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d/o Robert and Elizabeth ( Taylor) Hunter
Elizabeth "Betty" Hunter ;b.c.1831 ;d. 2/6/1900
John Christian Heenan Frye ;b.12/23/1860 ;d.2/16/1939
s/o John and Catherine (Snodgrass) Fry
William Harden Frye;b.2/13/1892 ;d.6/22/1971 Christian Thomas Fry ;b.5/3/1823
My branches of  the Lucas,Frye,Sias,and Elkins families
s/o Thomas  and Sarah (Asher) Headley
Caleb Headley ;b. 1808 ;d.c.1884
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Ida Cosbey Headley;b. 3/23/1869
d/o William H."Floyd" b.1794  and Elizabeth (Clark) Farley
Sarah Farley ;b. 5/26/1849
Maye  Frye Lucas-Adkins ;b.4/17/1926 ;d.3/19/1994
Martha"Ellen" Lambert ;b. 4/12/1848 ;d.10/30/1907
d/o Jerimiah (b.1808) and Sarah (Hedrick (b. 1815) Lambert
Henry Hampton  Sias ;b.9/5/1871;d.1945
s/o James William (b.1812) and Rebecca (Adkins) (b.1810) Sias
Andrew Lewis Sias ;b.5/28/1842 ;d.c.1895
Gertrude Lea Sias ;b.7/9/1894 ;d.5/2/1976
Joseph Marion Elkins ; b.8/15/1857 ;;d.9/22/1916
s/o Andrew (b.5/16/1831 ; d. 8/21/1910) and  Elizabeth (Elkins ; b.8/4/1834 ; d. 3/30/1914) Elkins
Emily Jane  Elkins ;b. 2/1879 ; d. 9/15/1966
d/o William (b.1/4/1840) and Emily J. (McGuire b. 1842) Elkins
Nancy Emerine Elkins ;b.10/17/1861 ;d.12/1/1951
Phyllis Anne Lucas-Kirk ;b. 7/22/1954
William F."Bill" Lucas ; b.1824 ; d bet.1880-1900
s/o  John "Preacher John" (b.1788 and Mary "Polly"  (1788) (Fry) Lucas
Leonard Crockett Lucas ;b.1850 ; d.  8/1910
d/o John ( b. 1793) and Catherine (Snodgrass b. 1790) Fry
Emily Fry;b.1/2/1832 ;              d. 6/7/1910
Winferd Lucas;b.2/23/1886 ;d.12/25/1929
s/o Poindexter (b.10-3-1763) and Jane (Lilly) (b.1790)Toney Sr.
James Toney ; b.c.1804
Martha Rose Toney ; b.3/23/1843 ; d.10-1927
d/o Theophilus (b.1776) and Mary (Champ)Gillispie
Nancy Gillespie b. 1805
Donald Davis Lucas ;b.10/16/1922
s/o Peter b. 1809  and Agnes (Stanley  b. 1791) Fry
Elisha Fry ;b.1809 ;d. c. 1892
John Peter Fry ; b 7/27/1856 ; d. 2/22/1936
Mary Ann Robinson/Robertson
Lucy Florence Frye ;b.4/20/1890 ;d.10/1/1961
s/o James William (b.1812) and Rebecca (Adkins b.1810) Sias
James Wilson Sias ;b.9/30/1838 ;d. ; 3-7- 1905
Rebecca Sias ;b . 11/3/1870 ;;d.9/20/1938
d/o Tom and Elizabeth (McDilda) Hunter
Lousia Hunter b.4/1/1845 ; d. 2-1935
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Mom, great uncle Lew Sias, and me