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This is the Homepage of a very large family! 14 brothers and sisters, 7 boys & 7 girls, originating from the beautiful Coulee Region in Southwest Wisconsin. Some of us are scattered around the United States, but most of us are just a few hours from our childhood home.

This page is an attempt to give us a gathering place to keep in touch and bring us up on the latest goings on in each of our lives. My name is John. I'm number 11 in line. As this page is developed I hope to include a history of Mom & Dad and each of the kids. I hope to develope a first class web site that reflects the first class family that we are.

As I collect information from the different family members, you will be able to see how a family of this size grew up and survived in this very hectic world.
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Mom & Dad
The 14 siblings listed in alphabetical order.
Heaven forbids us from letting on which is the oldest!
Ann Mike
Peter Steve
Philip Tom
Dave Linda
Jean Mary Jo
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