REUNION 2007 - Saturday, October 13, 2007. 6:30 pm at the St. Celestine's Gym. See photo on next page.

St. Celestine's Kindergarten Class of '58-'59

Reunion Information

Were you a member of this kindergarten class at St. Celestine School, Elmwood Park, IL? If so, I'd like to hear from you. Let me know where you are located in the photo (e.g. Row 2, 10th from left). I'd also like to know the names of the other kids that are not identified. I have listed as many names as I could, but it's hard remembering back 40 years! I would be interested in hearing from you and what you are currently doing (spouse, kids, job, where you live, etc.) I will not make this information public. Feel free to e-mail me with any information about you or any of our classmates. Regards, John Alesi

(Left to right. Numbers indicate names I can't remember. If any of the names are wrong or incorrectly spelled, please let me know.)

Row 1 (top row): Daniel Rose, James Chidester, Robert Patrunic, Patrick Frossard, Mark Galioto, James Cohara, 7, Kathy Lacy, Patty Kubiniec +, Denise Loiacono, Sally Keeffer, Andrea Krzysko, Adrienne Accorsi, Marie Schimpf, Margaret Sheehan, Christine Romanski, Carol Wilson, Edwin Setlik, Ken Rogus, Michael Holt, John Alesi.

Row 2: Sister Frances DeSales, Susan Koch, 3, Alice Szymarek +, Janet Romano, Kathy Wright, Anna Barca, Barbara Pikor, Nancy ?, Pamela Nicketta, Paulette Kreft, Carolyn Pryor, 14,15,16, Mary Kay Lindahl, Judy Toman, Donna Stranges, 20, Janet Catanzaro, 22.

Row 3: 1, Dan Gallagher, Vince Forte, Fred Mroz, Steven Medearis,Vito Pingitore, William Rudy, James Layne, Steven Danz, Jerome Lehnert, Joseph Fischer, John Pillion, Warren Wrobel, James Romano, Mark Webb, James Dellaria, Thomas Pylypiw, Mark Mattio, David Collins.

Row 4: Mary Ann Cozzola, 2, Valerie Bulinski, Mary Wynn Parker, Diane Burton, Kathleen Reiger, Christine Rompala, Angie Graziano, Anna Balice, Kathy Murphy, Joan Ristau, Laura Kielbasa, Jeanette Pedicone +, 14, Cathy Jo Zawada,16, Noreen Storino, Sharon Deichstetter, June Schultz.

Row 5: (sitting) Ed Dietz, Michael Dobrino, Stephen Prokuski, Robert Elliott, Ken Doyle, Henry Kuzel, Gary Orlowski +, Robert Quigley, Peter Kunke, Gary Sobiek, James Deacon, 12, Tim Chambers, Nick Catrambone.

Not in this photo* or not yet identified**:

*Brian Fitzgerald
*Joseph D'Onofrio
**Richard Hammang
**Richard Lechman
**Anne Barry
**Patty Melone +

+ In loving memory

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