1920 Custer County, Colorado Federal Census Index to Heads of Households and Individuals with Surnames Different Than the Head of the Household
NamePrecinctCensus Page #
?????, Louise A. ????Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Abbott, Robert G.Precinct 4274
Adair, JohnWestcliffe Town282
Adams, Frank E.Westcliffe Town281
Adams, John J.Westcliffe Town282
Adams, Roy O.Township 46 Prestinct 7 Texas Creek287
Akin, CharlesPrecinct 4274
Akin, Nellie M.Precinct 10276
Alberts, George H.Westcliffe Town281
Aldrich, Vernon H.Precinct 4274
Allen, GeorgeGreenwood Precinct 1270
Allen, LouiseGreenwood Precinct 1269
Allen, ZoaPrecinct 10277
Anderson, Andre P.Precinct 4275
Andis, WilliamGreenwood Precinct 1269
Archer, FrankGreenwood Precinct 1269
Archer, MurielGreenwood Precinct 1269
Armstrong, JosephPrecinct 10277
Arnold, William H.Precinct 4274
Ash, Charlie M.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Ash, James R.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Augone, MarionGreenwood Precinct 1271
Aurich, Albert C.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Austin, Dewey R.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Baayen, FerdnandPrecinct 4273
Baca, EubertaWestcliffe Town282
Bailly, Mildred E.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Baker, Albert D.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Baker, D. W.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Baker, George W.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Ball, John E.Township 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Barber, Charles H.Silver Cliff Town278
Barker, Adella L.Westcliffe Town282
Barker, George F.Precinct 4273
Barnett, PerryGreenwood Precinct 1272
Barnhill, PearlSilver Cliff Town278
Barton, C. A.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Bascomb, Kent J.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Batchelor, George E.Westcliffe Town283
Bate, Harry C.Precinct 10276
Bate, William T.Precinct 10276
Baysinger, Charles L.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Beaman, James D.Silver Cliff Town278
Bean, George R.Precinct 4275
Beardsley, CoraWestcliffe Town283
Beardsley, George B.Westcliffe Town280
Beck, Fred A.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Behrendt, Paul F.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Belisle, Harvey B.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Belisle, Hesmer N.Westcliffe Town282
Bell, CarsonPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Bell, PurlonzoPrecinct 10277
Bennet, ArthurWestcliffe Town282
Bennet, EstherWestcliffe Town282
Bennett, EmmetWestcliffe Town281
Berg, Geo.Greenwood Precinct 1272
Berkemeyer, EdwardTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Bernard, J. B.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Berry, William M.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Bigelow, GlennGreenwood Precinct 1272
Blackburn, JohnPrecinct 4275
Blei, KarlPrestinct No. 8 Ula291
Blis, Fritz C.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Blunt, AlfredWestcliffe Town280
Blunt, ThomasTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Bob, VictorPrecinct 10276
Bock, IsabelleGreenwood Precinct 1269
Boehm, MichaelPrestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Boggs, AdaGreenwood Precinct 1271
Bonney, George D.Silver Cliff Town280
Bourchard, ByronSilver Cliff Town278
Bowers, James W.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Boyle, Walter G.Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Bradford, LisaSilver Cliff Town280
Bradley, Joseph N.Precinct 4273
Bradley, Ralph M.Precinct 4274
Bradshaw, ArthurPrecinct 10276
Bragg, CharlesGreenwood Precinct 1272
Brandenburg, Moritz J.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Brandon, EdwardTownship 46 Prestinct 7 Texas Creek287
Brassea, JamesGreenwood Precinct 1272
Bream, NellieWestcliffe Town281
Breece, R. J.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Briar, ArthurGreenwood Precinct 1269
Briece, H. L.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Briggs, Bayard C.Westcliffe Town280
Briggs, William A.Precinct 4274
Britenstine, JakePrecinct 4273
Brown, HarrySilver Cliff Town278
Burke, MarySilver Cliff Town279
Burkhardt, BenjaminTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Burkhardt, ErnestTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Burns, AnnieWestcliffe Town282
Byer, CharlesPrecinct 4273
Byrne, BridgetSilver Cliff Town279
Byrne, GeorgeSilver Cliff Town279
