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My branch of the Knotts family originated on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware.  The first record of a Knotts moving to Maryland occurs in 1651, when James Knotts of Nansemum, Virginia moved to Queen Anne's County.  James Knotts was deposed on the Jamestown massacre of 1622 in the year 1638, and had been living in Virginia for 20 years at the time, so we know that he was in the colony in 1618. Another early tobacco farmer, John Knotts, is first mentioned in 1656 probate records of Kent County, Maryland.

I hope to make this site a place where all Knottses can freely exchange ideas and information, so I expect the site to change and grow. I have only included the family tree of Andrew Knotts and his direct descendants through to my mother (Karolyn Agnes Knotts) and her four brothers, as that is the line I obtained strictly on my own. As I confirm additional information and obtain the author's approval, I will add it to the website.

Christine Hardy