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Hi !  I'm Daphne Mah
from Malaysia,
Welcome to my humble home!

This is my first attempt at writing a homepage without any computer programming knowledge and I just bought  "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Netscape Communicator 4" to help me get started!  Maybe I'm an idiot, considering I bought the book for RM44.25 without even opening the plastic wrapper!!   Well, one has to start somewhere!  (It says : "Smart People Use Idiot's Guides " - don't know how far this is true, but for layman like me, I'll consider that it should be a fairly easy guide to guide me through creating a simple Web page!!)
By the way, I'm not being paid to promote the book, OK!

Anyway, I started surfing the net for more than 2 years now and initially, I surfed to look for stuffs related to work.  Then, I went on to my favourite stuffs like crochet ( joined the Crochet List and CL exchange ),knitting,(I admit I have a disease called PAS - short for Pattern Aquisition Syndrome!), sewing, origami, crafts,movies, music and when I need to get some lyrics to songs I love to sing along with while driving or in the shower!!

Please bear with me 'coz I still have a lot of organizing and decorating to do before I can get everything together!

I'll try to add in more of my favourite links as I go along composing this!

Thank you for passing by.

Please take some time to browse around and
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Daphne's Stuffs

PROJECTS List of links to my projects
BAGS Daphne's crocheted bags/purses and links
TOYS Daphne's crocheted/knitted toys and links
SANRIO Daphne's Hello Kitty handmade stuffs
SCRUNCHIES Daphne's Scrunchies Page with patterns
SACHET Daphne's Sachets Page with patterns
FREE PATTERNS Daphne's Original - free patterns
TUTORIAL Daphne's Crochet Tutorial (illustrated)
WHAT'S NEW Easy reference for what's new at Daphne's Site

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Daphne's Favourite Links

Crochet Crochet related links and free patterns
Lyrics Links to favourite song lyrics
Computer Resources for building this Homepage
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