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Welcome To the
Arnold/Bolen/Hershman Family
Genealogy Homepage

For those that have visited this site before
"Welcome Back"
and I hope you like the changes.
For my first time Visitors
"A Big Welcome"
and Thanks For Visiting."
and I hope you enjoy your visit.

In order for this site to be Bobby Approved for handicap level 1 compatibility, I have added a [D] link by each image that convey's important information beyond what is in each images alternative text. By clicking on the [D] link it will take you to a text only page that will explain what the image is, and if it has a link, where that link will take you.

Thanks to all who have helped me in any way in this project. Please check out the Acknowledgement Page to find out a little about the people who have done research or helped me on creating this Site.

I am especially fond of my Military Pages. Of great interest are my MIA/POW Pages that are included in my military pages. I have always had a very deep concern for the boy's that got left behind. I guess this is because I know deep in my Heart that I could have been one of the unfortunate ones. But with a loving God and a loving family who prayed for me everyday I came back.

Please come back and visit this site regularly as it is:
"Subject to Change Without Notice."

Hold Up!!!!

Before you start, I would like for you to get
something to drink, a comfortable chair, kick off
your shoes and enjoy.

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