Keeso Neapolitan Mastiff's
Quality Neapolitan Mastiffs & Stud Service
We take pride in our Neo's to ensure that they are of the true Mastini type.
 Carefully planned breeding programs to produce sound, typey, excellent
temperaments, show & pet quality Neo's. We have been breeding Neapolitan Mastiffs for 5 years now, and have been very pleased with the few litters we have produced. Enough so that we have constructed a strong breeding program to the typist Neo's available, Including some of the top most winnings bloodlines in show!
We have Imported some outstanding Mastini from Fruit D'Amour Kennels in Hungry. We look forward to using them as part of our breeding program.
Arrivals at Keeso:
Males at Keeso
Thundermug Pagliaccio

Tawny Male
Available for Stud Service
Fruit D'Amour Zeto

Blue / Brindle Male
Stud Service Not Available Now.
Keeso Paulo

Tawny Male
Stud Service Not Available Now.
To see more information on our males, Click on Their names.
Breeding Females at Keeso
USNMC  Thundermug Lionessa
"ARBA Champion"

Tawny Female
Ironstone Nigeria

Black Female
Fruit D'Amour Rarita

Black Female
Carpe Diem's Allesyia

Grey Female
Keeso Revena

Black Female
To see more information on our females, Click on their names.
Another Keeso Neapolitan 
Keeso Beau

Blue Male
How we got our Kennel Name.
Read here to see how we got our Kennel name.

   Show Success at Keeso 
See our Champions and Future Champions in the making!

Rainbow Bridge
Where our K-9's go to rest and await our arrival.
Some GREAT Keeso Neo's.
If you would like more information on the Neapolitan Mastiff Please Check out this site for the 
Super Information Highway
for Breed Health, Breed History, Temperament, Books Available and More!
Puppies & Adults Available
Litter Announcements!
Art By: Chad Mayo
  Previous Puppies at Keeso. 

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