Callaghan, John C.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Callaghan, Ralph E.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Callin, Ralph C.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Camper, Myrtle M.Silver Cliff Town279
Camper, Ulysses G.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Canda, Carrey L.Westcliffe Town281
Canda, Felix S.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Canda, Rockwell B.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Carmicheal, Chas.Precinct 10277
Caron, MablePrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Casender, William C.Westcliffe Town280
Caughman, Thomas J.Westcliffe Town282
Cavauder, Thomas B.Westcliffe Town281
Cavender, James E.Silver Cliff Town279
Chachel, KatherineGreenwood Precinct 1272
Chappell, George A.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Chase, Ernest C.Township 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Chocki, MikePrecinct 10276
Chollak, MikePrecinct 10277
Clark, Glen R.Silver Cliff Town279
Clark, LouiseWestcliffe Town280
Clarke, A. T.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Clarkson, J. H.Greenwood Precinct 1272
Clarkson, John C.Westcliffe Town282
Clemans, KateWestcliffe Town282
Clevinger, AlbertSilver Cliff Town279
Clevinger, EssieSilver Cliff Town279
Clift, BenjamanPrecinct 4273
Clover, Charles W.Westcliffe Town283
Cochran, Ellen H.Silver Cliff Town278
Cochrane, WilliamPrecinct 4275
Cody, John JamesPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Coleman, JamesSilver Cliff Town278
Coleman, WilliamWestcliffe Town283
Colemann, Edward ???Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Conradts, WilliamPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Cooper, Pius R.Precinct 4273
Copeland, James W.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Couan, WilliamPrecinct 4273
Cowan, AlexSilver Cliff Town280
Cowels, Elizebeth C.Precinct 10277
Cozad, EdwardGreenwood Precinct 1271
Crady, MaryTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Cress, AnnaPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Cress, DillisPrestinct No. 8 Ula291
Cress, FrankPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Croasmun, CharlesPrecinct 4273
Cruckson, William E.???Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Cullings, Floyd D.Precinct 4274
Currason, WilliamWestcliffe Town282
Curtis, Calvin A.Silver Cliff Town278
Curtis, Lonarts E. Jr.???Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Curtis, Nathan E.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Cusack, ReginaldPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Custer, August F.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Dalton, VelmaSilver Cliff Town280
Davis, DavidSilver Cliff Town278
Davis, Edmond E.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Dawson, Lew P.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
DeGree, AugustinaTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Demors, WilliamPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Dickson, Asa P.Westcliffe Town281
Dickson, Nannie Mrs.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Dieckman, FritzPrestinct No. 8 Ula291
Dieckman, Fritz J.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Dieckman, Henry H.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Dielhurst, JosephGreenwood Precinct 1272
Diemoz, SteveSilver Cliff Town279
Dietrich, FerdinandSilver Cliff Town279
Dilley, EdwardPrecinct 10276
Dirrim, IrvenSilver Cliff Town278
Dissmore, RichardPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Dixon, RobertSilver Cliff Town279
Dodson, ClarenceTownship 46 Prestinct 7 Texas Creek287
Donahue, Charles J.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Donald, ElmerSilver Cliff Town278
Donaldson, JohnWestcliffe Town283
Dorz, PaulSilver Cliff Town279
Dougherty, L. M.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Doyle, John Q.Westcliffe Town281
Doyle, PhilipWestcliffe Town281
Duckman, John C.Westcliffe Town283
Duncan, WilliamGreenwood Precinct 1270
Duner, NicholasWestcliffe Town282
Durrett, Camillia D.Westcliffe Town280
Durrett, James C.Precinct 4274
Durrett, OlenWestcliffe Town280
Dye, Edna V.Westcliffe Town283
Edington, William P.Precinct 4274
Edman, John A.Westcliffe Town282
Edwards, C. C.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Edwards, Floyd F.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Eichborn, Joseph K.Silver Cliff Town278
Eikleman, RobertPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Eisenhour, EarnestPrecinct 4274
Eisenhour, MarvinPrecinct 4274
Elliot, EverettSilver Cliff Town278
