to the wonderful world
of Tibetan Terriers

This is a gathering place for owners of Tibetan Terriers to share pictures and stories about their wonderful friends. There will be breeders, individual owners, and lots of great information.

It's a new site, so please come back again and see what develops!

Tibetan Terriers are special dogs with special personalities, and very definite opinions about how things should be done. That's because in their homeland they had lots of responsibility for taking care of their people, their livestock, and their property. If you are looking for a special kind of dog, not one you can boss around but one you can treat as a friend, you might want to consider a TT. But beware -- you will have to discuss things with them on occasion!

Tibetan Terriers are not really terriers, but are medium-sized dogs whose breed originated in the mystical land of Tibet. People sometimes think they look like miniature Old English Sheepdogs. They have long hair that covers their faces, unless it has been clipped, a long shaggy coat, and a shaggy tail that curls up over their backs. In Tibet they are called "Little People" which indicates the high esteem in which they are held in their native land. They are not common in the western world, and anyone who is fortunate enough to own one has a real treasure.

And, they're addictive!

Here's our first TT friend's site.

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