The Federals usually named their armies after rivers, hence the Army of the Ohio, while Confederates named theirs after states or portions thereof, thus the Army of Tennessee.

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
June 27, 1864

A Major Conflict in the Campaign for Atlanta


      "Kennesaw Mountain is, I should think, about 700 feet high, and consists of two points or peaks, separated by a narrow gorge running across the top. The mountain itself is entirely separated from all mountain ranges, and swells up like a great bulb from the plane." -- an Illinois soldier's first remarks on the area.

      "The scene was enchanting; too beautiful to be disturbed by the harsh clamor of war," he was to say, years later; "but the Chattahoochee lay beyond, and I had to reach it." -- William T. Sherman, U.S.A.