cliff270
Hannan, Michel Silver Cliff259
Hannon, JohnRosita339
Hansel, Benj. R.Silver Cliff303
Hanson, EliRosita322
Hanson, JamesSilver Cliff274
Hapton, WilsonSilver Cliff299
Harbaugh, JamesSilver Cliff283
Harbison, James L.Silver Cliff273
Harding, Robinson W.Silver Cliff288
Hardwicke, JamesRosita326
Hardy, LeonSilver Cliff262
Harford, Wm.Wet Mountain Valley316
Harkell, EdwinRosita334
Harkenrider, FrankWet Mountain Valley316
Harkenrider, HenryRosita330
Harkness, CharlesSilver Cliff265
Harley, BenjamenSilver Cliff288
Harlow, JuliusRosita325
Harlow, MaryRosita320
Harlow, RichardRosita320
Harm, Edward F.Silver Cliff266
Harman, JerrySilver Cliff307
Harmer, Phillip A.Silver Cliff279
Harns, Ariel T.Silver Cliff294
Harper, A. G.Silver Cliff309
Harper, CasperSilver Cliff282
Harper, John H.Silver Cliff307
Harper, John H.Silver Cliff311
Harper, RichardSilver Cliff277
Harper, StephenSilver Cliff266
Harpham, JamesSilver Cliff276
Harrell, Walter L.Dora271
Harrer, ThomasRosita340
Harrington, IraRosita334
Harrington, James R.Texas Creek293
Harrington, Stuart R.Silver Cliff286
Harris, Charles W.Silver Cliff291
Harris, James A.Silver Cliff273
Harris, Rufus F.Silver Cliff269
Harris, Samuel M.Silver Cliff264
Harris, Stephen R.Silver Cliff282
Harris, William H.Silver Cliff254
Harrison, DanielRosita331
Harrison, George W.Silver Cliff289
Harrison, John S.Dora271
Harrison, William B.Silver Cliff269
Harrison, William H.Silver Cliff258
Hart, Frank S.Silver Cliff300
Hart, GusSilver Cliff257
Hartake, WilliamSilver Cliff278
Hartkurch, Emil G.Wet Mountain Valley315
Hartman, LewisRosita332
Hartman, Philip Silver Cliff254
Hartsell, Fred S.Silver Cliff295
Hartson, Hudson R.Silver Cliff280
Hartzell, W. H.Silver Cliff309
Harvey, Albert J.Silver Cliff289
Harvey, HenryRosita333
Harvey, Josep J.Silver Cliff310
Harwood, ChristianSilver Cliff288
Haskell, Chas. W.Silver Cliff308
Haskell, G. L.Silver Cliff308
Haskins, SamuelSilver Cliff280
Haslett, Carter J.Silver Cliff281
Hastings, Charles E.Silver Cliff275
Hathaway, William W.Silver Cliff288
Hawkens, David K.Silver Cliff265
Hawkins, "Ark" C.Silver Cliff304
Hawkins, Arcules C.Silver Cliff307
Hawkins, Henry R.Silver Cliff296
Hawkins, Richard F.Wet Mountain Valley312
Haws, GeorgeRosita329
Hayden, Maurice W.Silver Cliff273
Haynes, Gilbert A.Silver Cliff287
Hays, JosephRosita333
Hays, Robert Silver Cliff258
Hays, ThomasRosita333
Hays, WilliamRosita333
Hays, William A.Dora272
Hayward, Wm.Silver Cliff296
Hayword, WilliamSilver Cliff300
Hazen, Tyler J.Silver Cliff273
Hazen, Tyler J.Silver Cliff275
Hazlett, Leah Silver Cliff258
Hazlett, Thomas H.Silver Cliff305
Hazlett, Thos. H.Silver Cliff311
Hazon, TylerSilver Cliff310
Head, Charles P.Wet Mountain Valley312
Head, John W.Silver Cliff275
Head, PeterSilver Cliff269
Header, Arthur W.Silver Cliff289
Hearn, ConradSilver Cliff309
Heartly, Willis J.Silver Cliff279
Heath, EnochRosita332
Heath, FrankRosita331
Heath, MarkRosita339
Heaton, William H.Silver Cliff255
Heckart, JohnSilver Cliff288
Heckelman, HermanSilver Cliff290
Hedges, FredrickSilver Cliff275
Hedrick, JacobSilver Cliff290
Heicy, Marten E.Silver Cliff260
Hein, JohnWet Mountain Valley316
Heinnan, John S.Silver Cliff261
Heins, NicholasWet Mountain Valley316
Heiser, Phillip A.Silver Cliff290
Heister, Aaron N.Silver Cliff261
Heister, Albert L.Silver Cliff261
Heister, Elmer E.Silver Cliff261
Helton, Charles W.Silver Cliff272
Hemord, AlexRosita322
Hemphill, Robert R.Silver Cliff291
Hemphill, Warren R.Silver Cliff288
Henderson, BennetRosita339
Henderson, Philip H.Silver Cliff257
Henderson, Stephen C.Silver Cliff288
Henderson, Stuart J.Silver Cliff291
Hendricks, Albert Warren Silver Cliff254
Hendricks, JohnWet Mountain Valley316
Hendrickson, ByronSilver Cliff286
Hendrickson, CarolineUla268
Hennequin, AteneWet Mountain Valley312
Henry, FrankRosita331
Henry, Isaac N.Ula268
Henry, James W.Silver Cliff260
Henry, Oramel E.Silver Cliff300
Henry, SamuelSilver Cliff260
Henry, William L.Ula268
Hensel, LeviSilver Cliff306
Henthorn, MilesSilver Cliff311
Herber, FredWet Mountain Valley317
Herbert, Joseph R.Silver Cliff291
Herchinger, Adam G.Silver Cliff305
Herman, Adam W.Silver Cliff286
Hern, DanielSilver Cliff266
Hernstall, Casper W.Silver Cliff289
Heron, Campbell W.Silver Cliff281
Herrick, Nathienel F.Silver Cliff253
Herring, GranvilleRosita334
Herring, GranvilleSilver Cliff273
Herring, O. H.Silver Cliff309
Herrington, Chas. W.Silver Cliff301
Hershfield, AbrahamSilver Cliff262
Hess, Auguste E.Silver Cliff282
Hesser, John D.Silver Cliff258
Hesteman, William C.Ula268
Hester, HowardSilver Cliff276
Hester, Howard A.Silver Cliff303
Hester, Howard A.Silver Cliff310
Hester, John D.Silver Cliff303
Hester, John D.Silver Cliff310
Hester, John H.Silver Cliff273
Hester, Sam. A.Silver Cliff310
Hester, Solomon A.Silver Cliff303
Hester, Walter H.Silver Cliff303
Hester, WilliamSilver Cliff310
Hett, I. D.Silver Cliff309
Heusen, John W.Silver Cliff280
Hewes, ChalesRosita325
Hewets, WilliamRosita321
Hewetson, Jacob Silver Cliff255
Hewling, Nicholas K.Silver Cliff291
Hewush, FranzSilver Cliff266
Heywood, Don A.Silver Cliff262
Hickey, JamesSilver Cliff273
Hickey, William D.Silver Cliff289
Hicklin, Joshua C.Silver Cliff278
Hicks, Mark A.Silver Cliff311
Higbee, Samuel I.Silver Cliff279
Higginbothan, JackSilver Cliff298
Higgins, JameRosita331
Higgins, WilliamWet Mountain Valley314
High, Mark M.Silver Cliff256
Higham, CharlesSilver Cliff305
Hight, George W.Silver Cliff289
Higton, Purci G.Wet Mountain Valley313
Hilburn, EdwardRosita324
Hildebrand, James O.Silver Cliff296
Hildreth, MichaelRosita330
Hiler, WilliamSilver Cliff281
Hill, HenryRosita339
Hill, HughSilver Cliff257
Hill, J. C.Silver Cliff303
Hill, JamesRosita324
Hill, JamesRosita331
Hill, JosephRosita325
Hill, JosephSilver Cliff305
Hill, LouisaRosita327
Hill, ThomasSilver Cliff262
Hill, Wm. L.Silver Cliff277
Hiller, StephenRosita318
Hiller, WillianRosita332
Hillerton, JamesSilver Cliff279
Hilliker, Charles W.Silver Cliff291
Hillis, JohnathanSilver Cliff290
Hills, Adelbert Silver Cliff259
Hillyer, JamesSilver Cliff261
Hiltman, JohnWet Mountain Valley312
Hilton, FrankRosita333
Hime, Frank B.Silver Cliff262
Hinchman, Peter A.Silver Cliff285
Hinckle, Theodore H.Silver Cliff278
Hines, Noel B.Silver Cliff260
Hiney, HenriettRosita324
Hiney, PeterRosita334
Hinges, WilliamWet Mountain Valley316
Hinkle, George W.Silver Cliff261
Hinman, Dave G.Silver Cliff307
Hinman, DavidSilver Cliff267
Hinman, Fredrick L.Silver Cliff275
Hirschheimer, H. H.Ula268
Hitch, Nicholas H.Silver Cliff275
Hitchcock, FrankSilver Cliff282
Hitchin, JohnRosita335
Hitchins, WilliamSilver Cliff282
Hitsworth, Rev. Willim E.Silver Cliff253
Hizer, IraRosita324
Hoagg, IsrealSilver Cliff288
Hobson, Cath.Rosita323
Hobson, JamesSilver Cliff281
Hodger, James A.Silver Cliff290
Hodgson, JohnSilver Cliff266
Hodson, James R.Silver Cliff253
Hodson, William Silver Cliff255
Hoeck, Charles H.Silver Cliff287
Hoffman, Rob't. H.Dora271
Hoffmeister, Her C.Rosita318
Hogan, JamesSilver Cliff266
Hogan, JohnRosita335
Hogsett, Chas. S.Silver Cliff273
Hohenkratt, Wm.Rosita324
Holbert, Abram V.Wet Mountain Valley312
Holbert, Albert F.Silver Cliff281
Holden, JohnRosita335
Holland, Christopher C.Silver Cliff269
Holland, Sallie A.Silver Cliff310
Holliday, JohnRosita325
Holliday, JohnRosita326
Hollingshead, JamesSilver Cliff287
Hollins, William Geo.Silver Cliff306
Hollon, Charles B.Silver Cliff280
Holly, JamesRosita330
Holman, San FranciscoRosita335
Holmes, Albert S.Silver Cliff274
Holmes, EphianRosita319
Holmes, J. R.Silver Cliff309
Holmes, W. H.Silver Cliff260
Holshouser, V. H.Rosita318
Holsten, William H.Silver Cliff276
Holt, Thomas E.Rosita318
Home, EdwardSilver Cliff262
Hommond, HarrySilver Cliff295
Honce, WilliamSilver Cliff304
Honsinger, Peter A.Silver Cliff279
Hook, JacobSilver Cliff282
Hook, JamesSilver Cliff308
Hooly, Robert C.Silver Cliff288
Hoover, Phillip P.Silver Cliff275
Hope, George W. D.Silver Cliff260
Hopkins, JamesRosita319
Hopping, Jacob D.Silver Cliff265
Horn, Elisha P.Wet Mountain Valley314
Horn, Ellis P.Silver Cliff300
Horn, MartinSilver Cliff296
Horn, WilliamWet Mountain Valley313
Hornback, Stephen D.Silver Cliff256
Horne, CharlesSilver Cliff275
Horne, WillianRosita324
Horner, Chas. P.Silver Cliff297
Horner, Chas. P.Silver Cliff308
Horning, John C.Silver Cliff296
Hornsby, LeonidasSilver Cliff310
Horocrooft, AlbertSilver Cliff280
Horton, LewisRosita322
Hosforck, WilliamSilver Cliff273
Hosford, William F.Silver Cliff297
Hoster, AntoneSilver Cliff276
Hotchkins, Wm.Rosita329
Houghton, JosephSilver Cliff266
Houk, Chas. M.Silver Cliff256
Houker, Samuer D.Silver Cliff285
Houle, RichardTexas Creek272
House, G. W.Silver Cliff309
House, Geo. W.Silver Cliff269
House, William B.Silver Cliff298
Houser, Mattie F.Silver Cliff308
Houser, Philip G.Silver Cliff295
Houston, DavidRosita322
Houtz, WilliamSilver Cliff265
Hover, Isaiah K.Silver Cliff296
Howard, FrankSilver Cliff309
Howard, James G.Silver Cliff298
Howard, James T.Silver Cliff298
Howard, JohnTexas Creek292
Howard, John E.Silver Cliff265
Howard, LamartimSilver Cliff273
Howard, Lamatine Silver Cliff255
Howe, EustaseSilver Cliff279
Howe, George R.Silver Cliff281
Howe, William C.Silver Cliff263
Howell, Anthony J.Silver Cliff255
Hower, Daniel L.Silver Cliff281
Hoyes, Clark W.Silver Cliff281
Hoyt, CatherineSilver Cliff263
Hoyt, George E.Silver Cliff307
Hoyt, Van BruceRosita325
Hozt, SilasSilver Cliff260
Hubbard, MartenSilver Cliff289
Huber, SamuelRosita318
Hudson, Josh L.Wet Mountain Valley313
Hudson, WatsonSilver Cliff277
Hudson, William T.Silver Cliff282
Huff, John C.Silver Cliff308
Hug, DanielTexas Creek284
Huggman, PhilipRosita335
Hughes, NicholasSilver Cliff260
Hughes, SamuelRosita331
Hull, AlvahRosita339
Hull, David C.Silver Cliff267
Hull, William J.Silver Cliff289
Human, AlfredRosita324
Humbel, JohnSilver Cliff288
Humes, FrankSilver Cliff264
Humphrey, WilliamSilver Cliff278
Hunbrann, Wm. T.Silver Cliff273
Hunt, C. W.Silver Cliff305
Hunt, Samuel C.Silver Cliff267
Hunt, Wm. H.Silver Cliff308
Hunter, Cha. E.Silver Cliff253
Hunter, Chas. M.Rosita331
Hunter, David R.Silver Cliff276
Hunter, FrankUla270
Hunter, John T.Silver Cliff302
Hunter, LeonardUla270
Hunter, Phillip H.Silver Cliff286
Huntington, Judson S.Silver Cliff277
Hurd, Arther B.Silver Cliff260
Hurd, ChristianSilver Cliff286
Hurd, Emily E.Silver Cliff303
Hurlbert, EnochSilver Cliff276
Hurst, HortonSilver Cliff276
Husband, WillianRosita322
Husk, TheodoreTexas Creek284
Husk, Theodore T.Silver Cliff275
Huson, RobertSilver Cliff280
Hustens, LeanderSilver Cliff275
Huston, William G.Silver Cliff306
Hutchinson, Silvia A.Silver Cliff260
Hutchison, RobertRosita329
Huther, SamuelRosita336
Hutmann, F. A.Silver Cliff295
Hyams, HarrySilver Cliff302
Hyatt, AlbertSilver Cliff266
Hyde, George W.Silver Cliff290
Hyson, Albert A.Silver Cliff285
Ide, Sylvester G.Silver Cliff283
Imax, Dan. R.Silver Cliff311
Imax, Daniel R.Silver Cliff304
Imax, Geo. A.Silver Cliff311
Imax, George H.Silver Cliff304
Ingham, Mathew L.Silver Cliff281
Ingram, Asa C.Silver Cliff262
Ingram, JohnSilver Cliff276
Ingram, ThomasRosita321
Inman, ThomasWet Mountain Valley314
Innes, PhillipSilver Cliff288
Ireland, Alvin H.Wet Mountain Valley314
Ireland, Chas. J.Wet Mountain Valley314
Ireland, SarahWet Mountain Valley314
Irving, David N.Silver Cliff257
Irwin, DanielSilver Cliff306
Irwin, David H.Silver Cliff288
