~ For a short time, an Angel rested here ~

In the spring of 1992, a beautiful Angel named Michael descended into our lives. He was disguised as an earthly child with bright blonde curls, sparkling blue eyes and a smile that embedded itself in your heart.

We believed, for a while, that he was ours to keep. That we had the luxury of watching him grow, experiencing new milestones in his life, and traveling along with him down the path of his life.

We knew not the path his life, or ours would take. And we had not yet even discovered the true gift that awaited us. The one that would transform our souls, soften our hearts and continue to guide and light our path along sometimes rocky terrain.

The value of the gift wasn't in the longevity of it's presence, but in the purity and depth of it's lesson. An undeniable, and life altering change that takes you from the brink of despair into the light of another awareness.

Guided by this small Angel, we traveled a path of sudden illness, poignant memories and ultimate grief.

It was soon after Michael transcended back to heaven, that the true contents of the gift revealed itself. It started as a package in a small and remote place. Where the cloudiness of my tear filled eyes could barely see. I knew it was there, unsure of it's contents, but had not the strength to open and view it's gift.

It sat, for a while, untouched by others. Waiting for me to become strong enough to see what it held, and to continue my journey.

Although I would no longer hold my Angel in my arms, I embraced him in my heart and found the gift he left me to be invaluable. A bright and shining beacon illuminating my path.

How brilliant a light must be to shine upon a path it no longer travels. Helping those who follow behind, occasionally losing their footing.

Copyright © 1999 Martha Gordon Knapp

For Michael

I thought I heard your laugh today,
it made me smile too.
I held you close and kept you safe,
The way I'd tried to do.

I thought I felt your touch last night,
as I laid down to rest.
I felt the softness of your skin,
as I held you to my breast.

I heard your voice say "mom-mom",
as you'd call and want me near.
And remembered how I'd have to lie,
sometimes to ease your fears.

The special moments that we shared,
I often will recall.
How you'd lift your head to kiss our face,
through the hardest times of all.

And I felt my heart break today,
just one more time again.
I felt the ache within my soul,
that never seems to mend.

I thought I saw your face today,
for a moment in a crowd.
And for an instance thought perhaps,
my heart would cry aloud.

And I remembered how my soul was touched,
by the presence of your grace.
How love and patience seemed defined,
by the beauty in your face.

I thought of how you'd taught me,
in so many special ways.
And once again remembered,
the legacy you'd left me with today.

Copyright © 1997 Martha Gordon Knapp

The Gift

I didnít want to leave you,
I tried so not to go.
But, it wasnít meant for me to stay,
it was in the gift I brought, you know.

I feel how you still long for me,
for my heart aches for you.
I am right here beside you though,
and share in what you do.

My body may have left you,
but my spirit still remains.
It shields your heart and guides your path,
along each traveled day.

Donít let your soul be tarnished,
or memories fade with time.
I am never really far from you,
Iím only waiting on this side.

And I would not have asked things different,
had I known what was in store.
For though I could have been there longer,
I could not have loved you more.

Copyright © 1999 Martha Gordon Knapp

Poetry may not be used in any form without written consent from the author.

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