Ellison, Allen C.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Elter, AntoneTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Elze, Otto F.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Elze, RobertPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Endsley, Ernest H.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Erickson, RudolphSilver Cliff Town280
Erps, JohnSilver Cliff Town279
Erps, Louis T.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Escovida, MaryWestcliffe Town282
Esler, JohnPrecinct 4273
Essmeier, Chas.Greenwood Precinct 1269
Etter, RaymondGreenwood Precinct 1270
Etzel, GottfriedPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Etzel, JacobWestcliffe Town283
Evanks, WinfredPrecinct 4274
Fagan, John F.Precinct 10276
Falkenberg, Frank A.Westcliffe Town282
Falkenberg, Grover E.Westcliffe Town281
Falkinburg, John P.Westcliffe Town281
Farrington, GeorgeGreenwood Precinct 1271
Feist, Harry G.Precinct 4274
Feist, Henry G.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Ferbrashe, ThomasPrecinct 10277
Ferguson, Albert B.Westcliffe Town282
Figge, JohnSilver Cliff Town278
Fischer, Joseph W.Westcliffe Town283
Fleming, George R.Precinct 4275
Folkman, HermanWestcliffe Town280
Forsythe, Lucy R.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Fowler, Sam M.Westcliffe Town282
Fox, GeorgeSilver Cliff Town280
Frank, Andrew B.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Frank, Barnhart???Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Frank, Charles A.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Frank, ClaraPrestinct No. 8 Ula291
Frank, Fred E.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Frank, Frederick W.Silver Cliff Town279
Frank, Goddard A.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Friend, HarryWestcliffe Town282
Fuch, William J.??Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Fuchs, Leonard L.Westcliffe Town283
Fuller, Geo. W.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Funderburk, William H.Westcliffe Town281
Furnish, AdelineSilver Cliff Town278
Furnish, Elmer E.Precinct 4274
Furnish, Wesly S.Silver Cliff Town279
Gagnier, MaximillianPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Galusha, MarkPrecinct 4275
Garnier, Alphonce J.Precinct 4274
Garnier, ArthurTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Garnier, ElmerWestcliffe Town282
Garnier, Homer P.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Garnier, PeteWestcliffe Town281
Garnier, RoseWestcliffe Town283
Gartley, MargaretWestcliffe Town281
Gay, ElizebeithPrecinct 4274
Geiger, RalphPrestinct No. 8 Ula293
Geiger, William H.Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Geisler, FrankPrecinct 4275
Georges, Ida M.Westcliffe Town281
Georges, JosephPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Georges, MattSilver Cliff Town280
Gerlen, Hugo H.Westcliffe Town282
Gernier, Dorcey N.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Geroux, DominicPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Geroux, Harvey M.Westcliffe Town282
Gill, AnnaPrecinct 4274
Gill, RaymondWestcliffe Town280
Gilleece, Henry C.Precinct 4274
Goodpasture, HazelGreenwood Precinct 1271
Goschen, HenryPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Goschen, Louis N.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Graham, ChesterGreenwood Precinct 1270
Graham, John E.Silver Cliff Town278
Graybeal, Troy D.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Greenwell, PiusSilver Cliff Town280
Gribbell, EdithGreenwood Precinct 1271
Griffin, George E.Precinct 10277
Griffin, William B.Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Griffith, James M.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Hagg, FrankSilver Cliff Town278
Hahn, JosephPrecinct 10276
Hall, GeorgeGreenwood Precinct 1270
Hallaner, JacobSilver Cliff Town280
Hallauer, GottliebTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Hamel, Alben G.Westcliffe Town283
Hamiliton, WilliamPrecinct 10276
Hamill, IreneTownship 46 Prestinct 7 Texas Creek287
Hamlin, Mary J.???Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Hammer, Louis P.Precinct 4273
Hanan, EdwardPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Hanna, Andrew J.Westcliffe Town283
Hanssen, HenrySilver Cliff Town280
Hanssen, HermanSilver Cliff Town279
Hanssen, Hermann F.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Hanssen, John N.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Haputa, GeorgePrecinct 10277
Harden, MiltonPrecinct 10277
Harms, John B.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Harper, WilliamGreenwood Precinct 1272
Harris, Charley F.Westcliffe Town282
Harris, Ward H.Precinct 4273