Irwin, HenryRosita330
Irwin, RichardRosita324
Isaacs, Jacob W.Silver Cliff285
Isabelle, SamuelWet Mountain Valley314
Isherwood, RobertSilver Cliff286
Ives, John C.Silver Cliff295
Jackson, EdgarSilver Cliff300
Jackson, John C.Silver Cliff276
Jackson, L. F.Silver Cliff308
Jackson, Lafayette F.Silver Cliff307
Jackson, NicholasSilver Cliff291
Jackson, SeatonSilver Cliff311
Jackson, ThomasSilver Cliff306
Jackson, Thomas J.Silver Cliff276
Jackson, WilliamSilver Cliff282
Jacob, RheubenSilver Cliff303
Jacob, William O.Silver Cliff283
Jacobs, Augustes J.Silver Cliff278
Jacobs, John J.Silver Cliff256
Jacoby, HenryRosita319
Jacques, William R.Silver Cliff288
Jalm„ck, H. P.Silver Cliff309
James, H. C.Silver Cliff295
James, John W.Silver Cliff266
James, Miller P.Silver Cliff307
James, Robert W.Silver Cliff266
James, SusanaRosita330
James, Thomas J.Silver Cliff283
Jameson, William F.Texas Creek272
Jamieson, ErastusSilver Cliff282
Jamison, Francis E.Silver Cliff264
Janett, James C.Silver Cliff276
Janitor, CalvinSilver Cliff285
Jarbow, Thomas B.Silver Cliff277
Jarbow, Thos. B.Silver Cliff310
Jardine, JohnWet Mountain Valley317
Jardine, Sampson K.Silver Cliff278
Jarvis, Benj.Wet Mountain Valley313
Jarvis, Chas. Z.Wet Mountain Valley312
Jarvis, DasseWet Mountain Valley313
Jarvis, JamesUla283
Jarvis, NelsonWet Mountain Valley313
Jarvis, NelsonWet Mountain Valley315
Jarvis, PaulWet Mountain Valley312
Jaynes, Charles W.Silver Cliff278
Jefferson, James W.Silver Cliff287
Jeffries, Thomas C.Silver Cliff287
Jenkens, Frank M.Silver Cliff262
Jenkens, WilliamSilver Cliff291
Jenkins, Frank M.Silver Cliff303
Jenne, John H.Silver Cliff295
Jennings, AlfredRosita329
Jerome, Chas. H.Silver Cliff257
Jerome, L. D.Silver Cliff294
Jerome, SamuelRosita339
Jerred, ElibethUla268
Jillich, John V.Silver Cliff295
John, JosephRosita324
Johnes, William C.Silver Cliff308
Johns, JerryRosita338
Johnson, A. M.Silver Cliff258
Johnson, AlbertSilver Cliff265
Johnson, Archibald B.Silver Cliff259
Johnson, CharlesRosita327
Johnson, Crosley J.Silver Cliff286
Johnson, David P.Silver Cliff300
Johnson, ElijahSilver Cliff274
Johnson, Francis M.Silver Cliff310
Johnson, Frank W.Rosita319
Johnson, Geo.Rosita328
Johnson, Geo. W.Silver Cliff295
Johnson, GeorgeUla268
Johnson, Henderson W.Silver Cliff296
Johnson, HenrySilver Cliff294
Johnson, HenrySilver Cliff294
Johnson, HenrySilver Cliff299
Johnson, John M.Silver Cliff298
Johnson, John W.Silver Cliff291
Johnson, JuliaRosita341
Johnson, Justin J.Silver Cliff296
Johnson, KossuthRosita329
Johnson, Lucy A.Silver Cliff259
Johnson, MathewSilver Cliff302
Johnson, Nelson O.Silver Cliff303
Johnson, PeterRosita335
Johnson, PeterSilver Cliff282
Johnson, Philbert A.Silver Cliff282
Johnson, ThomasRosita328
Johnson, W. H. HerbertSilver Cliff266
Johnson, WilliamRosita321
Johnson, WilliamSilver Cliff296
Johnson, WilliamSilver Cliff298
Johnston, Chas. R.Silver Cliff299
Johnston, James H.Rosita326
Johnston, PhillipSilver Cliff273
Johnston, Thos. J.Silver Cliff283
Johonson, JohnRosita332
Jones, AnnieSilver Cliff295
Jones, Bob MeceRosita325
Jones, Edward Silver Cliff255
Jones, EnochSilver Cliff282
Jones, Hannah E.Rosita319
Jones, IvorSilver Cliff257
Jones, James W.Silver Cliff267
Jones, JobRosita322
Jones, JohnSilver Cliff310
Jones, L. K.Silver Cliff309
Jones, Leonidas R.Silver Cliff277
Jones, PriceSilver Cliff261
Jones, ThomasRosita340
Jones, ThomasSilver Cliff273
Jones, Thomas H.Silver Cliff266
Jones, Thomas H.Silver Cliff306
Jones, W. W.Silver Cliff309
Jones, William T.Silver Cliff311
Jones, William W.Silver Cliff258
Jones, Wm. N.Wet Mountain Valley312
Jordan, Chas. S.Silver Cliff308
Jordan, SylvesterSilver Cliff308
Jorden, Zachariah F.Ula283
Jordi, JohnSilver Cliff260
Jordon, Mark L.Rosita319
Jose, William R.Silver Cliff263
Joseph, M.Silver Cliff309
Journey, EugeneRosita323
Joy, CharlesRosita330
Judson, Alex H.Silver Cliff282
Judson, Lucies A.Silver Cliff290
Julian, ThomasRosita340
Junkins, JacksonSilver Cliff276
Kaessinger, LouisaRosita332
Kailer, Jackson A.Silver Cliff289
Kalm, JuliaSilver Cliff266
Kamsler, Chas.Silver Cliff258
Kanaga, JamesSilver Cliff278
Kandell, James S.Silver Cliff271
Kane, EdwardRosita326
Katzensten, FideleWet Mountain Valley313
Keasey, ArthurSilver Cliff279
Keelin, CharlesSilver Cliff274
Keelin, JohnSilver Cliff275
Keener, Wm. B.Silver Cliff278
Keeney, Wilford H.Silver Cliff290
Keep, BartonRosita341
Keer, G. H.Silver Cliff302
Keideysel, JacksenSilver Cliff279
Keith, Orvis C.Silver Cliff301
Keller, AnnaRosita319
Kellern, WilliamSilver Cliff274
Kelley, HenryRosita342
Kelley, PeterSilver Cliff308
Kelley, WilliamSilver Cliff300
Kelling, WilliamWet Mountain Valley316
Kellogg, MunseyRosita326
Kellum, Peter J.Silver Cliff286
Kelly, PeterSilver Cliff277
Kelly, Peter JohnSilver Cliff253
Kelly, TibiasRosita319
Kelly, TobiasRosita323
Kelly, Walter A.Silver Cliff279
Kelo, ThomasRosita339
Kelsey, John P.Silver Cliff273
Kelsey, Pheobe M.Silver Cliff253
Kembel, John H.Silver Cliff256
Kembler, EvalinaSilver Cliff257
Kendel, Austin A.Silver Cliff280
Kenneday, Benj.Rosita339
Kennedy, Maynard J.Silver Cliff281
Kennedy, WillianRosita333
Kennett, NancyRosita334
Kenney, MikeSilver Cliff296
Kennicott, Frank T.Ula283
Kent, Zachariah P.Silver Cliff283
Kentler, William H.Silver Cliff288
Kepelstein, AdamSilver Cliff289
Keplar, FrankSilver Cliff256
Kerby, Allen R.Silver Cliff281
Kergan, Peter A.Silver Cliff281
Kerm, Robert K.Silver Cliff287
Kern, George C.Silver Cliff279
Kerr, Hiram J.Silver Cliff274
Kerr, RobertRosita323
Kessler, Geo. B.Rosita319
Kessler, Joseph K.Silver Cliff267
Kettle, JohnUla268
Kettle, JohnUla268
Kettle, WilliamUla268
Kick, JohnTexas Creek292
Kidd, William H.Silver Cliff280
Kidder, Thomas J.Silver Cliff286
Kiddle, George P.Silver Cliff278
Kidney, Micheal C.Silver Cliff278
Kight, ZaddockRosita325
Kimberly, JohnRosita322
Kincaid, SandySilver Cliff277
Kincaid, SinclairSilver Cliff278
Kincely, James D.Silver Cliff307
Kincely, William M.Silver Cliff307
King, Howard S.Wet Mountain Valley317
King, JohnSilver Cliff310
King, JohnTexas Creek284
King, PhillipSilver Cliff281
Kingsley, ErastusSilver Cliff280
Kinnear, Gamdiel D.Silver Cliff301
Kinnear, George D.Silver Cliff256
Kinney, George W.Silver Cliff308
Kinny, RobertRosita322
Kint, CharlesTexas Creek292
Kirbby, WalterRosita335
Kirby, Arlington A.Silver Cliff285
Kirkpatrick, John W.Silver Cliff289
Kirkpatrick, OliverUla268
Kirkpatrick, Thomas E.Texas Creek292
Kitsman, RichardWet Mountain Valley314
Klimchen, Herman Silver Cliff255
Klose, AugustWet Mountain Valley314
Knapp, Chas. E.Silver Cliff254
Knapp, Julia E.Silver Cliff262
Knauss, IrvingSilver Cliff280
Knidey, JamesSilver Cliff290
Knidey, Wm.Silver Cliff290
Knight, DavidSilver Cliff253
Knight, Harry R.Silver Cliff307
Knight, JohnSilver Cliff267
Knight, Willian L.Rosita325
Knight, Wm. L.Rosita318
Knisel, Charles H.Silver Cliff289
Knowles, AsaRosita326
Knowles, Daniel H.Silver Cliff281
Knowles, FrankSilver Cliff295
Knowlton, Benj.Silver Cliff298
Knowlton, Henry H.Silver Cliff303
Knowlton, Sidney J.Wet Mountain Valley313
Knowltor, PhilbertSilver Cliff290
Knox, Charter W.Silver Cliff288
Knutch, JohnWet Mountain Valley313
Knuth, WilliamWet Mountain Valley316
Knykendall, FrankSilver Cliff300
Kock, FredrickTexas Creek272
Kodman, RobertSilver Cliff281
Koen, F. B.Silver Cliff295
Koen, FredWet Mountain Valley312
Kohl, FredWet Mountain Valley313
Kokowsky, Ernst F.Silver Cliff255
Kolp, PeterWet Mountain Valley316
Koouts, JohnSilver Cliff266
Koppe, JosephSilver Cliff264
Korkle, Robert J.Silver Cliff282
Korsch, William W.Rosita329
Korvanaugh, Daniel K.Silver Cliff256
Kountz, HughSilver Cliff263
Koyle, Robert W.Silver Cliff266
Kozee, William L.Silver Cliff267
Kransky, WilliamSilver Cliff253
Kratzer, ByrnRosita335
Krigwald, AntoneSilver Cliff276
Kronker, Moses Silver Cliff258
Krug, LorrisSilver Cliff273
Kuddatz, AlbertRosita328
Kudner, Hiram W.Silver Cliff288
Kudzlet, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Kuhnroth, CarstenWet Mountain Valley315
Kunthawer, ________Wet Mountain Valley316
Kuntz, AdamSilver Cliff282
Kurtz, JamesRosita325
Kutzler, WilliamSilver Cliff305
Kutzler, William L.Silver Cliff259
Kutzlet, Louis S.Silver Cliff267
Kuykendall, James W.Silver Cliff259
Kyger, LemuelRosita319
Kyle, Robert W.Silver Cliff301
LaClair, JamesRosita318
Lacy, Alex H.Silver Cliff305
Lacy, HenryRosita329
Lacy, JosephSilver Cliff281
Lafayette, FrankWet Mountain Valley314
Lafayette, LouiseSilver Cliff286
Laffoon, Lynboy I.Silver Cliff273
Lagrange, LouisSilver Cliff287
Laighton, Sam.Silver Cliff295
Lamb, James D.Silver Cliff271
Lamb, MiloRosita330
Lamb, Robert B.Silver Cliff271
Lamb, Thomson E.Silver Cliff271
Lamon, Geo.Silver Cliff309
Lamphier, Thos. E.Silver Cliff270
Lanahan, C. C.Silver Cliff308
Lance, Georgie W.Silver Cliff295
Landerman, HermanSilver Cliff285
Landis, JamesSilver Cliff277
Landre, MaggieSilver Cliff296
Landruff, Geo. W.Rosita331
Lane, James R.Silver Cliff291
Lane, OliverSilver Cliff256
Lang, GeorgeSilver Cliff295
Lange, HenryTexas Creek293
Lange, Peter C.Silver Cliff279
Lange, Stephen A.Silver Cliff286
Langendorfer, Chas.Ula268
Langley, RobertSilver Cliff276
Langlir, James W.Silver Cliff276
Lapham, A. FelixUla293
Lapham, AlvinWet Mountain Valley313
Laplant, LouisSilver Cliff280
Lapoint, EdwardSilver Cliff295
Larder, AlbertWet Mountain Valley316
Larimore, PhillipSilver Cliff280
Larkins, Walter K.Silver Cliff287
Larmor, DanielSilver Cliff286
Larribu, Chas. C.Silver Cliff307
Laselle, DavidSilver Cliff262
Lashbrook, GeorgeSilver Cliff290
Lasher, JohnRosita332
Lassan, ChalesSilver Cliff303
Lathrop, William J.Silver Cliff276
Latimer, Geo. W.Silver Cliff306
Latta, JohnRosita334
Latta, Robert R.Rosita321
Latta, Samuel L.Silver Cliff277
Latter, James M.Silver Cliff269
Lattio, WilliamSilver Cliff274
Laube, RobertSilver Cliff267
Law, AddisonSilver Cliff275
Lawpher, Thos. S.Silver Cliff269
Lawrence, Geo. W.Silver Cliff310
Lawrence, John W.Silver Cliff263
Lawson, JasperSilver Cliff281
Lawyer, ElijahSilver Cliff276
Lazowy, Joseph L.Silver Cliff264
Leach, EdwardSilver Cliff300
Leach, EdwardSilver Cliff311
Leach, JohnSilver Cliff263
Leach, JohnSilver Cliff267
Leager, C. A.Silver Cliff309
Leaming, LuellaRosita324
Learcy, James W.Silver Cliff307
Learty, JamesSilver Cliff290
Leary, StephenRosita320
Leavett, Chas.Silver Cliff261
Leazer, Chas. E.Silver Cliff300
Leazer, George D.Silver Cliff303
Leclare, Robert J.Silver Cliff279
Ledgewood, FrankSilver Cliff274
Ledgwick, FrankSilver Cliff260
Ledver, SamulDora271
Lee, AlfredRosita331
Lee, ClaranceSilver Cliff273
Lee, GeorgeUla268
Lee, H. A.Silver Cliff308
Lee, Harrison M.Silver Cliff289
Lee, JamesRosita320
Lee, JohnSilver Cliff279
Lee, Joseph M.Silver Cliff281
Lee, SamSilver Cliff260
Lee, Stephen J.Silver Cliff287
Lee, ToiSilver Cliff253
Leeper, Emma Silver Cliff259
Leftwich, John B.Silver Cliff276
Leftwich, William L.Silver Cliff284
Leger, Chas. A.Silver Cliff295
Lehman, MorrisSilver Cliff301
Lehn, SmithSilver Cliff280
Leigh, AmosSilver Cliff265
Leighmen, John H.Silver Cliff276
Leighton, DavidSilver Cliff304
Leighton, DavidSilver Cliff310
Leighton, JohnSilver Cliff304
Leisher, ScottSilver Cliff267
Leitchfield, W. L.Silver Cliff310
Leland, LillySilver Cliff260
Leland, TheodoreSilver Cliff294
Lemon, George J.Silver Cliff271
Lemout, William J.Silver Cliff286
Lentz, Isaac L.Silver Cliff265
