The Mission of Hopewell Community is:

To develop a sustainable, ecological and social community that preserves habitat and fosters democratic principles of participation, respect and responsiblity.
Hopewell Community was formed in January 1996 for the purpose of developing an intentional community comprised of individuals, couples, and families who build environmentally friendly housing, share and preserve a common property, agree to a set of by-laws based on the principles of democracy and responsibility, and accept a value system based on respecting the environment and fostering a spirit of community. Our name derives from the ancient native inhabitants in the area.
We have 16.5 acres; 50% wooded; 18 miles from downtown Louisville; private building sites available - wooded on three sides.
We are open for membership at this time.  If you would like more information or would like to arrange a visit, call (502) 364-9864 , or use email address below.
This energy efficient home was constructed on our site using healthy-house principles. It is passive solar, has 12" thick insulated concrete form walls, radiant floor heat, and a metal roof. The electric and propane costs average only $80 per month.
email:  cxbx3x(at)insightbb.com
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