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Mr. Garrett's--American History--Coweta Jr. High--Coweta, Ok.

My sixth hour eighth grade American History class



We will be studying the arrival of man to the North American continent to the conclusion of the Civil War.

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This week we will be viewing the Civil War classic Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, with discussion on the various aspects of the movie

Experiments and Activities

Questions for this lesson:



Notebooks are due on Jan. 5 after we come back from Christmas break.

Chapter Ten Section One Notes
Will begin when we return from Christmas break on Jan. 3, 2000

Chelsea Easley and Meagan Holmes run down the hall in an attmept to beat the tardy bell. Yes, they are mine and no, they didn't beat the bell.


Sarah Hogan (left) Meagan Holmes (right) and Jessica Sheridan work on a homework assignment.