Leonard, Benj. F.Wet Mountain Valley314
Leonard, Isaac H.Silver Cliff282
Leonard, Jos.Rosita331
Leonard, Joseph L.Silver Cliff287
Leonard, PatrickSilver Cliff261
Leonard, William L.Silver Cliff303
Leroux, FrancisSilver Cliff306
Lever, RodgerSilver Cliff271
Levette, G. M.Silver Cliff309
Lewin, Robert N.Silver Cliff271
Lewis, DavisSilver Cliff306
Lewis, Dillwyn P.Silver Cliff262
Lewis, EgbertSilver Cliff307
Lewis, HarrySilver Cliff307
Lewis, JamesWet Mountain Valley314
Lewis, LeonardRosita338
Lewis, Wm. G. B.Silver Cliff307
Leyshon, Peter R.Silver Cliff279
Liggett, Joseph R.Silver Cliff273
Lightcaps, JamesSilver Cliff286
Lincoln, Lonch W.Rosita318
Lindauer, MiltonSilver Cliff284
Lindauer, WalterSilver Cliff273
Lindsey, WilliamSilver Cliff277
Link, Frank L.Silver Cliff287
Link, John Silver Cliff258
Link, Josiah C.Silver Cliff286
Linn, L. GibsonSilver Cliff253
Linn, LukeRosita334
Linthorp, Clare K.Silver Cliff279
Lister, AsaRosita333
Little, EmitRosita318
Little, EsleyRosita318
Little, GilesRosita327
Little, Marten L.Silver Cliff275
Littrell, GarrettRosita340
Livingston, AlexSilver Cliff303
Lloyd, DavidSilver Cliff266
Lloyd, DavidWet Mountain Valley313
Lloyd, ThomasRosita320
Lloyd, ThomasRosita331
Lloyd, WalterRosita338
Lock, Edward Silver Cliff259
Locke, Peter A.Silver Cliff306
Lockhart, Charles W.Silver Cliff281
Lockridge, RezinSilver Cliff307
Loder, John S.Silver Cliff297
Loesh, ConradRosita323
Loewenberg, JosephSilver Cliff299
Logan, EdwardUla268
Logan, JamesRosita334
Logan, OliverSilver Cliff264
Logan, StuartWet Mountain Valley313
Loicey, JacobSilver Cliff289
Loll, PaulWet Mountain Valley317
Long, Hyram C.Silver Cliff259
Long, Jonathan L.Dora271
Long, ReeseSilver Cliff266
Long, WilliamRosita322
Long, William H.Silver Cliff300
Longheed, Sam. D.Silver Cliff306
Longheed, SamuelRosita321
Longley, HenryRosita335
Longley, JasonRosita334
Longnecker, Wm. J.Silver Cliff262
Longton, Samuel C.Silver Cliff281
Longworth, Jacob R.Silver Cliff287
Loomis, William H.Silver Cliff257
Looney, James E.Silver Cliff264
Looney, WilliamRosita340
Loosley, RichardRosita329
Lorahnson, JerrySilver Cliff274
Lord, John C.Silver Cliff281
Lord, JosephWet Mountain Valley314
Lorence, PhilbertSilver Cliff289
Lorentzer, PaulSilver Cliff262
Loringer, DanielSilver Cliff266
Lormer, FrankRosita329
Lorne, JamesSilver Cliff309
Lorton, William A.Silver Cliff265
Loth, JosephSilver Cliff279
Lotier, Chas. Herman Silver Cliff254
Louis, Paul J.Rosita329
Love, Samuel J.Silver Cliff266
Lovejoy, Howard R.Silver Cliff286
Lovelace, PriceRosita338
Lovert, Abrahm. C.Rosita332
Low, LowRosita319
Lowbarge, Judsen L.Silver Cliff276
Lowden, John C.Silver Cliff260
Lowe, JesseeRosita323
Lowe, JosephSilver Cliff253
Lowe, JosephSilver Cliff309
Lowe, Joshua D.Silver Cliff280
Lowery, CharlesSilver Cliff263
Lowndes, EdwardSilver Cliff300
Lowry, William A.Silver Cliff265
Lucas, CampbellSilver Cliff298
Lucas, EliSilver Cliff281
Lucas, Thos.Silver Cliff308
Luce, Edward F.Silver Cliff267
Luddle, James A.Silver Cliff269
Ludley, Oscar A.Silver Cliff289
Ludwig, Augustus R.Silver Cliff278
Luman, Thos.Wet Mountain Valley312
Lumbard, Jasper A.Silver Cliff289
Lurtey, WilliamSilver Cliff257
Lusk, Bertram A.Silver Cliff286
Lusk, H.Silver Cliff308
Lusk, HenrySilver Cliff262
Lusk, James W.Silver Cliff287
Lutledge, GeorgeSilver Cliff287
Luton, Chas.Wet Mountain Valley313
Lutsworth, William P.Silver Cliff307
Luty, JacobSilver Cliff275
Lyle, Thomas W.Silver Cliff290
Lynch, HenryWet Mountain Valley316
Lynch, John H.Silver Cliff260
Lynch, John H.Silver Cliff307
Lynch, MackWet Mountain Valley315
Lynch, Thos. J.Silver Cliff263
Lynch, WilliamRosita320
Lyon, Jackson N.Silver Cliff280
Lyon, John C.Silver Cliff273
Lyons, Emma Silver Cliff255
Lyons, Peter S.Silver Cliff267
Lytchter, MathewRosita339
Lytle, JosephSilver Cliff256
Maberry, Austen A.Silver Cliff281
Mabray, JohnSilver Cliff286
Macbeth, Julius J.Silver Cliff285
Machmer, HillorioisSilver Cliff264
Machmer, IsraelRosita331
Mackay, MaggieRosita325
Mackey, LindRosita318
MacKey, George W.Wet Mountain Valley313
MacKinzie, Richard J.Silver Cliff267
Macomber, PhillipSilver Cliff287
Macon, Charles D.Silver Cliff282
MacQueen, Alfred S.Silver Cliff261
Macreadt, HarryRosita319
Madison, George H.Silver Cliff291
Magee, Margaret F.Silver Cliff259
Maginnis, Dennis F.Silver Cliff279
Magri, Paul Silver Cliff259
Magruder, Jas.Rosita328
Maguines, JohnSilver Cliff276
Mahan, RichardSilver Cliff280
Mahler, WilliamSilver Cliff286
Mains, JohnWet Mountain Valley315
Maitland, Charles C.Silver Cliff286
Majors, ElijahRosita329
Majors, Thos. B.Silver Cliff288
Malcolm, ArchiebaldSilver Cliff290
Maloy, Patrick R.Silver Cliff280
Malsee, George A.Silver Cliff285
Malshoken, JohnUla268
Mamlock, RichardSilver Cliff311
Mandt, Augustes G.Silver Cliff280
Mandy, GeorgeRosita321
Mannig, AmosRosita324
Manning, Anderson R.Silver Cliff279
Mans, Jacob H.Silver Cliff288
Manspeaker, PhillipSilver Cliff287
Manten, George W.Silver Cliff275
Manyard, Robert J.Silver Cliff278
Manyard, Walter C.Silver Cliff285
Marble, BentonSilver Cliff274
Marble, CharlesSilver Cliff277
Marcean, Louis T.Silver Cliff303
Marcey, NellieRosita334
Marchand, Gustave L.Silver Cliff297
Marcly, TaylorSilver Cliff275
Marcy, NellieSilver Cliff273
Marden, Thos. S.Silver Cliff278
Mark, ArchieSilver Cliff306
Markart, FredRosita329
Markey, James P.Silver Cliff266
Marks, Alfred J.Silver Cliff258
Marks, WilliamRosita336
Marleter, JamesRosita329
Marlin, JosephSilver Cliff285
Mars, JohnSilver Cliff310
Marsh, RobertSilver Cliff279
Marsh, Samuel P.Silver Cliff280
Marshall, ElibethSilver Cliff270
Marshall, John W.Silver Cliff254
Marshall, Lizzie Silver Cliff255
Marten, Albert C.Silver Cliff284
Marten, FelixSilver Cliff274
Marten, George E.Ula268
Marten, IrvinSilver Cliff279
Marten, JohnSilver Cliff274
Marten, Thos. S.Silver Cliff300
Marti, JacobRosita323
Martims, JohnSilver Cliff306
Martin, ???Wet Mountain Valley316
Martin, Chas. H.Dora271
Martin, J. M.Silver Cliff294
Martin, James L.Silver Cliff260
Martin, Parley J.Silver Cliff302
Martin, PhilipRosita318
Martin, Travis W.Silver Cliff297
Martin, WilliamSilver Cliff305
Martin, ZenophiasSilver Cliff274
Marvel, WillianRosita332
Marvianty, JamesSilver Cliff277
Marvin, AndrewRosita340
Marvin, Erastus J.Silver Cliff278
Marzetti, AlbertSilver Cliff311
Mason, Archibald T.Silver Cliff287
Mason, BerthaSilver Cliff257
Mason, Geo.Rosita330
Mason, James B.Silver Cliff311
Mason, Thos. L.Silver Cliff256
Massy, George H.Silver Cliff289
Masten, William P.Ula292
Mathaw, WilliamSilver Cliff291
Mathews, Jesse B.Silver Cliff294
Mathews, JosephRosita333
Mathews, Mack Silver Cliff259
Mathews, WilliamRosita325
Mathis, Andrew J.Silver Cliff255
Matlock, DavidSilver Cliff274
Matlock, RobertSilver Cliff288
Matthaws, Clarance H.Silver Cliff275
Matthews, Henry A.Silver Cliff257
Matthewson, WilliamSilver Cliff279
Maughan, MaryRosita327
Maupin, SamuellSilver Cliff270
Maxwell, Jennie Silver Cliff255
May, Adolphus M.Silver Cliff286
May, Frank P.Silver Cliff303
May, Frank P.Silver Cliff308
Mayer, EmanuelSilver Cliff301
Maynard, CharlesSilver Cliff276
Maynard, O. E.Wet Mountain Valley312
Mays, William G.Silver Cliff269
McAlister, Stephen H.Silver Cliff282
McAllister, J. W.Silver Cliff308
McAllister, Marcus D.Silver Cliff271
McAmberry, McKeenWet Mountain Valley313
McAnnally, James D.Silver Cliff310
McBain, AlbertSilver Cliff279
McBride, ArchieSilver Cliff287
McBride, Geo. A.Silver Cliff307
McBride, Geo. A.Silver Cliff311
McBride, Thos. W.Silver Cliff264
McBrien, William J.Silver Cliff300
McCabe, FelixRosita332
McCabe, Theodore N.Silver Cliff285
McCaleb, WilliamSilver Cliff307
McCampbell, Geo. B.Silver Cliff302
McCandlass, Wm. R.Silver Cliff286
McCandless, LeavettRosita339
McCanley, Geo. B.Silver Cliff294
McCarthy, DanielTexas Creek284
McCarty, ElizabethSilver Cliff305
McCarty, FelixSilver Cliff296
McCarty, MikeSilver Cliff296
McClare, AlbertRosita336
McClaren, Chas. A.Silver Cliff262
McClaren, George W.Silver Cliff286
McCleery, ArchieSilver Cliff280
McClosky, JohnSilver Cliff253
McClure, AddisonRosita319
McClure, DavidSilver Cliff277
McClure, DavisRosita333
McCollon, DanilRosita333
McCommons, LeanderSilver Cliff269
McConkey, Dr. E.Silver Cliff308
McConn, Wm. E.Silver Cliff300
McConnell, AlfredSilver Cliff290
McCoombs, Barthol. W.Silver Cliff305
McCoombs, ElmoreSilver Cliff305
McCorkle, AlexanderSilver Cliff277
McCormack, MartenSilver Cliff261
McCormas, George P.Silver Cliff263
McCormick, George W.Silver Cliff273
McCormick, Robt.Silver Cliff305
McCose, MilesRosita329
McCowen, Col.Rosita340
McCoy, James C.Silver Cliff258
McCoy, William H.Silver Cliff261
McCracken, Ed. J.Silver Cliff311
McCracken, James W.Silver Cliff302
McCraney, MiltRosita320
McCrea, Edward J.Silver Cliff304
McCreery, Albert H.Silver Cliff288
McCrony, WilliamSilver Cliff275
McCullom, JennieSilver Cliff295
McCullough, James R.Silver Cliff282
McCullough, JohnSilver Cliff311
McCullough, JosephSilver Cliff266
McCunther, Henry H.Silver Cliff275
McDaniels, Samuel C.Silver Cliff273
McDermott, Arthur F.Silver Cliff257
McDermott, JamesSilver Cliff297
McDevitt, J. H.Silver Cliff295
McDonald, Alex A.Silver Cliff294
McDonald, Benj.Silver Cliff305
McDonald, HughWet Mountain Valley316
McDonald, Isaac W.Silver Cliff262
McDowell, Thos. J.Silver Cliff281
McDuffee, AmosRosita323
McElhaney, ________Rosita322
McElhanney, Alex M.Silver Cliff306
McEowan, JohnRosita334
McFarland, WillSilver Cliff311
McFarland, WilliamRosita318
McFeely, WilliamSilver Cliff266
McGill, WillRosita323
McGinley, JameRosita323
McGovern, SamuelSilver Cliff291
McGowan, Micheal O.Silver Cliff279
McGowan, Phillip C.Silver Cliff285
McGregor, Alex.Silver Cliff295
McGregor, Duncan C.Silver Cliff301
McGregor, Robt.Rosita321
McGrew, ScottSilver Cliff300
McGrew, TailorSilver Cliff300
McGrew, W. ScottSilver Cliff275
McGrove, JamesSilver Cliff299
McGruder, PerryWet Mountain Valley314
McGuire, OliverSilver Cliff283
McGurdor, WrenWet Mountain Valley314
McIllyar, Robt. J.Silver Cliff286
McIntosh, AlexRosita321
McIntosh, Alex A.Silver Cliff280
McIntosh, AlexanderSilver Cliff303
McIntosh, DonnellSilver Cliff307
McIntyre, JamesSilver Cliff275
McIntyre, JohnRosita340
McIsaac, JohnSilver Cliff297
McKay, Alex K.Silver Cliff280
McKay, Chas. C.Silver Cliff298
McKee, DavidRosita330
McKee, William H.Silver Cliff289
McKenzie, AlexRosita321
McKenzie, Geo.Rosita324
McKinley, John M.Silver Cliff258
McKinnel, ThomasSilver Cliff291
McKinney, JohnSilver Cliff309
McKinney, Will. O.Silver Cliff303
McKinney, Wm.Silver Cliff308
McKinney, Wm. B.Silver Cliff294
McKinstry, Sam'l. R.Silver Cliff281
McLainen, JessieSilver Cliff256
McLeod, WilliamSilver Cliff271
McLeren, James R.Silver Cliff274
McLoughlen, CharlesSilver Cliff285
McLoughlin, ArchieSilver Cliff289
McLoughlin, T. WilliamDora271
McMahon, Duncan J.Silver Cliff289
McMahon, RossSilver Cliff262
McManis, Isaac E.Silver Cliff284
McMillan, John W.Silver Cliff299
McMullin, ThomasSilver Cliff262
McMurry, BelleSilver Cliff295
McNamara, WilliamSilver Cliff257
McNarry, ThomasRosita330
McNeeley, John T.Silver Cliff297
McNeil, CharlesRosita322
McNitt, Frank T.Silver Cliff299
McNulty, JamesSilver Cliff290
McNulty, JosephSilver Cliff281
McNulty, Joseph T.Silver Cliff257
McQuarrie, John C.Silver Cliff296
McRae, NeilWet Mountain Valley313
McRay, AlexRosita333
McSpadden, John H.Silver Cliff290
Mead, HarrySilver Cliff260
