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updated January 2005

Well its been quite awhile since I updated this information. I'm now 69 years young. I have 12 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. (At least that's how many I had the last time I looked... lol)

I was born in San Francisco, California in Feb 1935. Most of my life I have lived in the Bay Area, (San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City, Daly City, Alameda). I did live in Washington State for a couple years in the mid 60's, but moved back to California in 1966.

In June 1999 I moved to Suisun City CA near my oldest daughter and her family. That's when they started telling me I needed to make my own website. I started these pages way back then. In all honesty, my daughter edits the pages for me... I just tell her what I want them to look like or what to say. Sometimes she gets really busy and doesn't have time to update her own webpage, let alone mine. LOL. I do like surfing the internet and looking at Art websites. I also like chatting with my grandchildren too.

My children are scattered all over the place :

My eldest daughter, Donna, lives in Suisun City CA with her husband Tom, and youngest daughter Kristian. Donna's eldest daughter, Jenny, and grandson, Isaiah, live in Fairfield. Donna's son Jeremy is in the Army. He and his wife Cecilia and daughter Mackenzie are stationed in Ft. Hood Texas. Right now (Jan 2005) Jeremy is in Iraq..

Next my daughter, Diana, lives in Federal Way Washington with her husband David, and her children Elizabeth, Jon and Kelsey. Diana's eldest daughter Lynne and her children, Colby and Ava, live near them. Diana's second eldest daughter Laura, got married in 2004 and lives in Texas.

My oldest son, David, lives in Tacoma Washington, with his wife Betty and their daughter Debbie. Debbie is getting married this year (May 2005) and has already bought a house with her fiance and will be moving to Tuckwila Washington. David's son Brian is in the Air Force and is in basic training now.

My youngest son, Dwayne, lives in San Francisco California. He is not currently married.

Finally, my youngest daughter, Beth, has two daughters Kate and Mary. Kate lives with her Dad in Daly City California. Mary lives with her Dad in San Francisco.

My Collections

My largest collection is my Teddybears... They range in size from 2 in. to 3 ft. Boy do they make noise when they get to talking. Sometimes at night I have to get up and tell them to be quiet. (Giggle)

When I started collecting things I started with tin cans. No, not the kind soup comes in.. decorative tins. I have 2 tins that have pictures on both sides. They are very unusual. I have some with flowers, animals, buildings, people, etc.

Next I have a bottle collection. Many of them are decantors. I have some that have leather on them, these are very hard to find. There are a wide range of colors and sizes in my collection.

I have a large collection of cups and saucers, and plates. Some of my plates are from the Bradford Exchange. I also have a few sugar and creamer sets. These things are kept in glass cabinet. This way I don't have to dust them.. (wink)

I also have a small collection of pencil sharpeners. These are different items, like a globe, cars, planes, coffee grinders, lamps etc. Most of them are copper, so they are very hard to find. I got lucky one time at an antique street fair, and found a whole bunch of them at a reasonable price.

The majority of the things I have collected have been purchased at antique shows, second hand stores and garage sales. I don't know what I may begin to collect next, if anything.


C.C.the Cat

Stories and stuff

I used to tell stories to my Granddaughters Kristian and Kate when they were little, which I made up as I went along. Some of their favorites were Doris The Green Duck, Benjamin and Benjie, Fredrick Frog ESQ., Gladys and George Grasshopper ..... and many many more. Since I like telling stories so much I will write some down and put them here for everyone to read.

I have decided to make a special place for stories on my webpage. It will be called Grama's House of Stories .
Inside you will find stories about the house, and other make-believe things. There are a few stories there now, I hope to put some new ones up every month.

I was so surprised to get this special award.
I am glad that they liked my stories.

psssst.... You can also find some special Holiday Stories on my Holiday Pages.

Fun stuff

I am having so much fun. I adopted some bears for my page.
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