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To all who went before and all who will come after, these pages serve as an eternal link

David Brown and Delilah Huls HolbrookJohn Thomas Hendricks Wortman

The moonlight in the mountains shone brightly on the wagons so carefully loaded with worldly possessions. Indoors, a family slept knowing the morrow would bring the beginning of a long and difficult journey. Their dreams were filled with both longing and trepidation for a brighter future in an unknown land. As their ancestors had crossed the ocean in arduous journeys to start a new life, so would they venture into a foreign world. Only a few remnants of these lives remain, a pair of glasses, a trunk, some quilts, a handwritten essay, and pictures, but they are the bridge that spans the centuries. In the early to middle 1800s, our families settled mainly in Rush and Shelby Counties, Indiana. Some still live there, and many are buried there. From the early days in Virginia they have fought in wars, farmed the land, and helped build industry. They were pioneers in the truest sense, with courage we can only imagine. The swampy densely forested lands they settled on in Indiana were filled with unfathomable terrors which few today could tolerate. Our hats must go off to them.

On these pages you will find what is known of our heritage in the form of a searchable family tree, pictures we can identify and those we can't, some interesting and helpful links, and other things as time goes by. There are many holes in the family tree, so if you can fill them, please let me know. Most of the information is proven, although not all. Without the help of many kind and generous researchers and wonderful ancestors who left handwritten histories, I could not have accomplished any of it.

If you click on the Names button below, it will lead you to my gedcom files on the Rootsweb World Connect Project. There you may search through the names and download a gedcom file for any or all of them. No notes, other than the Post-It Notes provided by Rootsweb will be found there.

The LINK to this short page will give you a few ideas on how to convince your skeptical spouse and others why genealogy is so important to everyone.

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There are all ready many biographies, wills, estate papers, and obituaries for various family members on the Internet. Clicking HERE will lead you to a list of these, each of which links to the page containing the named document.

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Many of our family members were Quakers at one time, especially during the 1800s. A list of surnames of the known Quaker families can be found HERE. The surnames in this list link to the Index page of the family tree. From there you will be able to cick on the individuals in each family.

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