Meade, NehemiahSilver Cliff305
Meader, Stephen J.Silver Cliff291
Meadows, Joseph A.Silver Cliff289
Means, John W.Silver Cliff289
Mears, IsaacDora271
Meek, L. C.Rosita328
Meeker, AlbertSilver Cliff262
Meeker, Jared M.Silver Cliff286
Megill, John F.Silver Cliff283
Megill, John R.Silver Cliff273
Meitling, Henry L.Silver Cliff287
Melrose, Hugh H.Rosita330
Melton, Jerome B.Silver Cliff269
Melville, JamesSilver Cliff265
Melvin, James N.Rosita318
Mendenhall, Edward S.Silver Cliff258
Mendinhall, W. T.Silver Cliff309
Mensel, AugustWet Mountain Valley315
Mensel, JohnWet Mountain Valley315
Mensel, NicholasWet Mountain Valley315
Mentern, JohnRosita338
Mercer, Demars J.Silver Cliff278
Mercer, LouisSilver Cliff304
Mercer, NapoleonSilver Cliff304
Mercer, Phillip C.Silver Cliff276
Merchand, JosephSilver Cliff256
Merdon, JamesSilver Cliff274
Meredith, Stephen A.Silver Cliff282
Merideth, AliceSilver Cliff304
Meritieth, AlexanderSilver Cliff280
Merrill, RichardSilver Cliff294
Merrill, WilliamSilver Cliff273
Merritt, Ephriam W.Silver Cliff287
Merritt, William P.Silver Cliff282
Merryman, JaredSilver Cliff276
Merton, TheresaRosita321
Messenger, Chas.Silver Cliff256
Metcalf, Edwin S.Silver Cliff283
Metcalkf, William H.Silver Cliff303
Metheny, JeffersonSilver Cliff310
Mettler, Edwin F.Silver Cliff253
Metzler, Jacob L.Silver Cliff263
Metzler, Samuel S.Silver Cliff263
Meyer, Gerhart H. F.Texas Creek293
Micheal, Abraham I.Silver Cliff300
Michelpatrick, ThomasSilver Cliff276
Mick, AlfredSilver Cliff308
Mick, Alfred E.Silver Cliff297
Mickel, CharlesSilver Cliff288
Middlesworth, FerdinadSilver Cliff266
Mikel, Andrew J.Silver Cliff297
Mikerey, SarahSilver Cliff307
Millar, Antone Silver Cliff255
Millar, FreemanSilver Cliff290
Millar, James B.Silver Cliff273
Millar, JeremiahSilver Cliff271
Millar, Joseph G.Silver Cliff284
Millar, LeeSilver Cliff272
Millar, MadisonSilver Cliff291
Millar, Thomas A.Silver Cliff270
Millar, William L.Silver Cliff271
Millard, Thomas J.Silver Cliff277
Millen, John F.Silver Cliff273
Miller, A. T.Silver Cliff309
Miller, AbrahamSilver Cliff287
Miller, AbramSilver Cliff311
Miller, Benjamin F.Silver Cliff259
Miller, Charles H.Silver Cliff311
Miller, Daniel Silver Cliff259
Miller, DavidRosita326
Miller, David D.Rosita326
Miller, EdmondRosita335
Miller, EdwardRosita329
Miller, Eli E.Silver Cliff307
Miller, Eli E.Silver Cliff311
Miller, Elibeth A.Silver Cliff267
Miller, Frank A.Rosita330
Miller, Frank X.Silver Cliff258
Miller, FranklinSilver Cliff310
Miller, Franklin L.Rosita325
Miller, Geo.Rosita324
Miller, GeorgeSilver Cliff (town)294
Miller, HenrySilver Cliff256
Miller, HenryWet Mountain Valley316
Miller, Henry E.Silver Cliff274
Miller, Hugh G.Silver Cliff294
Miller, James E.Silver Cliff300
Miller, John L.Silver Cliff274
Miller, JosephRosita325
Miller, JosephSilver Cliff305
Miller, MadisonSilver Cliff307
Miller, Willard R.Silver Cliff295
Miller, WillianRosita334
Millett, Felix A.Silver Cliff290
Millford, James Y.Silver Cliff288
Mills, AlexanderSilver Cliff275
Mills, JamesRosita325
Mills, Leander I.Silver Cliff285
Mills, NancyRosita324
Millsap, SilasSilver Cliff286
Milne, John K.Silver Cliff265
Milner, Aleck J.Silver Cliff295
Milner, Cyrus E.Silver Cliff295
Milner, James W.Silver Cliff264
Milner, James W.Silver Cliff295
Milsom, Joseph W.Silver Cliff264
Milton, Robert J.Silver Cliff291
Milwaukee, John R.Silver Cliff295
Minden, Will A.Silver Cliff311
Mindoch, WilliamSilver Cliff285
Minor, Gus G.Silver Cliff296
Minor, John L.Silver Cliff272
Minter, Frank A.Silver Cliff298
Minton, Joseph A.Silver Cliff267
Miskella, Luke F.Silver Cliff260
Mitchell, "Doe"Silver Cliff306
Mitchell, ________Silver Cliff306
Mitchell, AdaUla283
Mitchell, Arthur H.Silver Cliff263
Mitchell, Chas. F.Silver Cliff300
Mitchell, EdwardRosita330
Mitchell, Edward HearnSilver Cliff253
Mitchell, EdwinSilver Cliff263
Mitchell, GeorgeSilver Cliff260
Mitchell, Isaac W.Silver Cliff300
Mitchell, JohnSilver Cliff263
Mitchell, Julia M.Texas Creek284
Mitchell, WilliusRosita333
Mitchell, Wm. M.Silver Cliff278
Mitzler, HarryRosita328
Mize, JohnSilver Cliff300
Mock, HarryRosita318
Moffatt, JohnSilver Cliff308
Mofford, Thomas B.Silver Cliff280
Monroe, Dwight D.Silver Cliff253
Monroe, George L.Silver Cliff269
Monroe, LutitaWet Mountain Valley312
Monroe, Robert J.Silver Cliff281
Montgomery, Benj. F.Silver Cliff296
Montgomery, MeltonRosita336
Montgomery, Milton H.Silver Cliff309
Montgomery, SamuelSilver Cliff306
Montrose, William H.Silver Cliff290
Moody, Geo.Rosita338
Moody, Martin W.Silver Cliff309
Moody, SilasRosita342
Moore, A.Rosita328
Moore, AvrialRosita323
Moore, Ben H.Rosita318
Moore, CharlesRosita323
Moore, CharlesRosita336
Moore, DelmontSilver Cliff297
Moore, George W.Silver Cliff277
Moore, Haystings P.Silver Cliff288
Moore, HenryRosita325
Moore, John Mc.Silver Cliff264
Moore, MaryRosita327
Moore, William A.Silver Cliff277
Moorhead, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Moorhouse, JosephWet Mountain Valley312
Moorman, Childrus C.Silver Cliff297
Mordaunt, Steuart W.Silver Cliff291
More, MaryRosita342
Moreland, George W.Silver Cliff273
Morey, MichealSilver Cliff280
Morgan, Andrew H.Silver Cliff262
Morgan, DennisSilver Cliff288
Morgan, MinnieRosita320
Morgan, P. L.Silver Cliff309
Morgan, William H.Silver Cliff266
Morgom, WillieRosita338
Morley, JosephSilver Cliff285
Morley, LutherWet Mountain Valley315
Morley, Wm. M.Silver Cliff298
Morlock, Clay W.Silver Cliff281
Morrell, Charles W.Silver Cliff285
Morrell, William W.Silver Cliff273
Morris, "Bud"Silver Cliff307
Morris, IsaacSilver Cliff260
Morris, James K. P.Rosita320
Morris, William W.Silver Cliff290
Morrison, Geo. W.Silver Cliff311
Morrison, JohnRosita331
Morrissy, JohnSilver Cliff306
Morrow, HughSilver Cliff297
Morse, CivilianSilver Cliff311
Morse, Elizabeth C.Silver Cliff308
Morse, Newton B.Silver Cliff295
Morse, WattsSilver Cliff304
Morton, Chas. E.Silver Cliff255
Morton, T. H.Silver Cliff309
Morton, William A.Silver Cliff256
Mosley, GaledWet Mountain Valley314
Moster, JosephSilver Cliff266
Mott, John W.Silver Cliff299
Moueder, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Mount, Paul W.Silver Cliff262
Mover, IsaahRosita333
Mowell, RheubenSilver Cliff297
Mowen, Oscar B.Silver Cliff286
Mower, William D.Silver Cliff264
Mulkey, Phillip S.Silver Cliff270
Mullen, AlinzoRosita330
Mullen, Isaiah H.Silver Cliff270
Mullens, JohnTexas Creek292
Muller, E.Silver Cliff295
Mulligan, DavidSilver Cliff291
Mulligan, PatrickWet Mountain Valley315
Mulliner, Marshall A.Silver Cliff270
Mumford, Sylvester J.Silver Cliff286
Munding, Chas.Rosita336
Munk, Richard H.Silver Cliff307
Munn, David A.Silver Cliff298
Munroe, AdamRosita340
Munson, CoraSilver Cliff311
Munson, Geo. C.Silver Cliff294
Munsville, JacobSilver Cliff267
Munville, JosephRosita320
Murch, Horace P.Silver Cliff310
Murden, Will A.Silver Cliff253
Murdock, Geo. R.Silver Cliff296
Murdock, JohnRosita335
Murdock, JohnRosita336
Murfrey, Thomas R.Silver Cliff286
Murphy, CorneliusSilver Cliff271
Murphy, DanielSilver Cliff266
Murphy, JamesSilver Cliff269
Murphy, JohnSilver Cliff263
Murphy, John M.Silver Cliff262
Murphy, PatrickSilver Cliff274
Murphy, WilliamSilver Cliff287
Murray, JohnSilver Cliff267
Murray, Luke H.Silver Cliff287
Musselmen, David R.Silver Cliff263
Mussing, Peter W.Silver Cliff279
Mussleman, DavidSilver Cliff299
Mussleman, RossWet Mountain Valley315
Musson, Ed L.Silver Cliff310
Muttra, LewisSilver Cliff260
Muzzy, Charles R.Silver Cliff263
Myer, JosephWet Mountain Valley316
Myers, ConradSilver Cliff281
Myers, John J.Silver Cliff256
Mylo, JuanSilver Cliff277
Nagle, ThomasSilver Cliff280
Nailer, ClaytonSilver Cliff270
Narous, HarrySilver Cliff303
Narous, HarrySilver Cliff310
Neal, GeorgeSilver Cliff289
Neal, V. F.Silver Cliff289
Nealis, GeorgeSilver Cliff262
Neall, J. StanleySilver Cliff256
Neally, JamesSilver Cliff286
Neely, Milt B.Rosita333
Neely, WillianRosita330
Neighbor, Arthur C.Silver Cliff287
Neilson, John W.Silver Cliff290
Nelan, Micheal J.Silver Cliff280
Nelken, David H.Silver Cliff285
Nelken, Henry J.Silver Cliff299
Nelson, AbnerSilver Cliff286
Nelson, JohnRosita321
Nelson, JohnSilver Cliff264
Nelson, LaurenWet Mountain Valley315
Nelson, Richard J.Silver Cliff288
Nelson, ThomasRosita336
Ness, WilliamSilver Cliff298
Nett, Allen R.Silver Cliff280
Nettleback, HermanTexas Creek292
Newcomb, B. M.Silver Cliff294
Newman, WilliamSilver Cliff297
Newman, William J.Silver Cliff260
Neymam, John G.Silver Cliff259
Nichelson, Mary J.Silver Cliff294
Nicholas, Asher F.Silver Cliff255
Nicholas, DavidUla268
Nicholas, Heibert H.Silver Cliff274
Nichols, ________Silver Cliff300
Nichols, A. J.Rosita329
Nichols, BillyRosita323
Nichols, Geo. A.Silver Cliff257
Nichols, Henry C.Silver Cliff287
Nichols, RichRosita334
Nichols, William H.Silver Cliff257
Nicholsen, DanielSilver Cliff282
Nieheiser, AmyRosita321
Niles, Hubbard E.Silver Cliff311
Nill, JamesRosita331
Nimocks, George R.Silver Cliff290
Nisswell, J. M.Silver Cliff294
Noble, John A.Silver Cliff291
Noble, Sylvester A.Silver Cliff277
Nolan, Margaret Silver Cliff259
Nong, HaugSilver Cliff294
Norde, B. M.Silver Cliff311
Norges, George W.Silver Cliff259
Normally, John C.Silver Cliff288
Norman, GriffenSilver Cliff269
Norman, JosephSilver Cliff274
Norris, Casper J.Silver Cliff285
Norris, Chas. C.Silver Cliff265
Norris, EdwardRosita324
Norris, HarrisonRosita335
Norris, HenrySilver Cliff295
Norris, WarrenSilver Cliff273
Norton, EvertSilver Cliff298
Norton, Stillman P.Silver Cliff298
Norvil, Lee A.Silver Cliff301
Nugent, John C.Silver Cliff258
Nugent, John C.Silver Cliff302
Nugent, Levi A.Silver Cliff299
Nugent, NellieSilver Cliff289
Nugent, Robt. J.Silver Cliff294
Nulton, Jerome B.Silver Cliff310
Nutt, RufusSilver Cliff276
O'brien, Patrick W.Silver Cliff271
O'Brien, JohnSilver Cliff282
O'Brien, MargaretSilver Cliff263
O'Connell, Timothy F.Silver Cliff258
O'Conner, Joseph B.Silver Cliff279
O'Connor, FelixSilver Cliff273
O'Conor, EdwardWet Mountain Valley312
O'Day, Enoch W.Silver Cliff285
O'Donnell, Felix G.Silver Cliff266
O'Donnell, Jos.Rosita323
O'Donnelly, George F.Silver Cliff276
O'Flaherty, Robert P.Silver Cliff288
O'Hara, RobertSilver Cliff285
O'Keffe, DennisSilver Cliff311
O'Leary, MichealSilver Cliff263
O'Neal, James A.Silver Cliff289
O'Neil, EdwinRosita325
Oak, ThomasSilver Cliff274
Oakes, John W.Silver Cliff280
Oakes, William M.Silver Cliff263
Oakley, James R.Silver Cliff273
Oatman, Chas.Rosita330
Oatman, ClaudeSilver Cliff256
Oatman, Isaac W.Silver Cliff304
Oatman, Letalie A.Silver Cliff302
Odgers, HenryTexas Creek292
Oehlrich, FerdRosita329
Offenbacher, Wm. H.Rosita318
Ogle, James HarrisonDora272
Oglestein, MichealSilver Cliff266
Ograske, GottlipWet Mountain Valley316
Oldham, RachelSilver Cliff297
Olds, AbsolemSilver Cliff276
Oldstone, AndersonSilver Cliff282
Olgran, MaxSilver Cliff285
Olison, EssSilver Cliff310
Oliver, James E.Silver Cliff259
Oliver, JohnSilver Cliff283
Olmstead, Alex H.Silver Cliff282
Olney, John R.Silver Cliff291
Ommanns, AuthurWet Mountain Valley312
Orchard, James W.Silver Cliff285
Orme, Robert M.Silver Cliff264
Orr, DavidRosita328
Orr, PaulSilver Cliff306
Orr, Robert J.Silver Cliff306
Orr, SamuelRosita329
Orr, William B.Silver Cliff306
Orson, JohnsonSilver Cliff286
Orton, John P.Silver Cliff277
Orye, James J.Silver Cliff279
Osgood, SamuelSilver Cliff275
Ostrander, Herman I.Silver Cliff285
