Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

I pray these children are returned to their families,
to their moms and dads, sisters and brothers who must be missing them so terribly.
Please keep these children in YOUR prayers as well.

Hi and welcome to PJs Patio. I'm PJ and this is a very rough attempt at getting myself on the web. I'm not exactly sure why, other than I have a little spare time on my hands. Get yourself a little snack, a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage and visit for a little bit. Be sure to visit my link page as well before you leave.

I was born and raised in Western New York, well, suffice to say a while ago, and raised by two patient and caring parents. I have two sisters, both younger and survived my existence with no brothers.

I grew up in four seasons but after I married a career military guy, I found myself moving more than I initially cared to. My husband and I were married in Mons, Belgium where we met. His last assignment, Marquette, Michigan, was fondly refered to as the "land of snow". After his retirement, we made a BIG move to the "land of sand" (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). That was the end of four seasons as I once knew it. Living in military settings and moving from place to place, I learned very quickly how to "adapt". I found that there is more to life than hanging mittens and snowpants and home is truly anywhere you hang your heart.

I'm currently living in the U.S. after living nearly 10 years in Riyadh where my husband is still employed. Living in the Middle East is quite a contrast to living in the great Northeast or anywhere for that matter.

Yes, that's the desert sun. Looks hot, doesn't it? It was 142 degrees on this day! This photo was taken by my son who was deep in the desert. Hed gone out there to do some rappelling with the Boy Scouts and some volunteers from the U.S. Army, who conducted the training. Matt was nice enough to get this photo for me with my digital camera.

I'm a "boomer", and we have two wonderful children,now 16 and 20. Both Sara and Matt were born in San Antonio, Texas, as that's where we happened to be stationed at the time.

We traveled extensively while stationed with the US Military; with many trips to France, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, and England. I was fortunate enough to even take two weeks in Tunis, Tunisia. A trip I'll not ever forget.

After moving to Saudi Arabia, we were able to travel around the region of the Middle East as well. We had a chance to visit Cyprus, and many times we went to Sri Lanka. We also took in short visits in London, Paris, Rome and Cairo with the kids.

I don't think my traveling days are over. However, for the time being, I'll settle for being a "stay-at-home" Mom and piddle with my computer and all the other things SAH Mom's do.

While I'm taking a bit of time off working outside the home, I thought I'd try to make a home page of my own as I enjoy SO MUCH viewing other pages.
(It's now become a challenge to me.)

Spring Flower

To get your own "Flower" click the link above

This flower was planted in Spring '99.
It starts out at a little flower pot and every 3-4 days
brings new growth.

If you take a look at some of my other pages, you will find other flowers, now full grown

I hold in my hands
a box of gold,
With a secret inside
that has never been told.

The box is priceless
but as I see,
The treasure inside
is far more precious to me.

Today I share
this treasure with thee,
It's the treasure of friendship
You've given to me!

Unknown by me

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China Roses

Who can tell me if we have heaven,
who can say the way it should be;
Moonlight holly, the Sappho Comet,
Angel's tears below a tree.

You talk of the break of morning
as you view the new aurora,
Cloud in crimson, the key of heaven, one love carved in acajou.

One told me of China Roses,
One a thousand nights and one night,
Earth's last picture, the end of evening,
hue of indigo and blue.

A new moon leads me to
woods of dreams and I follow
A new world waits for me;
my dream, my way.

I know that if I have heaven
there is nothing to desire
Rain and river, a world of wonder
may be paradise to me.

I see the sun...

I see the stars...

* Enya *

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This page published 27 Aug 1998


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You are listening to "China Roses" (words above) from the
CD title *The Memory of Trees* by Enya.

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