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Welcome! It's time to make some catching up...

...with technology (?!), nah... with old friends, of course! Friends who got to know each other in the most adventurous...most wonderful...and most memorable part of our life
(well, for most of us) -- high school. As if we have a choice.


We were put together alphabetically based on our surnames. In the four years that went by so fast... classmates come and go. Like in our last year, a few of our original classmates were moved up to another class because the school has to maintain a number of students for each class.

It was a tearful event... but then, school went on. Some have managed to study hard and were moved to sections 1 and 2 where grades mattered a lot. Nevertheless, those who were displaced (my apology) were still very much a part of the class.

When it was time to graduate from high school, it was sad to leave the friends we have known for four years. Yet our eyes were beaming with excitement as we all chose our own paths.

Most of us decided to remain a Thomasian. Some of us decided to go to other colleges or universities. Regardless of the path we chose, all of us made it a point to keep in touch with each other. Very often at first but became seldom as years went by.

Then, it was time to pursue the career that we chose and enter adulthood. Some chose to settle down right away and raise a family. Others managed to stay single. Some chose to stay in the country. Others left to find greener pasture.

While these were happening, the Internet was becoming so much a way of life. Then, we discovered that it can be a tool to find long lost friends and rekindle the friendships we once considered so precious. Thanks to the Internet, we found each other again and formed the 416 Batch'84 Email Club. We are hoping to grow and if possible, find everybody in our class. This is the reason why we created this website.


<BGSOUND SRC="midtimeofyourlife.mid"> Music: Time Of Your Life
Line from the song:
....It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right,
I hope you had the time of your life....

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