Ottor, AnnaRosita331
Overham, Ed.Rosita327
Overton, John S.Silver Cliff267
Owen, EdwardSilver Cliff261
Owen, William H.Silver Cliff303
Owens, EdwardRosita333
Ower, M. G.Silver Cliff309
Ozburn, Washington M.Silver Cliff298
Packard, Elroy O.Silver Cliff298
Packard, Jonas R.Silver Cliff280
Packur, Wm. F.Silver Cliff278
Padfield, Joseph O.Silver Cliff266
Palmer, Chas.Wet Mountain Valley313
Palmer, Frank R.Silver Cliff269
Palmer, JohnWet Mountain Valley315
Palmer, NoraRosita326
Palmer, William J.Silver Cliff278
Panady, Lauren W.Silver Cliff294
Pane, JamesSilver Cliff260
Parcells, Benj. C.Silver Cliff301
Parcells, Edward W.Silver Cliff301
Parcells, Robt. M.Silver Cliff307
Pardons, Jared M.Silver Cliff282
Paren, AlbertSilver Cliff287
Pargand, WillianRosita318
Parish, Frank M.Silver Cliff264
Parke, Edward J.Silver Cliff282
Parker, Chas. C.Silver Cliff260
Parker, DennisRosita325
Parker, Edward S.Silver Cliff296
Parker, JamesSilver Cliff277
Parker, James P.Silver Cliff287
Parker, John S.Silver Cliff297
Parker, Knowlten J.Silver Cliff290
Parker, Leo.Silver Cliff294
Parker, SamuelRosita336
Parkhurst, MillardSilver Cliff307
Parkney, C. C.Silver Cliff309
Parks, Darwin C.Silver Cliff286
Parks, Will. M.Silver Cliff311
Parmalee, Marcus J.Silver Cliff288
Parrish, Martha JaneSilver Cliff253
Parrish, William L.Silver Cliff262
Parsons, AgnesRosita323
Parsons, MaggieRosita326
Parsons, Milo H.Silver Cliff303
Parsons, WilliamWet Mountain Valley313
Partridge, John W.Silver Cliff279
Parvin, Edwin B.Silver Cliff309
Parvin, Rich B.Silver Cliff309
Pasley, William C.Silver Cliff266
Passmore, John W.Silver Cliff302
Passmore, Lucey A.Silver Cliff302
Paterson, John P.Silver Cliff267
Patrick, Geo. L.Silver Cliff296
Patrick, ThomasSilver Cliff283
Patrick, WilliamWet Mountain Valley316
Patterson, John L.Silver Cliff307
Patterson, John T.Silver Cliff267
Patton, David W.Dora271
Patton, Newton H.Silver Cliff266
Patton, SamuelSilver Cliff282
Patton, WilliamSilver Cliff287
Paulsgrove, LizzieSilver Cliff265
Paulsgrove, Samuel R.Silver Cliff285
Paulson, James A.Silver Cliff260
Paxton, William A.Silver Cliff290
Payne, Bethume D.Rosita318
Payne, PhillipSilver Cliff281
Peabody, CharlesSilver Cliff286
Peal, Joseph C.Silver Cliff280
Pease, SylvesterSilver Cliff280
Peck, ConradSilver Cliff281
Peck, John S.Silver Cliff272
Peck, WilliamSilver Cliff289
Peioths, FredWet Mountain Valley316
Peioths, JohnWet Mountain Valley316
Pemrewit, JohnSilver Cliff270
Penfield, Charles W.Silver Cliff291
Pengilly, Thos.Rosita319
Penney, William G.Silver Cliff303
Pennie, WilliamSilver Cliff310
Pennock, Henry C.Silver Cliff265
Pennycook, JamesSilver Cliff273
Peralto, EmanuelSilver Cliff296
Percival, Felix W.Silver Cliff287
Perkens, JerremiahSilver Cliff263
Perkins, Chas. C.Silver Cliff310
Perkins, CoyWet Mountain Valley314
Perkins, George H.Silver Cliff263
Perkins, HarberRosita324
Perkins, HenryWet Mountain Valley314
Perkins, IsabelleWet Mountain Valley314
Perkins, JosephRosita330
Perkins, William H.Texas Creek292
Perry, Andrew J.Silver Cliff309
Perry, EdwardSilver Cliff310
Perry, SamuelRosita326
Person, DanielSilver Cliff289
Peters, CharlesSilver Cliff278
Peters, Stewart A.Silver Cliff282
Peterson, AndrewSilver Cliff276
Peterson, David J.Silver Cliff279
Peterson, Erastus P.Silver Cliff283
Peterson, Henry D.Silver Cliff267
Peterson, JohnsonSilver Cliff285
Peterson, MatildaWet Mountain Valley315
Peterson, VictorRosita325
Petri, AnthonyUla293
Petrie, Lillie Silver Cliff255
Peugh, DorseyRosita325
Pharr, Phillip A.Silver Cliff290
Phelps, James M.Silver Cliff254
Phelps, S. A.Silver Cliff260
Phelps, S. S.Silver Cliff265
Philhower, Joseph B.Silver Cliff258
Phillips, Geo.Rosita324
Phillips, GeorgeSilver Cliff274
Phillips, George W.Silver Cliff282
Phillips, GhomerSilver Cliff264
Phillips, HoraceRosita327
Phillips, Jasper W.Silver Cliff288
Phillips, JohnRosita322
Phillips, Johnson R.Silver Cliff291
Phillips, Louis E.Silver Cliff260
Phillips, Wm. H.Silver Cliff273
Phipps, John W.Silver Cliff270
Pickard, HenryRosita334
Pickering, JamesSilver Cliff260
Pickering, S. H.Silver Cliff305
Pierce, Geo. L.Silver Cliff270
Pierce, Lewis C.Silver Cliff290
Pierce, SamuelSilver Cliff276
Pierson, CarolineRosita332
Pierson, JamesSilver Cliff286
Pillsbry, StewartSilver Cliff282
Pimsell, Albert R.Silver Cliff290
Pinkard, Henry W.Silver Cliff295
Pinkley, David S.Silver Cliff259
Pinkston, PhillipSilver Cliff265
Pinney, George L.Silver Cliff260
Pinney, Henry B.Silver Cliff260
Piper, JohnSilver Cliff266
Pitcher, AnsonRosita333
Pitts, WilliamSilver Cliff304
Pitts, WilliamSilver Cliff307
Pittston, John R.Silver Cliff289
Pleasants, Wm. H.Silver Cliff270
Plettner, WilliamSilver Cliff253
Plum, Georg H.Silver Cliff289
Plummer, William J.Silver Cliff265
Plunkett, Chas.Rosita320
Podein, LouisSilver Cliff300
Pollock, Benj. L.Silver Cliff303
Pomeroy, Louis D.Silver Cliff297
Pope, John R.Silver Cliff279
Porch, William J.Silver Cliff276
Porter, JohnRosita340
Porter, OmerSilver Cliff311
Porter, VersalSilver Cliff296
Porter, William M.Silver Cliff284
Portloch, WarrenRosita339
Post, AlvaRosita333
Post, S. Y.Silver Cliff309
Potter, Amanda A.Ula293
Potter, JacobSilver Cliff280
Powel, ArthurRosita336
Powell, DavidRosita324
Powell, GeorgeRosita326
Powell, JamesRosita330
Powell, JohnRosita319
Powell, SidneyRosita336
Powers, Edwin H.Silver Cliff262
Powers, Theresa Silver Cliff255
Prall, Silas C.Silver Cliff270
Pratt, AdaSilver Cliff307
Pratt, Albert H.Silver Cliff280
Pratt, Milford R.Silver Cliff291
Praul, John W.Silver Cliff255
Pray, John Q.Silver Cliff267
Prengel, EugeneTexas Creek284
Prescott, AlexanderSilver Cliff273
Prestley, JosephSilver Cliff311
Preston, Fredrick L.Silver Cliff267
Price, ________Wet Mountain Valley315
Price, Chas. A.Silver Cliff309
Price, Larken L.Silver Cliff288
Price, William H.Silver Cliff273
Priddy, AnnaRosita331
Priess, Chas. W.Silver Cliff310
Priest, HenrySilver Cliff274
Priest, LeslieSilver Cliff295
Prime, Casper W.Silver Cliff286
Prince, IsaacSilver Cliff308
Prior, John L.Silver Cliff265
Prior, JosephSilver Cliff265
Priscow, Joseph W.Silver Cliff310
Probst, William J.Silver Cliff281
Pronelfoot, WilliardSilver Cliff277
Prosser, Charles F.Silver Cliff295
Proud, Belford R.Silver Cliff291
Proudfoot, JosephSilver Cliff283
Provo, JohnRosita329
Pugh, Andrew J.Silver Cliff296
Pugh, Mary J.Silver Cliff297
Pulley, John W.Silver Cliff271
Pulley, Thos.Silver Cliff271
Purcell, JohnSilver Cliff269
Purdy, Sadie W.Silver Cliff261
Purdy, SamuelSilver Cliff261
Purinton, William W.Silver Cliff306
Putman, DanSilver Cliff296
Putnam, Abert A.Silver Cliff265
Putnam, Thomas L.Silver Cliff287
Putnam, Walter H.Silver Cliff287
Queer, WillianRosita328
Quick, Jacob S.Silver Cliff266
Quick, James M.Wet Mountain Valley312
Quinean, JameRosita331
Quinn, ThomasRosita330
Rabinaw, JacobSilver Cliff288
Radcliff, WilliamSilver Cliff285
Raff, FredrickSilver Cliff281
Raffaele, Claude B.Silver Cliff260
Rafferty, DennisSilver Cliff285
Ragesdill, W.Silver Cliff309
Railey, LewisRosita331
Rains, John B.Rosita335
Rains, William H.Silver Cliff261
Raisch, HermanSilver Cliff280
Raisen, CarlRosita332
Ralston, Charles P.Silver Cliff278
Ralston, JohnRosita324
Ramsey, AlexanderSilver Cliff287
Ramsey, JamesSilver Cliff290
Ranch, Chas. R.Silver Cliff295
Randall, Ezekial C.Silver Cliff286
Randall, William C.Silver Cliff290
Randleman, ColumbusRosita332
Randolph, JamsRosita336
Randolph, JohnRosita335
Ranken, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Rankin, PeterSilver Cliff263
Ranscher, FredSilver Cliff298
Ranson, GeorgeSilver Cliff265
Rapaen, HubertRosita324
Raper, JosephRosita323
Rapp, CharlesSilver Cliff299
Rathgen, JordinRosita326
Rathjen, AugustaWet Mountain Valley313
Rathjin, HarmanWet Mountain Valley313
Raving, AltonSilver Cliff279
Rawlins, John S.Silver Cliff274
Ray, IsrealSilver Cliff283
Ray, William E.Silver Cliff286
Raymond, Geo. F.Silver Cliff273
Raymond, SadieSilver Cliff260
Raynon, DavidSilver Cliff279
Read, Harry J.Texas Creek272
Read, JacobSilver Cliff267
Read, RobertSilver Cliff289
Reader, Cora AdaSilver Cliff253
Reader, Ellen L.Silver Cliff300
Reagan, LewisRosita331
Reason, WilliamSilver Cliff309
Reddick, Charles W.Silver Cliff280
Reddro, Henry W.Silver Cliff287
Reed, Andrew L.Silver Cliff294
Reed, Charles R.Silver Cliff274
Reed, Robt.Rosita325
Reed, Wilbur A.Silver Cliff285
Reed, WilliamRosita320
Rees, DavisRosita338
Reese, James H.Silver Cliff269
Reese, JohnSilver Cliff274
Reese, ThomasRosita335
Reid, Walter C.Texas Creek284
Reidy, Micheal P.Silver Cliff281
Reil, A. Y. J.Silver Cliff308
Reilly, Thos. C.Silver Cliff298
Reily, FrankWet Mountain Valley314
Reind, JamesSilver Cliff278
Reisdorff, Jean N.Wet Mountain Valley313
Renfrew, Robt.Silver Cliff295
Renshaw, RufusSilver Cliff287
Renter, Chas.Rosita338
Renwick, Luther C.Silver Cliff287
Retan, J. Herbert Silver Cliff258
Reynolds, Thom.Rosita331
Reynolds, Thos.Silver Cliff278
Rhodes, AlfredSilver Cliff274
Rhodes, Commodore A.Silver Cliff288
Rhodes, JosephSilver Cliff281
Rhodus, AlbertSilver Cliff311
Rice, Adam Silver Cliff255
Rice, Adam T.Silver Cliff297
Rice, Elisha S.Silver Cliff311
Rice, Peter A.Silver Cliff281
Rice, PrescottRosita318
Rice, Sholan W.Silver Cliff260
Rich, James F.Silver Cliff269
Rich, John B.Silver Cliff265
Richard, EdwardSilver Cliff266
Richards, AndrewRosita324
Richards, Casper H.Silver Cliff285
Richards, Chas.Rosita324
Richards, LewisRosita324
Richardson, CarlSilver Cliff262
Richardson, EugeneSilver Cliff291
Richardson, Wm. J.Silver Cliff269
Richer, Geo. J.Silver Cliff311
Richey, JamesTexas Creek292
Richey, James C.Silver Cliff290
Richey, William J.Silver Cliff286
Rick, FrederickSilver Cliff309
Rick, William M.Wet Mountain Valley314
Ricksecker, JacobSilver Cliff290
Riddle, RobertSilver Cliff295
Ridenour, Jason W.Silver Cliff282
Ridenour, JohnRosita319
Ridenour, JohnRosita324
Ridley, Charles W.Silver Cliff289
Riester, AntonWet Mountain Valley316
Riggle, Alvin L.Wet Mountain Valley314
Riley, RobertSilver Cliff282
Rimbold, JohnRosita330
Rinebarger, GeorgeSilver Cliff263
Ring, Edwin E.Silver Cliff258
Ringolsky, SamsonRosita318
Riser, JacobRosita320
Rish, William J.Silver Cliff290
Risig, John G.Silver Cliff300
Ritcher, F. C.Silver Cliff309
Rittenhouse, Geo.Rosita325
Ritter, Judd A.Silver Cliff296
Rivers, John A.Silver Cliff295
Rivers, NinaSilver Cliff260
Rivers, Sarah AngelineSilver Cliff253
Riviere, FrancoisWet Mountain Valley313
Roach, John W.Silver Cliff286
Roache, AnnRosita318
Roache, WillianRosita329
Robb, JosephSilver Cliff256
Robbens, Augustes A.Silver Cliff277
Robbins, Edwain A.Silver Cliff266
Robbins, PhillipSilver Cliff276
Robbs, Joseph J.Silver Cliff286
Roberts, AlbertSilver Cliff270
Roberts, Chas. S.Rosita318
Roberts, Edward H.Silver Cliff264
Roberts, Edward M.Silver Cliff265
Roberts, JohnRosita322
Roberts, Philbert W.Silver Cliff288
Roberts, Rach.Rosita332
Roberts, Richard A.Silver Cliff253
Roberts, StephenSilver Cliff290
Robertson, Robert K.Silver Cliff278
Robertson, WillardSilver Cliff295
Robeson, Charles W.Silver Cliff285
Robinson, Archie H.Silver Cliff289
Robinson, Edward C.Silver Cliff284
Robinson, HarrisoRosita325
Robinson, J. E. I.Silver Cliff311
Robinson, Michel W.Silver Cliff269
Robinson, W. A.Silver Cliff309
Robinson, WaltRosita331
Robinson, William J.Silver Cliff272
Robinson, William N.Silver Cliff307
Robinson, Wm. J.Silver Cliff308