Harrold, William F.Precinct 10277
Harrold, WinonaPrecinct 4275
Hartbauer, Louis ???Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Hartbauer, RudolphTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Haskell, Edwin J.Westcliffe Town281
Hastings, Edwin G.Precinct 4275
Hay, Thomas L.Precinct 10277
Hayes, Thornton M.Westcliffe Town283
Haynes, MelvinGreenwood Precinct 1270
Heath, Mary J.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Heck, MinnieWestcliffe Town282
Heisterberg, WilliamWestcliffe Town283
Hendershot, Harry W.Silver Cliff Town279
Hennessy, Joseph M.Precinct 4275
Hennessy, MosuricePrecinct 4275
Henning, Arnold H.Silver Cliff Town279
Henrich, CasperPrestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Henrich, John A.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Henry, John A.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Henzies, William ???Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Herriott, Zuintus W.Township 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Hess, Archie D.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Hiatt, VerdaTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Higgins, DanSilver Cliff Town280
Higgins, MarySilver Cliff Town279
Higgins, Mary P.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Hill, Joseph L.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Hilton, RosslindWestcliffe Town280
Hoax, Samuel C. ???Precinct 10276
Hobby, John W.Precinct 4273
Hockett, LesterPrecinct 4275
Hoffman, AdlinePrecinct 10277
Hoge, William A.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Holderman, Earl A.???Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Holistine, J. A.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Holt, Mary L.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Hopper, CatherineGreenwood Precinct 1269
Howard, ArchieWestcliffe Town281
Hoza, JohnPrecinct 10277
Hoza, Josea C.???Precinct 10276
Hoza, PaulPrecinct 10276
Hoza, StevePrecinct 10276
Huber, FrankGreenwood Precinct 1272
Hubsosky, PetePrecinct 10276
Hudgins, HortenseWestcliffe Town282
Hudson, William F.Precinct 10276
Huffman, George R.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Hugg, Anna B.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Hunt, Clarence B.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Hunt, Ethel G.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Hunt, John A.Precinct 4273
Hunt, LafayettePrestinct No. 8 Ula293
Hynes, Martin L.Precinct 4273
Ingraham, EarlGreenwood Precinct 1270
Ivey, AnnieWestcliffe Town280
Ivey, JohnSilver Cliff Town279
Ivey, John C.Precinct 4274
Jackson, Margaret S.Precinct 4275
Jagow, Louis F.Township 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
James, AlmaWestcliffe Town283
James, JanePrecinct 4273
Janch, George J.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Janch, JohnPrestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Jennings, Abraham L.Precinct 4274
Jennings, Ulisses G.Precinct 4274
Jennings, WilliamWestcliffe Town282
Jeske, ErachSilver Cliff Town278
John, EmilySilver Cliff Town278
John, ThelmaGreenwood Precinct 1270
Johnson, Helmer E.Westcliffe Town282
Johnson, John W.Westcliffe Town283
Johnson, SanfordPrecinct 10277
Johnson, William M.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Johnston, AlphaSilver Cliff Town279
Jones, Charles H.Precinct 4273
Jones, J. W.Greenwood Precinct 1269
Jones, JesseGreenwood Precinct 1270
Jones, John G.Westcliffe Town282
Jones, WilliamPrestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Jones, WilliamSilver Cliff Town278
Jordan, Sylvester F.Silver Cliff Town279
Jordan, ZacharyWestcliffe Town283
Kastendick, Henry W.Westcliffe Town282
Kastendick, RichardPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Kelling, Frank G.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Kelling, WilliamPrestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Kelly, Ann J.Westcliffe Town280
Keltsch, HenryGreenwood Precinct 1271
Kempner, RaymondGreenwood Precinct 1269
Kennedy, JamesTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Kern, WilliamPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Kerr, Donald Z. ???Precinct 10277
Kettle, AnnieWestcliffe Town283
Kettle, Charles W.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Kettle, HarryWestcliffe Town283
Kettle, Harry G.Westcliffe Town282
Kettle, WilliamWestcliffe Town283
Kettler, Henry H.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Key, Leon S.Silver Cliff Town279
