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The flags above represent the different ethnic backgrounds that make up my families. Canada for where we live (most of us), England for where the Clarke's came to Canada from, then France for the Lauay Family. Next comes Germany, and then Ireland where the McCue's came from. Scotland is where the Brodie's still reside and Wales is where the Clarke's are orignally from. The one flag that I cannot find is one for the First Nations, my Mom's Great-Grandmother on her Father's side is rumured to be of this descent. I can not prove or disprove this and I don't know from which Band she was from. Unless you came to Canada yourself, it is most likely that you have some of the above like my families.

I visited Scotland last year and worked for a week at the New Register House in Edinburgh and was able to trace the Brodie's back a few generations, this will be soon on the web.

Each of the links below will take you to a different point in my family tree (if I got the links right, LOL). So good luck and I hope that this page is useful in your search for your family tree!

To find out more on any of these families or to give me some information that I have missing please don't hesitate to EMAIL ME! I love to get feedback and comments, also please sign my guestbook!

The Brodie Family

The Clarke Family

The Lauay Family

The McCue Family

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