Rockwell, George H.Silver Cliff266
Rockwell, RalphSilver Cliff274
Rockwell, Robert J.Silver Cliff263
Rockwell, WilliamSilver Cliff289
Rodebaugh, JohnRosita335
Rodgers, Allen M.Silver Cliff256
Roff, Frank S.Wet Mountain Valley315
Rogan, MerrittSilver Cliff281
Rogers, AmandaRosita326
Rogers, GeorgeSilver Cliff265
Rogers, Harvey LeRoySilver Cliff253
Rohms, Otto W.Silver Cliff261
Rohnus, JamesSilver Cliff307
Rolf, MartenSilver Cliff274
Rollins, Archibald J.Silver Cliff279
Rollins, Phillip W.Silver Cliff288
Roots, Caleb J.Silver Cliff281
Roper, CruseRosita335
Rorick, PatrickSilver Cliff287
Rose, HenryRosita331
Rose, Herbert L.Silver Cliff269
Rose, LafayetteRosita330
Rose, William Jr.Rosita330
Rose, William R.Silver Cliff282
Rosensteel, LewRosita333
Ross, Florence A.Silver Cliff263
Ross, Newton J.Silver Cliff277
Ross, PhilipSilver Cliff310
Ross, Phillip F.Silver Cliff259
Rossman, Isaac W.Silver Cliff281
Rosson, RobertRosita322
Rounds, RockySilver Cliff295
Roundtree, George W.Silver Cliff289
Rouse, NellesSilver Cliff299
Rowe, DanielRosita322
Rowen, James J.Silver Cliff302
Rowley, FrankSilver Cliff264
Rowley, James R.Silver Cliff285
Royster, RobertRosita338
Rubens, SamuelSilver Cliff278
Rudolph, George B.Silver Cliff300
Ruffing, William W.Silver Cliff279
Rugh, JohnSilver Cliff264
Rugh, John D.Silver Cliff274
Rule, FrankRosita322
Rumbaugh, JohnSilver Cliff265
Rupert, Wilber C.Rosita318
Ruple, Geo. H.Rosita318
Rush, DanielSilver Cliff273
Rush, William H.Silver Cliff290
Russ, George W.Rosita330
Russell, Alonzo H.Silver Cliff294
Russell, Geo. H.Silver Cliff254
Russell, James H.Silver Cliff266
Russell, Joseph B.Silver Cliff290
Russell, K.Silver Cliff308
Russell, Marg. E.Silver Cliff311
Russell, Richard H.Silver Cliff260
Russeu, RichardSilver Cliff284
Russy, Edward Silver Cliff258
Rust, EugeneRosita330
Rust, Geo. W.Silver Cliff295
Rutledge, Aaron C.Silver Cliff287
Rutledge, Thomas W.Silver Cliff289
Ryan, JohnSilver Cliff288
Ryan, PatrickSilver Cliff288
Ryan, PatrickSilver Cliff306
Ryan, Thomas F.Silver Cliff289
Ryan, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Sadlers, Clarance S.Silver Cliff288
Saffell, JohnRosita323
Safford, Salveta A.Silver Cliff264
Sage, Erastus F.Silver Cliff278
Sage, J. B.Silver Cliff305
Saidler, MinnieSilver Cliff298
Sain, John W.Silver Cliff260
Salback, EdwardSilver Cliff298
Sale, Judge D.Silver Cliff300
Salmon, Henry P.Silver Cliff290
Salte, Theo. M.Silver Cliff267
Sample, JohnSilver Cliff277
Sampson, Archibald J.Silver Cliff265
Samson, AlexanderSilver Cliff283
Samuels, H. ClaySilver Cliff298
Samuels, WillianRosita325
Sanders, JamesRosita338
Sanders, John R.Silver Cliff280
Sanders, Theo.Rosita339
Sanders, WilliamSilver Cliff306
Sandoswska, ChrisRosita324
Sandow, ElijahRosita319
Sands, Albert J.Silver Cliff287
Sanford, Oscar F.Wet Mountain Valley313
Sanford, Thos.Silver Cliff287
Sankey, John O.Silver Cliff289
Sansburry, Geo. T.Silver Cliff305
Santam, JohnSilver Cliff277
Santano, JohnRosita334
Santbam, DavidSilver Cliff256
Santiago, John C.Silver Cliff282
Saran, Lloyd D.Silver Cliff308
Sargent, William B.Silver Cliff276
Saun, D. A.Silver Cliff311
Saunders, Theo. O.Silver Cliff303
Savage, PhillipSilver Cliff285
Sawdon, JohnSilver Cliff296
Sawyer, AbnerSilver Cliff270
Sawyer, StuartSilver Cliff288
Saxe, John A.Silver Cliff299
Sayres, ArthurSilver Cliff289
Sayres, FrankRosita334
Scanlan, DanRosita323
Schaffer, Ann M.Silver Cliff300
Schakel, Wm.Silver Cliff309
Schenck, PhillipSilver Cliff276
Schickler, JoeRosita328
Schiele, MauriceSilver Cliff262
Schlicker, HenrySilver Cliff269
Schmitz, Louis F.Silver Cliff264
Schneider, MikeWet Mountain Valley316
Scholfield, JohnSilver Cliff310
Schoolfield, Jos.Rosita320
Schoolfield, Willm.Rosita323
Schoolfield, Wm. J.Wet Mountain Valley314
Schoonmaker, David W.Silver Cliff294
Schoultz, Eva L.Texas Creek292
Schrader, WillianRosita333
Schradsky, PeterSilver Cliff282
Schreader, William A.Silver Cliff266
Schreoder, AugustusSilver Cliff283
Schreuder, HenrySilver Cliff277
Schriner, AugustSilver Cliff287
Schroensky, Casper A.Silver Cliff289
Schroutz, Silas B.Silver Cliff265
Schrover, FrankRosita336
Schueler, FrederickSilver Cliff304
Schultz, JacobRosita330
Schultz, Jason J.Silver Cliff311
Schultz, WilliamWet Mountain Valley317
Schulz, HenrySilver Cliff269
Schutz, CharlesWet Mountain Valley317
Schutz, Jacob J.Silver Cliff282
Schwab, JohnRosita328
Schwartz, HermanSilver Cliff256
Scoggins, WarrenSilver Cliff274
Scooggan, Wm. G.Silver Cliff265
Scott, Charles K.Silver Cliff281
Scott, EdwardSilver Cliff269
Scott, Eli F.Silver Cliff300
Scott, JamesRosita325
Scott, James A.Silver Cliff296
Scott, PhillipSilver Cliff283
Scott, Robt. F.Silver Cliff296
Scott, William G.Silver Cliff273
Scroggins, ________Rosita328
Scroggins, Frankl.Rosita329
Seabri, Andrew D.Silver Cliff264
Seabright, ChanningSilver Cliff286
Seadden, PhilipRosita330
Seaton, Lee R.Silver Cliff263
See, George W.Silver Cliff278
Seegmore, Richard T.Silver Cliff267
Seele, AlbertSilver Cliff279
Seely, LouisaSilver Cliff271
Seever, RobertWet Mountain Valley312
Sehaalle, Chas.Rosita318
Seiedenstickaer, Wm.Wet Mountain Valley312
Seliby, FrankRosita331
Sellers, Phillip B.Silver Cliff276
Selvage, WilllRosita318
Semple, William C.Silver Cliff283
Seney, WillianRosita329
Seppel, JohnWet Mountain Valley313
Sergeant, EllisRosita318
Settle, James C.Rosita320
Setzler, CharlesSilver Cliff279
Severn, JamesRosita335
Severns, Will. A.Silver Cliff299
Sevies, RobertSilver Cliff264
Sewel, Jasper R.Silver Cliff278
Sewell, CharlesRosita320
Seylar, Samuel S.Silver Cliff280
Shaeffer, Chas. A.Silver Cliff295
Shafer, Henry H.Dora271
Shafer, NewtonDora271
Shafer, W. L.Rosita320
Shallcross, John W.Silver Cliff258
Shannon, HarryRosita330
Shannon, Lewis A.Silver Cliff280
Sharp, WilliamSilver Cliff265
Shaw, Frances B.Silver Cliff301
Shaw, Hosea W.Silver Cliff276
Shaw, John H.Rosita326
Shaw, Robert J.Silver Cliff265
Shawver, JacobSilver Cliff299
Shawver, Wesley R.Silver Cliff302
Shay, EllenRosita322
Shea, ThomasSilver Cliff266
Sheaffer, GeorgeSilver Cliff266
Sheaffer, NewtonSilver Cliff266
Sheaffer, WilliamSilver Cliff266
Sheahan, JerrySilver Cliff306
Shearer, Solomen D.Silver Cliff280
Sheehan, AliceRosita318
Sheek, GilesRosita326
Sheffield, William A.Silver Cliff282
Sheirel, HenrySilver Cliff257
Shepherd, James McB.Silver Cliff264
Shepherd, WilliamSilver Cliff310
Shepley, WilliamSilver Cliff264
Sheriff, George W.Silver Cliff269
Sherin, JameRosita323
Sherman, George H.Silver Cliff280
Sherwood, Sylvester J.Silver Cliff279
Shewalter, JohnRosita336
Shields, Joseph Y.Silver Cliff285
Shindem, William H.Silver Cliff281
Shiner, John W.Silver Cliff279
Shipley, Ernest J.Silver Cliff286
Shipman, Frank L.Silver Cliff266
Shoemaker, E. T.Silver Cliff295
Shoemaker, HiranRosita329
Shook, Elisha H.Silver Cliff285
Shook, ErastusSilver Cliff276
Short, AlbertRosita331
Short, George R.Silver Cliff285
Short, Robert W.Silver Cliff289
Shoulters, Henry C.Silver Cliff281
Shrigley, Noah W.Silver Cliff278
Shuch, JacobRosita323
Shule, Geo. A.Silver Cliff298
Shulz, FrederickWet Mountain Valley316
Sibley, Capser W.Silver Cliff286
Sibley, Herman E.Silver Cliff262
Sieber, Chas. R.Rosita326
Sieford, AlbertRosita329
Silence, GeorgeSilver Cliff265
Sill, Clare J.Silver Cliff288
Simkins, AndrewSilver Cliff282
Simmers, George T.Silver Cliff254
Simmons, KnoxSilver Cliff279
Simmons, RichardSilver Cliff273
Simpson, Chas. C.Silver Cliff299
Simpson, RichardSilver Cliff290
Sims, Chapel C.Silver Cliff267
Simson, Chas. C.Silver Cliff294
Sinclain, CarlSilver Cliff287
Sing, KeeSilver Cliff256
Singleterry, DavidSilver Cliff310
Singleton, David K.Silver Cliff277
Singleton, EdwardSilver Cliff279
Singleton, John W.Silver Cliff286
Singleys, Robert A.Silver Cliff291
Sinit, Gilbert H.Silver Cliff269
Sinnett, GilbertSilver Cliff308
Sisk, Harry H.Silver Cliff310
Sitter, JohnSilver Cliff280
Skaggs, John C.Silver Cliff259
Skevington, JohnRosita331
Skiffton, BonnessSilver Cliff310
Skillman, AliceRosita318
Skinners, Charles W.Silver Cliff276
Slack, William H.Silver Cliff297
Slade, Watson W.Silver Cliff286
Slaughter, MadiamSilver Cliff253
Slauss, James K.Silver Cliff288
Slavens, AmandaRosita318
Slavick, LouisRosita318
Slavick, NoahRosita318
Slitchler, Wm.Wet Mountain Valley312
Sloan, Chas.Rosita329
Sloan, JamesRosita324
Slocum, Phillip J.Silver Cliff289
Sloney, JamesWet Mountain Valley316
Slosson, William B.Silver Cliff304
Slosson, William H.Silver Cliff275
Slover, JamesRosita321
Slyder, Dalirer J.Silver Cliff267
Small, Felix A.Silver Cliff288
Small, George M.Silver Cliff291
Smart, JamesSilver Cliff295
Smethers, WilliamRosita319
Smiley, SamuelSilver Cliff283
Smith, ________Silver Cliff307
Smith, AllenRosita322
Smith, AugustWet Mountain Valley317
Smith, CharlesRosita319
Smith, CharlesRosita336
Smith, Charles A.Silver Cliff282
Smith, Charles W.Silver Cliff274
Smith, Chas.Rosita323
Smith, Chas.Rosita323
Smith, Chas.Rosita338
Smith, Chas.Silver Cliff299
Smith, DavidRosita322
Smith, David T.Silver Cliff287
Smith, EdwardRosita324
Smith, F. H.Silver Cliff309
Smith, FrankSilver Cliff263
Smith, FrankSilver Cliff288
Smith, Frank A.Silver Cliff294
Smith, Geo.Rosita333
Smith, Geo. W.Rosita333
Smith, GeorgeSilver Cliff267
Smith, George F.Ula292
Smith, Gurdon W.Wet Mountain Valley312
Smith, HenryRosita335
Smith, Henry D.Ula268
Smith, Henry M.Silver Cliff273
Smith, Henry T.Silver Cliff296
Smith, IdaRosita323
Smith, Jacob J.Silver Cliff298
Smith, James G.Silver Cliff266
Smith, James H.Silver Cliff311
Smith, JeremiahRosita325
Smith, JohnSilver Cliff273
Smith, John C.Silver Cliff298
Smith, John H.Rosita331
Smith, John R.Silver Cliff296
Smith, John R.Silver Cliff303
Smith, LorenzoRosita319
Smith, Luke J.Silver Cliff276
Smith, LydiaSilver Cliff295
Smith, M. W.Silver Cliff299
Smith, Mathew D.Silver Cliff298
Smith, Mathula A.Silver Cliff273
Smith, Maurice R.Silver Cliff291
Smith, NelsonRosita335
Smith, OroSilver Cliff270
Smith, Peter J.Silver Cliff275
Smith, Peter J.Silver Cliff298
Smith, Phillip C.Silver Cliff282
Smith, Richard D.Ula268
Smith, Robert W.Rosita333
Smith, Sarah E.Silver Cliff261
Smith, Selby T.Silver Cliff308
Smith, SimonSilver Cliff299
Smith, Thos. S.Silver Cliff258
Smith, WalterSilver Cliff283
Smith, Willard F.Silver Cliff273
Smith, WilliamSilver Cliff309
Smith, William H.Silver Cliff282
Smith, William H.Ula268
Smith, William P.Silver Cliff258
Smith, William S.Silver Cliff297
Smith, Wm.Rosita332
Smithman, CharlesSilver Cliff267
Smithson, James W.Silver Cliff283
Snape, Jarvis A.Silver Cliff297
Snead, James B.Silver Cliff279
Snelling, GeorgeSilver Cliff279
Sniffles, SamuelSilver Cliff279
Snow, Ebon. A.Rosita327
Snow, Richard B.Wet Mountain Valley313
Snow, Robert B.Silver Cliff306
Snow, SamuelSilver Cliff306
Snow, SamuelWet Mountain Valley313
Snyder, ConradSilver Cliff299
Snyder, Herman W.Silver Cliff282
Snyder, JacobSilver Cliff274
Snyder, PhillipSilver Cliff283
Sodan, Wm. W.Silver Cliff294
Sollars, Martha E.Silver Cliff301
Soper, Jackson R.Silver Cliff285
Sorrell, George A.Silver Cliff269
Sorson, Andrew J.Silver Cliff290
Southall, WalterWet Mountain Valley313
Southard, EdwardSilver Cliff307
Southard, Edward B.Silver Cliff304
Southgale, RichardSilver Cliff300
Southgate, ThomasSilver Cliff307
Southwish, FranklinSilver Cliff295
Soward, Jerome A.Silver Cliff306
Spahn, Samson Silver Cliff255
Spalding, Reuben J.Rosita329