Kick, JohnPrestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Kiesler, JosephPrestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Kiesler, MargaretPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Kiester, Antone???Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Killfoil, MikePrecinct 4273
Killing, Charles W.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Kindall, JohnPrecinct 4273
Kindle, George R.Greenwood Precinct 1272
King, Dorcas F.???Township 46 Prestinct 7 Texas Creek287
King, Olive T.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Kinsman, William A.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Kirkhof, John H.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Kitzmann, RichardPrestinct No. 8 Ula291
Kline, AloisTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Klose, Karl F.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Klotz, CasperWestcliffe Town281
Knuth, ElizabethPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Knuth, Helmuth F.Westcliffe Town283
Knuth, Herbert H.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Knuth, John W.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Knuth, Lizzie J.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Knuth, William H.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Koch, AugustPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Koch, ConradPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Koch, Louis P. H.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Koker, EdwardGreenwood Precinct 1269
Konn, CharlesGreenwood Precinct 1272
Koppe, AugustSilver Cliff Town278
Kuhnroth, CarstenPrestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Lane, Arthur G.??Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Lang, Joe Y.???Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Lang, Sydney A.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Lang, Thomas G.??Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Lange, GustavTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Lange, HenryWestcliffe Town280
Lange, John H.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Lanzendorfer, ChristinaWestcliffe Town281
Lapoley, RobertTownship 46 Prestinct 7 Texas Creek287
Lawrence, Myra B.Silver Cliff Town279
Lawson, ClydeGreenwood Precinct 1271
Lawson, Frank W.Precinct 4275
Leary, John H.Westcliffe Town281
Leavett, Edgar D.Precinct 4275
Lee, Ernest E.Westcliffe Town281
Lehrer, AlbertGreenwood Precinct 1269
Lemonnier, J. S.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Lenges, AdamPrecinct 10277
Lenhart, Harvey A. ???Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Leusch, HenryPrestinct No. 8 Ula291
Leusch, MarxPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Lewis, RaySilver Cliff Town278
Lillie, Harry M.Westcliffe Town282
Linch, Wilhelm H.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Link, CarolineSilver Cliff Town279
Lithgow, EdwinTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Little, ScottGreenwood Precinct 1272
Loens, Mary A.Precinct 4275
Lohstroeh, Harry A.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Long, Arle E.Precinct 4273
Longworth, Elten C.Westcliffe Town283
Looney, MaryGreenwood Precinct 1269
Lowe, Cassius P.Westcliffe Town281
Lowell, James J.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Luton, CarlottaWestcliffe Town283
Lyells, JeromeGreenwood Precinct 1271
MacGregar, Archie R.Precinct 10277
Mackenzie, Angus D.Precinct 10276
Majors, Elijah W.Precinct 4273
Malkeiwicz, StanislavPrecinct 4275
Mann, WilliamTownship 46 Prestinct 7 Texas Creek287
Manning, Milburn H.Township 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Marthay, Alfred K.??Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Martin, FrankTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Maughan, RichardPrecinct 4273
McCormick, Grace M.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
McCormick, Harry C.Precinct 4274
McCormick, Harry C.Westcliffe Town282
McCullough, MollyPrecinct 10277
McCullough, WilliamPrecinct 10277
McDonald, JohnSilver Cliff Town280
McGilliard, WilliamPrecinct 4273
McGlothlin, PhoebeTownship 46 Prestinct 7 Texas Creek287
McGlothlin, WilliamTownship 46 Prestinct 7 Texas Creek287
McKeller, Er?? R.??Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
McKinnon, James A.Precinct 10277
McKnight, Foster D.Precinct 4275
McMillan, JohnGreenwood Precinct 1269
McMullen, Ethelynda C.Westcliffe Town282
Mehan, DavidPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Menzel, Charles A.Westcliffe Town283
Menzel, Gustave H.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Menzel, JohnPrestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Mercier, Chester J.Westcliffe Town280
Mercier, NapoleonWestcliffe Town281
