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Hi, I am Joe
   My last name is Pearson 
And I live in Northern Wisconsin

Our County is called Price
The County Seat is call Phillips

I guess that Phillips is a typical American small town.

Just big enough for two water towers.

There are lakes all around this whole County.

These pics just happen to be taken right from Main Street,
(hwy 13) in Phillips.

My Dad on one of His web pages
( )
Likes to call Price County
"Vacation Land U.S.A."

Look below and get a little idea of why!

Now how do you like that?
And that is only one reason for calling
Price County
"Vacation Land U.S.A."!

Another reason is found here in the month of June.

Czechoslovakian Fest

Or as we call it Czech-Fest
I attended the Czech-Fest in 1997 and 1998.
My Dad attended in 1997 and 1999.
But unlike me, He took his camera!

Click Here

And you will taken to a page full of pics
Which he took during both years he was there.

YEAR 2000 Czech-Fest

Pics of the 17th Annual Phillips Czechoslovakian Community Festival
And Mss. Czech-Slovak Wisconsin State Pageant
are now on line.

Click Here To Go There

I got to run a camera to this year.
Some of these pics are my work!

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