Spangenberg, AdamSilver Cliff305
Spangler, AlfredSilver Cliff275
Spangler, Kate H.Silver Cliff255
Sparcie, PauletaSilver Cliff264
Sparks, Leonard J.Silver Cliff291
Spearman, JohnRosita329
Spencer, John Van R.Silver Cliff261
Sperry, JamesRosita319
Sperry, OrmondRosita318
Splade, CharlesSilver Cliff278
Splaim, StevenSilver Cliff307
Splatt, Samuel Silver Cliff258
Splawn, Isaac N.Silver Cliff278
Spohn, John M.Silver Cliff303
Spoor, David R.Silver Cliff280
Spraull, WilliamSilver Cliff290
Spray, Samuel J.Silver Cliff307
Spring, John C.Dora271
Squier, Samuel A.Silver Cliff304
St. Clair, Albert I.Silver Cliff291
St. Clair, JamesRosita319
St. Germain, Frank Silver Cliff254
St. John, Benjmin F.Silver Cliff276
Stacey, HenrySilver Cliff267
Stackhouse, ______Silver Cliff310
Stackhouse, John S.Silver Cliff303
Stacy, Geo. C.Silver Cliff309
Stafford, DavidRosita330
Standish, MilesSilver Cliff273
Stanfield, SquierRosita335
Stanger, JacobSilver Cliff288
Stanley, HiramSilver Cliff286
Stanley, Thos. G.Silver Cliff264
Stanning, JamesRosita319
Staples, Cynthia W.Silver Cliff255
Staples, Jennie Silver Cliff258
Stark, Oliver W.Silver Cliff286
Starr, Granville A.Silver Cliff263
Starr, John P.Silver Cliff273
Staucer, Florence Silver Cliff255
Steadyfort, JohnSilver Cliff274
Stealy, John A.Silver Cliff301
Steck, William H.Silver Cliff282
Steel, DavidSilver Cliff308
Steele, Alex J.Silver Cliff281
Steele, MathewRosita331
Stegman, WilliamSilver Cliff274
Stein, HenrySilver Cliff262
Stein, JacobSilver Cliff285
Steinmeyer, Samuel C.Silver Cliff258
Steinmuller, GeorgeSilver Cliff256
Steles, Benj. E.Silver Cliff308
Stengele, LouisSilver Cliff264
Stephens, ScottSilver Cliff271
Stern, Isaac H.Silver Cliff281
Sterrett, Joseph S.Silver Cliff282
Steven, William L.Silver Cliff262
Stevens, Chas.Rosita318
Stevens, Dan. S.Silver Cliff296
Stevenson, HarrisonSilver Cliff283
Stevenson, John R.Silver Cliff286
Stevenson, John S.Silver Cliff295
Stever, JohnRosita332
Stewart, AlexanderSilver Cliff305
Stewart, Felix G.Silver Cliff283
Stewart, HenrySilver Cliff263
Stewart, William E.Silver Cliff266
Stickle, Clarance R.Silver Cliff285
Stillwell, Greenup O.Silver Cliff287
Stimson, JamesRosita322
Stimson, Wilson L.Silver Cliff260
Stockbridge, JosephSilver Cliff267
Stockman, PercivalSilver Cliff272
Stockston, Charles S.Silver Cliff301
Stockton, William H.Silver Cliff302
Stockwell, Joel B.Silver Cliff276
Stoddard, Chas.Rosita319
Stoddard, John G.Silver Cliff286
Stoker, JacobSilver Cliff308
Stokes, ChauncySilver Cliff289
Stokes, WilliamSilver Cliff269
Stone, Alven F.Silver Cliff275
Stone, Chas.Rosita340
Stone, CyrusRosita318
Stone, WilliamRosita326
Stone, William P.Silver Cliff274
Storms, WilliamRosita339
Story, Jacob W.Silver Cliff285
Stovers, Edward P.Silver Cliff260
Stow, Charles W.Silver Cliff266
Straight, LutherSilver Cliff269
Straight, Wm.Silver Cliff270
Strait, DanielRosita334
Strait, WillianRosita334
Stranling, Andrew P.Silver Cliff276
Stratton, Arthur C.Silver Cliff285
Stratton, Daniel T.Silver Cliff290
Stratton, HattieSilver Cliff295
Straub, Solen H.Silver Cliff276
Strauber, JosephSilver Cliff281
Straul, AbrahamSilver Cliff287
Strawn, EugeneRosita327
Strawn, NicolasRosita326
Streepy, Elibeth MarySilver Cliff256
Streeter, LeonardSilver Cliff280
Strehlow, AugustRosita334
Streit, Daniel J.Silver Cliff287
Stricely, J. W.Silver Cliff308
Stringer, Jacob R.Silver Cliff282
Stringer, MaryRosita339
Stroehlke, Edward A.Silver Cliff256
Strong, James W.Silver Cliff286
Strong, William H.Silver Cliff259
Stuart, Duncan M.Silver Cliff269
Stubbs, John A.Silver Cliff290
Stubbs, Theodore B.Silver Cliff290
Stuckrath, JacobSilver Cliff287
Stulting, Charles W.Silver Cliff280
Stump, OttoUla283
Stump, Richard J.Silver Cliff269
Stunerant, T. J.Silver Cliff295
Sullivan, CatherineSilver Cliff299
Sumers, James C.Rosita320
Summer, Phillip L.Silver Cliff260
Summerfield, AlexSilver Cliff274
Summers, Reub.Rosita327
Sumner, JohnRosita322
Sumner, Stephen W.Silver Cliff282
Sundars, CarolinaWet Mountain Valley314
Sutton, John H.Silver Cliff302
Svedasky, JohnSilver Cliff266
Swain, Calvin H.Silver Cliff263
Swain, Georgia M.Silver Cliff264
Swain, Robinson C.Silver Cliff285
Swan, L. D.Silver Cliff309
Swann, Robert A.Silver Cliff288
Swans, WilliamRosita336
Swanson, PeteRosita327
Sweeney, PatrickSilver Cliff281
Sweetland, R. S.Silver Cliff309
Swentzel, JohnSilver Cliff253
Swift, AlbertWet Mountain Valley315
Swift, Richard K.Wet Mountain Valley317
Swihart, JeromeSilver Cliff253
Swingley, James E.Silver Cliff262
Swink, JacobSilver Cliff274
Swope, AlexRosita332
Sypert, NewtonRosita336
Taggert, AlexRosita339
Tahee, John A.Silver Cliff265
Talcott, W. J.Silver Cliff308
Tall, WilliamSilver Cliff261
Tannahill, JamesSilver Cliff265
Tanner, Abner J.Silver Cliff287
Tanner, Albert J.Silver Cliff288
Tanson, George W.Silver Cliff290
Tarr, James J.Silver Cliff285
Task, Phillip J.Silver Cliff289
Tate, Charles C.Silver Cliff281
Taulson, JohnSilver Cliff290
Taylor, AlexSilver Cliff266
Taylor, FreelenRosita327
Taylor, IsaaceRosita329
Taylor, James H.Silver Cliff265
Taylor, John G.Texas Creek292
Taylor, MurrayRosita327
Taylor, William B.Ula268
Taylor, William J.Silver Cliff289
Tayotri, PeterSilver Cliff267
Teall, AlonzaSilver Cliff280
Teets, WatsonSilver Cliff288
Teller, EdmndRosita338
Temple, MarthaRosita324
Templeman, John H.Silver Cliff261
Terrid, AlfredRosita324
Terry, Albert C.Silver Cliff297
Terry, Frank H.Silver Cliff260
Terry, JennieSilver Cliff310
Terry, John R.Silver Cliff290
Terry, Louis L.Silver Cliff297
Thatcher, AlexanderSilver Cliff284
Thatcher, Thos. R.Silver Cliff259
Thernton, R. H.Silver Cliff308
Thexton, John M.Silver Cliff267
Thomas, Adam S.Rosita336
Thomas, Benj. J.Silver Cliff275
Thomas, Chas.Rosita318
Thomas, Clarance R.Silver Cliff291
Thomas, DanielRosita319
Thomas, EbenezerSilver Cliff265
Thomas, Frank H.Silver Cliff299
Thomas, GilsinRosita329
Thomas, Henry W.Silver Cliff257
Thomas, JamesRosita330
Thomas, JohnRosita333
Thomas, John R.Silver Cliff259
Thomas, Robison R.Silver Cliff279
Thomas, ThomasSilver Cliff265
Thomas, Wm. O.Silver Cliff296
Thommasson, TowerRosita337
Thompson, AbrahamRosita334
Thompson, FrankRosita331
Thompson, George W.Silver Cliff267
Thompson, James C.Silver Cliff276
Thompson, James G.Silver Cliff253
Thompson, Jas. B.Rosita318
Thompson, JohnRosita338
Thompson, Josiah M.Silver Cliff305
Thompson, Marshall N.Silver Cliff260
Thompson, NelsonSilver Cliff274
Thompson, Robert H.Silver Cliff253
Thompson, ThomasSilver Cliff262
Thompson, Wentworth H.Silver Cliff276
Thoney, FrankSilver Cliff260
Thornberg, Knoxx I.Silver Cliff278
Thorne, Robert A.Silver Cliff290
Thorne, William C.Silver Cliff286
Thornton, AlexRosita337
Thornton, George W.Silver Cliff290
Thorp, Lydia J.Ula283
Thrickolsen, JasperSilver Cliff262
Thurber, WilliamSilver Cliff281
Thurman, RichardSilver Cliff291
Thurmond, Wm.Rosita319
Tiarks, EllenoraSilver Cliff305
Tibbetts, Chas.Rosita330
Tibbs, JamesUla283
Ticer, Thos. G.Silver Cliff309
Tiegler, Geo. S.Silver Cliff295
Tiernan, Micheal R.Silver Cliff285
Tierney, John H.Silver Cliff287
Tiller, Charles J.Silver Cliff281
Tiller, Hezekiah P.Silver Cliff277
Tilton, Nogh A.Silver Cliff256
Timberlake, WilletRosita330
Timmeram, W. J.Silver Cliff309
Timson, VictorSilver Cliff274
Tindgeon, Math.Rosita322
Tinsley, Stephen F.Silver Cliff255
Titus, AlfredRosita324
Todd, AchibaldWet Mountain Valley313
Todd, DanielRosita330
Todd, George B.Silver Cliff257
Todd, J. WillettSilver Cliff262
Todd, John H.Silver Cliff274
Tolick, JohnSilver Cliff256
Tomkins, Lewis H.Rosita318
Tompkins, Henry H.Silver Cliff301
Tompkins, JamesSilver Cliff283
Tood, Geo.Rosita332
Tooley, GeorgeeRosita323
Tooley, RobertSilver Cliff276
Towers, William N.Silver Cliff280
Townsand, Sam L.Silver Cliff294
Townsend, OrrinRosita326
Townsend, TeitulusRosita326
Tracey, Alexander J.Silver Cliff276
Tracy, DanielSilver Cliff280
Train, Henry M.Silver Cliff261
Trainer, ThomasSilver Cliff301
Trainor, Lansing W.Silver Cliff288
Traniss, Henry H.Silver Cliff270
Trask, OsrealDora271
Trautz, AuguestSilver Cliff264
Traver, Wm. H.Silver Cliff308
Travers, Samuel J.Silver Cliff290
Tray, WilsonSilver Cliff308
Treadwell, Robert J.Silver Cliff279
Treadwell, Thos.Silver Cliff272
Treble, FredRosita329
Trills, William C.Silver Cliff276
Triplett, William B.Silver Cliff289
Tripp, Wilbr.Rosita325
Trisher, AnnieRosita329
Trotter, Thomas R.Silver Cliff281
Trout, BenjaminSilver Cliff283
Troyer, John A.Silver Cliff279
True, Amos S.Silver Cliff311
Trueling, Albert K.Silver Cliff278
Truet, GeorgeSilver Cliff270
Truet, William J.Silver Cliff285
Truex, Jacob S.Silver Cliff303
Trulson, JohnSilver Cliff269
Tucker, EmerySilver Cliff300
Tucker, HoracRosita320
Tucker, JacksonSilver Cliff280
Tucker, SalistianSilver Cliff308
Tucker, William M.Silver Cliff269
Turkenkoph, JosephSilver Cliff270
Turndike, PhillipSilver Cliff279
Turner, Chas. A.Silver Cliff270
Turner, EliasSilver Cliff267
Turner, George E.Silver Cliff253
Turner, John W.Silver Cliff291
Turner, LouisSilver Cliff302
Turner, Nathaniel N.Silver Cliff290
Turner, Phillip W.Silver Cliff285
Turner, WilliamSilver Cliff302
Turpen, Charles R.Silver Cliff291
Tuthill, Thos. H.Silver Cliff262
Tuttle, Frank H.Rosita318
Twist, David W.Silver Cliff279
Tyler, Phillip W.Silver Cliff273
Uelmer, MichealSilver Cliff287
Ullmann, Willis T.Silver Cliff261
Ulmer, Fibley A.Silver Cliff290
Ulmer, WillianRosita335
Umback, HenrySilver Cliff260
Underwood, Schuyler A.Silver Cliff280
Urquhart, John T.Silver Cliff272
Urstone, PhillipSilver Cliff289
Utley, Hattie E.Silver Cliff261
Utterback, JohnSilver Cliff272
Vahldick, FredrickTexas Creek284
Valiant, Henry W.Texas Creek272
Vanasmo, JoelRosita329
Vance, JohnRosita336
Vance, William M.Silver Cliff305
VanDeventer, Olin E.Silver Cliff299
Vane, Laclare C.Silver Cliff285
Vanett, JamesRosita335
VanEtten, EbbertSilver Cliff278
Vanhorn, Geo. M.Silver Cliff308
VanHorn, John R.Silver Cliff290
Vanier, GeorgeWet Mountain Valley315
Vanmire, JohnRosita338
VanRiper, JaySilver Cliff271
Vanstone, James H.Silver Cliff276
VanWie, Henry C.Silver Cliff258
VanWie, VernerRosita326
VanZandt, Peter J.Silver Cliff279
Varny, J. C.Rosita322
Vaughn, LorenzoRosita340
Vaughn, RobertSilver Cliff288
Vaughn, StephenRosita339
Veachio, Del FrankSilver Cliff297
Vehon, William H.Silver Cliff262
Veiter, J. J.Silver Cliff295
Vercer, William P.Ula293
Vergemies, MiloSilver Cliff271
Vick, ErastusSilver Cliff281
Vincent, A. JacksonSilver Cliff296
Vincent, John U.Silver Cliff286
Vincent, WilliamTexas Creek284
Vining, Will L.Silver Cliff295
Vipond, Thos. H.Wet Mountain Valley316
Virden, JameRosita324
Virden, Math.Rosita330
Voigby, Chester A.Silver Cliff265
VonSteg, Charles H.Silver Cliff277
VonWeber, Fred C.Silver Cliff307
Voris, George Jr.Ula293
Voris, George W. Sr.Texas Creek292
Voris, William W.Ula283
Vorreiter, AugustaSilver Cliff294
Voss, BarbaraRosita324
Voss, ChristianWet Mountain Valley315
Voss, FerdinandWet Mountain Valley314
Voss, PhillipSilver Cliff285
Waddington, Stephen W.Silver Cliff286
Wade, Byron W.Silver Cliff269
Wadkins, JamesRosita330
Wadsworth, William B.Silver Cliff261
Wage, George B.Silver Cliff279
Waggoner, RickRosita319
Wagner, Francis H.Dora271
Wagner, Jacob H.Silver Cliff280
Wagoner, Leo. R.Silver Cliff311
Wail, George W.Silver Cliff260
Waite, HannahRosita338
Waite, IsaacRosita338
Wakeman, HarrySilver Cliff280
Walcott, Joseph Y.Silver Cliff282