Merriam, Walter E.Westcliffe Town281
Meyers, JohnWestcliffe Town283
Micholas, Fred A.Precinct 4275
Miller, Charles A.Precinct 4275
Miller, Charles W.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Miller, DanielWestcliffe Town283
Miller, Louis D.Silver Cliff Town279
Miller, Martin A.Township 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Miller, SusanSilver Cliff Town280
Miller, VioletGreenwood Precinct 1272
Miller, WilliamWestcliffe Town283
Mingus, AllenGreenwood Precinct 1272
Minner, Arthur I.Precinct 4274
Minor, John??Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Mitchell, JohnWestcliffe Town281
Mittag, Carl W.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Moon, GuyGreenwood Precinct 1269
Moran, William C.Precinct 4274
Morgan, Geo. A.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Morganstein, JohnSilver Cliff Town279
Morin, Arthur W.Precinct 4275
Mott, Edward L.Westcliffe Town283
Mueller, LouisTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Mullin, Alonzo J.Westcliffe Town283
Mullin, RoyWestcliffe Town282
Mulvay, Walter W.Precinct 4275
Murgatroyd, L. C.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Nelson, AugustWestcliffe Town282
Nelson, Bert A.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Nelson, CharlesPrecinct 4274
Nelson, James W.Silver Cliff Town280
Nettlebeck, EmmaWestcliffe Town280
Newmann, Ferdinand E.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Newmann, Henry A.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Newport, Lee C.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Newsome, FrankSilver Cliff Town279
Noxon, Mary A.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Nuce, Harry B.?Precinct 4274
Oelrich, Otto G.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Oelrich, Paul E.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Oelrich, TheodorePrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Ong, John L.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Ong, PlummerPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Ong, ReubenPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Osborne, Chester W.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Overholt, Else G.Precinct 10276
Ozburn, Washington M.Silver Cliff Town279
O'Graske, Gottlieb E.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
P----, Charles ????Westcliffe Town280
Pachek, Joseph C.Precinct 10276
Packek, Issacs A.Precinct 10276
Painter, CharlesGreenwood Precinct 1270
Painter, ColumbusPrecinct 10276
Palmer, RichardPrestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Pankow, LouisaSilver Cliff Town280
Patterson, John E.Greenwood Precinct 1272
Paulson, PeterTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Pautir, MikePrecinct 10276
Paxton, Rutherford H.Westcliffe Town281
Payne, BethunePrecinct 4274
Payne, Bethune D.Precinct 4274
Payne, Elmer B.Precinct 4274
Peace, Herrish C.???Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Perkins, Edward M.Precinct 10276
Perkins, FannieGreenwood Precinct 1272
Perkins, MerillPrecinct 4273
Perrine, Edgar S.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Perry, Charles B.??Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Petty, ElmerPrecinct 4274
Petty, Elmer L.Westcliffe Town283
Peugh, L. C.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Phillips, GeorgeWestcliffe Town280
Piltz, AugustaPrecinct 4273
Piltz, LouisPrecinct 4273
Piltz, Walter O.Precinct 4273
Piltz, Walter O.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Pine, Eugene L.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Plementock, JohnGreenwood Precinct 1271
Plumentock, JohnGreenwood Precinct 1272
Pond, ClarenceGreenwood Precinct 1270
Pond, Ellmer H.Township 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Porter, OrrinGreenwood Precinct 1270
Preston, William J.Silver Cliff Town279
Price, Thomas H.Precinct 4275
Pringle, JamesPrecinct 4273
Proctor, William H.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Purdy, Harry C.Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Putman, Jesse B.Precinct 4273
Quarette, FrankPrecinct 10276
Rader, GladysSilver Cliff Town280
Rankin, MarvinPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Rants, Walter B.Precinct 4275
Ratliff, BenjamanPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Ratliff, Joseph LesliePrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Ray, James E.Westcliffe Town281
Raymond, George B.Silver Cliff Town280
Redecleave, KathrynPrestinct No. 8 Ula293
Reed, JennieSilver Cliff Town278
Reed, T. P.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Reilly, ThomasPrestinct No. 8 Ula291
