Klamath Union High School (KUHS)
Klamath Falls, Oregon - CLASS OF 1954
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AlexanderJ= Jack Alexander
AlexanderRP= Ruth Alexander-Prock 6/14/2003
BallB= Billy Ball 6/1/98
BergD= Delroy Berg
BiehnD= Donald Biehn 5/16/98
BleakE= Erwin Bleak
ClareyW= Wilbur Clarey died in the early 90's
Collins, Pat
Cramer, Helen
DavisR= Roger Davis 2/14/02
DavisSA= Sharon Davis-Andersen 9/23/01
DexterD= Donald Dexter 3/21/03 10/13/03-Click to go to Tommy's USA Home Page
Drake, Howard
Epley, Helen
Ferguson, Laura
FordJR=Janet Ford-Ring
GrahamM= Martin Graham 2/1/99
Grubb, Gwen
HustedLW= Lois Hustead-Williamson 10/8/99
Jamison, Jean
KnightGL= Knight, George L. 7/13/01
LawverB= Lawver, Ben 5/29/00
Lee, Jerry
LolcamaR= Richard Lolcama 12/28/92
LynchNS= Nancy Lynch-Strong 12/10/92
McKaigW= Wes McKaig 9/14/98
MooreM= Marlena Moore
OverenA= Archie Overen 4/17/84
PettyC= Carl Petty 11/16/91
PierceR= Richard Pierce 5/14/98
ProckJ= Jack Prock, wife Ruth Alexander 1/19/98
ScholerMS= Margaret Scholer-Stevens 10/27/2000
SegovianoRH= Rachael Segoviano-Herrera 8/7/95
Stiles05=Clifford Stiles (Karen Broiller's husband) 7/22/2000
SchulmireF= Fred Shulmire, wife Imogene (Shaw) 9/26/93
Stivers, Barbara
TomlinR= Ross Tomlin 10/6/2000
WaybrandtB= Bill Waybrandt

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Jack Alexander Ruth Alexander-Prock 6/14/03 Billy Ball 6/1/98 Delroy Berg 
Donald Biehn 5/16/98 Ervin Bleak Dale Brown Wilbur Clarey Patricia Collins Helen Cramer Roger Davis 2/14/02 Sharon Davis 9/23/01 Donald Dexter 3/21/03 Howard Drake Laura Ferguson Martin Graham 2/1/99 Lois (Hustead) Williamson 10/8/99 Jean Jamison George Knight 7/13/01 Ben Lawver 5/29/00 Jerry Lee Richard Lolcama 12/28/98 Marlena Moore Archie Overen 4/17/84 Carl Petty 11/16/91 Richard Pierce 5/14/98 Jack Prock, wife Ruth Alexander, 1/19/98 Margaret Scholer-Stevens, 10/27/00 Rachael Segoviano-Herrera 8/7/95 Fred Shulmire, wife Imogene (Shaw) 9/26/93 Ross Tomlin 10/6/2000 Bill Waybrandt

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