Walkenshaw, John M.Silver Cliff277
Walker,, Fredrick W.Silver Cliff269
Walker, Henry C.Rosita320
Walker, Henry O.Silver Cliff267
Walker, Hiram C.Silver Cliff299
Walker, Sarah A.Wet Mountain Valley315
Walker, WillianRosita329
Wallace, RichardSilver Cliff262
Wallace, Samual J.Silver Cliff307
Wallace, Solomen M.Silver Cliff269
Wallace, WalterSilver Cliff283
Walle, BritDora271
Walsh, RichRosita332
Waltens, JohnRosita340
Walters, ArtemusUla293
Walters, JadobSilver Cliff287
Walters, Jared M.Silver Cliff278
Walters, JohnSilver Cliff256
Walton, James R.Silver Cliff291
Waltrip, William K.Silver Cliff289
Walts, JamesTexas Creek292
Wardell, Jones B.Silver Cliff280
Wardwell, LouisSilver Cliff296
Ware, Homer E.Silver Cliff265
Ware, Milo W.Silver Cliff285
Warmoth, JamesSilver Cliff290
Warmoth, JohnSilver Cliff308
Warmouth, Geo.Rosita335
Warne, JamesRosita322
Warner, Frank P.Rosita320
Warner, GranvilleRosita321
Warner, Isaac W.Silver Cliff300
Warner, John W.Rosita320
Warner, Thos. B.Silver Cliff273
Warren, AlbertRosita324
Warren, GeorgeSilver Cliff305
Warren, ManRosita338
Warren, WilliamSilver Cliff274
Warriner, JamesSilver Cliff276
Warton, William P.Silver Cliff288
Washbun, ReubenRosita322
Washburn, James H.Silver Cliff274
Washburne, Eb*** E.Silver Cliff300
Washington, EmersonSilver Cliff276
Washington, Walter G.Silver Cliff287
Wassmuth, HemronSilver Cliff256
Wasson, Thomas R.Silver Cliff281
Waterford, James P.Silver Cliff285
Waterman, ChristianSilver Cliff278
Waters, F.Silver Cliff309
Waters, FredrickUla268
Waters, SamuelSilver Cliff275
Watkins, W. S.Rosita328
Watkins, WilliamUla268
Watson, DruryRosita318
Watson, Edward A.Silver Cliff282
Watson, FrankRosita318
Watson, WilliamRosita339
Watt, WilliamSilver Cliff309
Wattels, Arhiebald A.Silver Cliff289
Wattles, Greenleaf C.Silver Cliff307
Watts, John C.Silver Cliff280
Waughner, FrancesSilver Cliff275
Waymen, Jacob R.Silver Cliff285
Wayne, George R.Silver Cliff290
Wears, John S.Silver Cliff270
Wears, Warner J.Silver Cliff276
Weatherford, JohnRosita335
Weaver, HenrySilver Cliff265
Webb, John R.Silver Cliff291
Webber, HarrySilver Cliff285
Webster, Calven R.Silver Cliff269
Webster, Chauncey J.Silver Cliff286
Webster, John H.Silver Cliff277
Wedell, John A.Silver Cliff256
Wedle, AnnieSilver Cliff295
Weed, FranklinSilver Cliff285
Weeden, Thos. F.Silver Cliff295
Weedy, Albert W.Silver Cliff265
Weeks, Charles U.Silver Cliff285
Weick, Louis Silver Cliff259
Weiman, Jacob P.Silver Cliff291
Weimer, John R.Silver Cliff280
Weiss, AdolphWet Mountain Valley315
Weisser, JosephSilver Cliff279
Weizenburg, William P.Silver Cliff290
Welbert, Joseph W.Silver Cliff290
Weldy, Albert W.Silver Cliff294
Wellner, Phillip K.Silver Cliff280
Wells, AdamSilver Cliff303
Wells, H. LeeSilver Cliff303
Wells, Jeptha D.Silver Cliff299
Wells, JosephSilver Cliff303
Wells, LutherSilver Cliff283
Welsch, John J.Silver Cliff303
Welsh, DavidSilver Cliff287
Welsh, JohnRosita329
Welsh, Presley C.Silver Cliff301
Wentsel, Orlo W.Silver Cliff286
Wentworth, Chas.Rosita322
Wentworth, Jonas A.Silver Cliff280
Weofur, John Silver Cliff258
Werhan, Chas.Wet Mountain Valley315
Werick, William W.Silver Cliff281
Werthofes, JohnRosita322
Werts, OscarSilver Cliff263
Wessel, Julias A.Silver Cliff262
West, Alfred R.Silver Cliff271
West, E. J.Silver Cliff294
West, Elias B.Silver Cliff276
West, JohnSilver Cliff260
West, JohnSilver Cliff277
West, John K.Silver Cliff278
West, PorterfieldRosita336
West, VehalminaWet Mountain Valley312
West, WilliamSilver Cliff264
Westcott, Albert D.Silver Cliff308
Westerman, JosephSilver Cliff253
Westfield, AaronSilver Cliff281
Wetherby, JamesSilver Cliff277
Wetherow, Joseph W.Silver Cliff288
Weuthwish, Mjafield S.Silver Cliff307
Wheatland, James W.Silver Cliff279
Whedan, WarrenSilver Cliff266
Wheelen, JamesSilver Cliff276
Wheeler, GeorgeWet Mountain Valley313
Wheeler, Moses D.Silver Cliff254
Wheelock, Wm. A.Silver Cliff303
Whipple, Earnest H.Silver Cliff287
White, Daniel G.Silver Cliff288
White, FelixRosita336
White, Frank Silver Cliff259
White, Henry MarcusSilver Cliff310
White, JesseRosita329
White, JosephRosita334
White, Joseph E.Silver Cliff257
White, Joseph M.Silver Cliff277
White, Judson R.Silver Cliff282
White, Norman P.Rosita319
White, William E.Silver Cliff263
Whitehead, CharlesSilver Cliff283
Whitehurst, JuliusRosita336
Whiteley, JosephRosita328
Whiteside, Arthur J.Silver Cliff277
Whitlock, CyrenusRosita319
Whitman, George W.Silver Cliff290
Whitmore, Edwin K.Silver Cliff263
Whitney, Henry A.Silver Cliff295
Whitson, AaronRosita335
Whittemore, Benj. MortmerSilver Cliff253
Whitterburger, Cora Silver Cliff254
Whittier, TheodoreSilver Cliff286
Whittlesey, FriendSilver Cliff308
Whorton, Stanley L.Silver Cliff294
Wiatt, ________Rosita333
Wibray, ThomasSilver Cliff276
Wickersham, ThomasSilver Cliff276
Wicks, John H.Silver Cliff276
Widmayer, ChristianSilver Cliff296
Wiggens, AlexanderSilver Cliff276
Wiggins, James H.Silver Cliff285
Wilber, Jaquess K.Silver Cliff278
Wilber, Stephen W.Silver Cliff291
Wilcox, James R.Silver Cliff277
Wilcox, LafayetteRosita332
Wilcox, LafayetteSilver Cliff309
Wilcoxen, JamesSilver Cliff274
Wildeboor, JacobSilver Cliff256
Wilder, Geo. W.Silver Cliff255
Wiley, Alex R.Rosita318
Wiley, HenrySilver Cliff288
Wiley, ThomasSilver Cliff283
Wiley, WillianRosita332
Wilkens, CloffeSilver Cliff264
Wilkenson, AnthonySilver Cliff260
Wilker, FredWet Mountain Valley312
Wilkins, Stephen M.Silver Cliff258
Wilkins, Thos. H.Rosita318
Wilkinson, DaveRosita330
Willerton, JamesSilver Cliff289
Willetts, Warren C.Silver Cliff297
William, GeorgeSilver Cliff273
Williams, AndrewRosita325
Williams, AndrewRosita328
Williams, AndrewRosita330
Williams, Chas.Rosita326
Williams, Chas. H.Silver Cliff265
Williams, DavidRosita326
Williams, EdwardSilver Cliff308
Williams, Elijah D.Silver Cliff282
Williams, EvanSilver Cliff264
Williams, FrancesRosita330
Williams, FrankSilver Cliff265
Williams, Geo. K.Silver Cliff309
Williams, GeorgeSilver Cliff291
Williams, George C.Silver Cliff302
Williams, George K.Silver Cliff265
Williams, HarryUla268
Williams, Henry C.Silver Cliff288
Williams, HoraceSilver Cliff276
Williams, HoraeRosita329
Williams, JamesSilver Cliff262
Williams, James R.Silver Cliff298
Williams, JayRosita319
Williams, JohnRosita338
Williams, JohnRosita338
Williams, JohnSilver Cliff267
Williams, JohnSilver Cliff299
Williams, JohnSilver Cliff306
Williams, John H.Silver Cliff255
Williams, John S.Silver Cliff264
Williams, JosephRosita325
Williams, JosephRosita327
Williams, KatyRosita340
Williams, Louis C.Ula268
Williams, MirianRosita325
Williams, NeilSilver Cliff269
Williams, Samuel C.Silver Cliff308
Williams, SidneyRosita333
Williams, SidneySilver Cliff276
Williams, WilliamSilver Cliff267
Williams, WillianRosita327
Williams, WillianRosita330
Williams, Wm.Silver Cliff310
Williamson, AllenSilver Cliff295
Williamson, Jackson H.Silver Cliff283
Willian, ScottRosita322
Williard, Elias J.Silver Cliff276
Willis, AlbertSilver Cliff299
Willis, John W.Silver Cliff278
Willmet, Jasper W.Silver Cliff288
Willoughby, WilliamSilver Cliff274
Wills, Jason A.Silver Cliff288
Wills, Jason A.Silver Cliff310
Wilmas, JohnSilver Cliff276
Wilmer, JohnRosita329
Wilsch, JohnRosita340
Wilson, AlexSilver Cliff311
Wilson, BradyRosita325
Wilson, Chas.Silver Cliff258
Wilson, Columbus N.Silver Cliff282
Wilson, DavidSilver Cliff260
Wilson, ElishaRosita330
Wilson, Geo. W.Silver Cliff299
Wilson, George B.Silver Cliff265
Wilson, HarrySilver Cliff274
Wilson, James A.Silver Cliff302
Wilson, JohnWet Mountain Valley313
Wilson, John A.Silver Cliff307
Wilson, Mathew A.Wet Mountain Valley312
Wilson, MortieaSilver Cliff274
Wilson, Mrs. NellieSilver Cliff253
Wilson, Noah H.Silver Cliff307
Wilson, William B.Silver Cliff302
Wilte, Phillip W.Silver Cliff280
Wimberly, Henry R.Silver Cliff262
Winch, FrankSilver Cliff304
Windon, Charles J.Silver Cliff282
Winford, Mabl F.Silver Cliff260
Wing, IchabodRosita331
Wing, Thos. R.Silver Cliff294
Winn, Jesse P.Wet Mountain Valley312
Winrann, John A.Silver Cliff307
Winsheimes, LawrenceSilver Cliff277
Winter, Louis A.Silver Cliff269
Winters, Chas.Rosita318
Winters, Christian R.Silver Cliff275
Winters, JamesRosita328
Winters, Mary E.Silver Cliff301
Winton, Steven C.Silver Cliff298
Wirick, John Q.Wet Mountain Valley315
Wisby, Joseph K.Silver Cliff285
Wise, CarolineRosita326
Wise, ElizaRosita332
Wise, EnochRosita326
Wise, GeorgeWet Mountain Valley314
Wise, Harlow W.Silver Cliff291
Wise, Leonard H.Silver Cliff285
Wise, LettieRosita323
Wishart, AdamUla293
Withers, JamesSilver Cliff276
Withington, SamanthaSilver Cliff265
Witmore, WilliamRosita340
Wixon, SaulRosita342
Wolf, Eli C.Silver Cliff286
Wolf, MarionSilver Cliff296
Wolfenbarger, SkillenSilver Cliff272
Wolff, LouisSilver Cliff264
Wolff, WilliamSilver Cliff264
Wolfstein, George R.Silver Cliff278
Wong, YipRosita319
Wood, Geo. W.Rosita326
Wood, JohnRosita328
Wood, SamSilver Cliff294
Woodfill, EllaSilver Cliff294
Woodford, James C.Silver Cliff278
Woodmancy, T. Y.Silver Cliff308
Woodruff, Albert W.Silver Cliff291
Woodruff, Ben F.Rosita335
Woodruff, EmmaSilver Cliff301
Woodruff, FrankRosita342
Woodruff, Geo.Rosita342
Woodruff, GeorgeSilver Cliff308
Woodruff, Sam. D.Wet Mountain Valley315
Woodruff, SandieSilver Cliff263
Woods, Alfred Silver Cliff259
Woods, Chas.Rosita329
Woods, Helmald Silver Cliff255
Woods, JohnSilver Cliff276
Woods, John G.Silver Cliff307
Woods, William H.Silver Cliff267
Woodson, Andrew H.Silver Cliff279
Woodward, John C.Silver Cliff256
Woodward, Walter J.Silver Cliff255
Wooldridge, FredrickSilver Cliff290
Woolman, JohnSilver Cliff269
Woolson, Leo. S.Silver Cliff295
Wooster, JohnSilver Cliff290
Worth, AlexanderSilver Cliff283
Worth, Bennett J.Wet Mountain Valley312
Wrigand, Peter A.Silver Cliff290
Wright, AlonzaSilver Cliff273
Wright, CatherineSilver Cliff307
Wright, Chas. S.Silver Cliff255
Wright, Chester D.Silver Cliff295
Wright, Clarance S.Silver Cliff260
Wright, E. P.Rosita335
Wright, Enoch L.Silver Cliff267
Wright, GeorgeSilver Cliff262
Wright, Gideon A.Silver Cliff306
Wright, HenrySilver Cliff256
Wright, JohnRosita331
Wright, TerrettRosita340
Wright, Vincent J.Silver Cliff277
Wright, WilliamRosita340
Wright, William A.Silver Cliff304
Wucher, Peter A.Silver Cliff279
Wuerten, CarlRosita320
Wurz, Charles L.Wet Mountain Valley312
Wyatt, James C.Silver Cliff285
Wymark, Wm. H.Dora271
Wyncoop, LeeRosita340
Yates, H. G.Silver Cliff308
Yates, H. H.Silver Cliff308
Yaunt, WillisSilver Cliff257
Yeager, JacobSilver Cliff280
Yeager, PeterRosita329
Yeakel, GeorgeWet Mountain Valley316
Yenne, Fred V.Silver Cliff273
Yetter, Chas.Rosita329
Yetter, DellaSilver Cliff261
Yiesley, David H.Silver Cliff275
Yont, FredWet Mountain Valley313
Yont, JacobWet Mountain Valley313
Yont, JohnWet Mountain Valley313
York, Joseph W.Silver Cliff281
Youde, Samuel J.Silver Cliff258
Youman, ________Wet Mountain Valley317
Young, AmandaSilver Cliff275
Young, Daniel R.Silver Cliff288
Young, Hamilton R.Silver Cliff282
Young, LaurentWet Mountain Valley313
Young, Mary A.Silver Cliff307
Young, RalphWet Mountain Valley316
Young, ThomasSilver Cliff288
Younger, Joseph L.Silver Cliff282
Youngs, AllenSilver Cliff276
Yunck, Adam W.Silver Cliff281
Zacharias, Mary V.Wet Mountain Valley315
Zania, ThomasRosita330
Zeigler, Herman A.Silver Cliff287
Zimmerman, Albert C.Silver Cliff278
Zimmerman, JacobSilver Cliff290