Reininza, DorothyWestcliffe Town281
Reis, John G.Precinct 4273
Reis, MaryPrecinct 4275
Renker, AugustPrestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Reuler, Louis R.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Rich, LouiseSilver Cliff Town278
Richards, HughPrecinct 10277
Richards, Mrs. H. A.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Richardson, BenjaminPrecinct 4275
Richardson, Mark B.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Richardson, RobertSilver Cliff Town278
Richardson, WilliamTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Richenback, MarySilver Cliff Town278
Riches, Mort???? B.Silver Cliff Town278
Riggin, GeorgeGreenwood Precinct 1272
Riggle, AsaPrecinct 10277
Roberts, RubySilver Cliff Town279
Robinson, George W.Silver Cliff Town279
Robinson, Roy V.Westcliffe Town283
Rogers, AlexPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Rohrbaugh, Elijah M.Silver Cliff Town278
Roscoe, Andrew F.Precinct 4275
Roscoe, StevePrecinct 10277
Rosenstrauch, FrankSilver Cliff Town279
Rosenstrauch, LeonardSilver Cliff Town279
Roth, CharlesPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Rouker, Albert D.Precinct 4275
Rowe, WilliamGreenwood Precinct 1270
Russel, Judson T.Precinct 4275
Ryan, CharlesSilver Cliff Town279
Ryan, Geo. W.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Ryan, James A.Silver Cliff Town278
Ryan, Robert L.Silver Cliff Town278
Ryan, Timothy F.Silver Cliff Town279
Sampson, John W.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Sanders, CinderellaWestcliffe Town283
Sandoval, Phillip H.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Satterlee, WilliamPrecinct 10276
Saxe, John A.Westcliffe Town283
Saye, William E.Westcliffe Town282
Schaeffer, GeorgeSilver Cliff Town280
Scheible, FrederickWestcliffe Town283
Schellerberg, WilliamSilver Cliff Town279
Schick, Frank W.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Schisk, JohnPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Schmitt, JosephPrestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Schneider, Conrad D.Westcliffe Town281
Schneider, Henry F.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Schneider, JosephWestcliffe Town280
Schoolfield, Leslie H.Westcliffe Town282
Schultz, August W.Westcliffe Town282
Schulz, CharleyWestcliffe Town280
Schulz, Richard T.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Schulz, William F.Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Schutz, WilliamPrestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Schwab, Harry E.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Schwartz, Louis F.Precinct 4274
Scott, John E.Precinct 4275
Sears, James W.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Seeley, Frank M.???Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Sellers, William J.Silver Cliff Town279
Seymour, WalterTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Sheaner, Noah E.Precinct 4274
Sheeley, MarybellPrecinct 10276
Sheffield, James L.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Shiller, PetePrecinct 10277
Sierk, GeorgeTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Simmons, Thomas J.Precinct 4274
Simpson, Edna C.Precinct 4273
Simpson, Effie N.Precinct 4273
Skevington, CharlesWestcliffe Town283
Skevington, HenryPrecinct 4274
Slater, JaphetSilver Cliff Town280
Smith, Albert J.Precinct 10276
Smith, AnnaPrecinct 4273
Smith, Charles G.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Smith, FrankPrecinct 4274
Smith, Frank L.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Smith, JamesPrecinct 7 Texas Creek286
Smith, John A.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Smith, William H.Precinct 4273
Snow, E. A.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Snyder, Amos B.Precinct 10277
Spalding, James C.??Precinct 10277
Spalding, John R.Precinct 10277
Spalding, Silas M.Precinct 10276
Sparger, Calvin W.Precinct 4273
Sparks, Walker R.Precinct 4275
Spaulding, JohnGreenwood Precinct 1271
Spaulding, LeslieGreenwood Precinct 1271
Spitzner, JosephTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Squire, ErnestPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
Squire, Ernest J.Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Stacy, ChesterWestcliffe Town280
Stacy, John W.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Stacy, William F.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Stacy, William M.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Staples, Roy C.Precinct 10277
Stemm, EmmaGreenwood Precinct 1270
Stephens, RoySilver Cliff Town279
