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Greetings and welcome to my little piece of the web. Not much here at the moment as I am changing the purpose of my website. I found this nifty little gadget. It will of course be on the left side of the screen.

My original site was started back in 1997 at the behest of my older brother. After nearly constant badgering on his part, I connected to the Internet and started a personal web page. We spent countless hours online 'chatting' while he taught me the basics of HTML and gave me advice. The site became rather large and contained a multitude of different topics ranging from politics and religion, to hermit crabs and lizards. I learned to develop my own graphics and had a lot of fun. It would take literally hours for visitors to see all the site contained. I won 'awards' from other site owners, was a member of a dozen or so webrings and also was the ringmaster of one of my own webrings. I averaged about 150 visitors a day. Not bad for a personal website, especially when you take into account the millions of sites out there. Of course I chose to completely wipe it out and start over.

Here is a blog which a friend of mine began and in which I participate. So, after you check out the rest of this page, go check out his business website.

I have added back in the links immediately following this. They are truly important sites which you should visit and take some time to consider the content.

Please take some time to visit the following sites and consider their content.
In loving memory of sweet little Hannah.
Forever young.
Children's Organ Transplant Association- COTA.org
Donate Blood- Bloodsource.org
It only takes about an hour and you can save three lives with one donation.
Be an organ donor. Donate a Life. http://www.organdonor.gov/
In memory of Eric- we miss you.

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This is where I would normally have the links to the rest of the site.