Stevens, ArthurPrecinct 4274
Stevens, JohnPrecinct 10276
Stewart, Adda R.Westcliffe Town281
Stewart, Frederick W.Westcliffe Town280
Stewart, Hattie A.Westcliffe Town281
Stocks, AloisPrecinct 4275
Stocks, FrankPrecinct 4275
Stocks, JosephPrecinct 4275
Stoehlke, Julius T.Silver Cliff Town278
Stone, MariaWestcliffe Town282
Stroehlke, EdwardSilver Cliff Town279
Stroehlke, Oscar E.Silver Cliff Town279
Stromball, NelsonWestcliffe Town283
Stubbs, MildredPrecinct 4274
Sturegiss, Wiliam W.Precinct 4273
Susman, IsabellPrecinct 10277
Susman, JosephPrecinct 4274
Sutcliffe, Robert L.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Sweeten, C. M.Greenwood Precinct 1269
Swendt, David W.Silver Cliff Town279
Tackett, Henry C.Precinct 4274
Taylor, DelfordGreenwood Precinct 1269
Taylor Florence Mrs.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Taylor, IsaacGreenwood Precinct 1269
Thomas, John R.Silver Cliff Town279
Thompson, KellettWestcliffe Town281
Timmins, Victor E.Precinct 10277
Timmis, FredSilver Cliff Town278
Travos, Mattie B.Silver Cliff Town278
Traylor, William H.Westcliffe Town281
Trelase, Thomas J.Precinct 4275
Tribble, SilasGreenwood Precinct 1270
Trout, Fred G.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Tuttle, Willes J.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Tyler, Robert H.??Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Ulch, MarySilver Cliff Town278
Ulrich, AugustaSilver Cliff Town280
Ulsh, Henry M.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Urquhart, Keith A.Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Vaclav, StevePrecinct 10276
Vahldick, Emil C.Westcliffe Town281
Vahldick, William F.Westcliffe Town281
Vanderlinde, AbramTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Vaugh, FloraGreenwood Precinct 1269
Vaughan, Russel U.Westcliffe Town283
Vaughn, S. LesterGreenwood Precinct 1270
Veal, Charles W.Westcliffe Town282
Verhoeff, Lester B.???Prestinct No. 8 Ula292
Verrier, Ethel M.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Vickerman, Ernest W.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Vickerman, RaymondPrecinct 4273
Vickerman, Russell H.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Vinson, Euric A.Precinct 10277
Voss, Fred E.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax289
Voss, Henry A.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax288
Voss, Walter E.Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Waasleigh, Ephriam T.Westcliffe Town281
Waddington, FredrickPrestinct No. 8 Ula293
Wadlugh, George L.Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Wadsworth, William B.Silver Cliff Town278
Wagner, Frank H.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Wagner, Mrs. Nettie D.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Walker, George F.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Wallace, WilliamWestcliffe Town281
Walters, AnnieWestcliffe Town283
Walters, FredGreenwood Precinct 1269
Ward, WilliamPrecinct 4274
Ward, William J.Precinct 4275
Washburn, JeromeTownship 22 S. Precinct 12 Westcliff285
Waters, Stephen H.Silver Cliff Town280
Watson, William A.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Webster, Lea R.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Welch, Charles R.Prestinct No. 8 Ula293
Wetherell, E. J.Greenwood Precinct 1270
Wetmore, DouglasGreenwood Precinct 1270
Whalin, WilliamPrestinct No. 8 Ula292
White, GeorgePrecinct 10277
White, William W.Precinct 10276
Whitmire, R. B.Greenwood Precinct 1272
Wholey, MariaWestcliffe Town282
Wilcox, WilliamGreenwood Precinct 1269
Wiley, Charles L.Precinct 4273
Willey, Morton B.Westcliffe Town283
Willhite, Arvin R.Township 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Williams, ArthurSilver Cliff Town278
Williams, Harry M.Silver Cliff Town279
Williams, John T.Westcliffe Town281
Willis, Dew??? C? ??Prestinct No. 9 Colfax290
Willis, Edward R.Precinct 7 Texas Creek286
Wilschau, GottfriedPrestinct No. 8 Ula291
Wilson, ElizabethWestcliffe Town283
Wittemore, James L.Precinct 4273
Wolfe, Louis H.Westcliffe Town282
Wolfe, Rose R.Precinct 4274
Wolff, RobertSilver Cliff Town279
Wolffe, Edward A.Prestinct No. 8 Ula291
Woodruff, AlanPrecinct 10276
Woodruff, AllenGreenwood Precinct 1271
Wopst, John G.Precinct 4274
Wright, Albert C.Westcliffe Town281
Wright, Loyd E.Westcliffe Town283
Wright, Robert M.Precinct 4274
Wright, Territt A.Greenwood Precinct 1271
Young, John M.Precinct 4275
Zall, HermanTownship 22 S. Precinct 5 Silver Cliff284
Zantz, EdithSilver Cliff Town278
Zeimer, Louis F.Westcliffe Town281
Zenoniani, JamesGreenwood Precinct 1271