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  Chesterfield High
      Class of 1987    
Hello classmates!  This web page is designed to keep you up to date on what our fellow classmates have been up to since graduation.  I hope you enjoy it.

Just so you know, this is Karen Morris-Ludlow as your web mistress.  I hope you will enjoy this site.

In the meantime, if you want to submit any information about yourself and what you have been up to since graduation, click on the button at the bottom of the page to send me an email.   I look forward to hearing from you.  If you are on yahoo messenger, my username is bluebutterflylover.   I am now on msn messenger under  

Tell me about your spouse (when you were married, etc.), children (names, schools attending, ages, etc.), where you live, college, degrees, job, your parents, upcoming events, or anything that you think others would be interested in.  Also, if you want to contribute pictures of you, your wedding, or your children, feel free to email them to me.   I will keep certain information off of the page that I think would be used by others for their own gain. 
The way we were...........
Our Tenth Year Reunion - 1997
        The members of our class will be listed in alphabetical order as they were at graduation.

Lisa Adams-  After graduation, Lisa attended and graduated from King's College in Charlotte in 1988 with a diploma in Secretarial Science.  She worked at Cheraw High School for four years as a bookkeeper.  She currently works at the Chesterfield County School District Office in the business office as an Accounting Specialist.  She has worked there for 3 years.  She is, also, currently attending CMTC part-time.  She is going to earn an Associate Degree in Accounting.  She hopes to graduate this summer.  She plans on attending Gardner-Webb to get a degree in Business Administration.  She is single once again..

Sabrina Adams-Sabrina lives in Rockingham, NC with her husband and children.

Scottie Avery-

Brenda Bittle-

Tracye Blackwell-

Annette Bracy-

Sondra Broughton-

Gina Brown- Gina is married to Tony Wilkerson and they have a son named Trevor.  .

Dee Burns-  After graduation, Dee attended Wingate College.  She is married to Keith Gaskins and has three children.  Noah is 4, Madelyn is 3, and Britian is not quite a year old.  She teaches at Ruby Elementary.

Robbie Burr-

Dwight Campbell-

Michael Campbell-

Brian Chewning-  After graduation, Brian joined the Army in September of 1987.  He did his basic training at Fort Jackson, SC.  He went to Ft. Benin, Ga for Airborne school.  He then went to Ft. Gordon, Ga for his job training in communications.  He was stationed in Ft. Ord California with the 7th Infantry light Division.  During that time, he went from E1 to E4 and was deployed during the Panamanian invasion.  He was honorably discharged in September of 1989.  He went home for a few months and then went to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  He enrolled in the University of Alabama.  In Tuscaloosa, he started training in Taekwondo under his instructor Mr. James Bailey.  He started working for Mr. Bailey in 1991, and worked for him until 1994.  He met his wife Christine Gabrielson at a rape prevention seminar.  They were married on June 10, 1993.  In June of 1994, Brian and Christine moved to Lexington, Kentucky to open up his very own Taekwondo school.  At the age of 23, Brian was scared to death and running his own business.  In 1998, he tested for his 4th Degree Black belt and on October 10, 2000, he opened his second business in Georgetown, Kentucky.  He will be testing for his 5th degree blackbelt in June of 2002.  Brian's wife is 34 years old and is a registered nurse and works in the recovery room.  She has been a nurse for 11 to 12 years.  On October 10, 1995, Brian and his wife welcomed their first son to the world.  His name is Logan Keith Chewning.  On September 19, 1997 there second son was born.  His name is  Colton Thomas Chewning.  The boys are now 5 and 3 and keep them very busy.  Brian says he has lost track with a lot of old friends and is going to try to make our 15 year reunion.  Brian is single again.

Doyle Chisholm-  Doyle and his wife, Mia, were married in May of 1993.  Doyle graduated from the College of Charleston in May of 1992 with a Bachelor's degree in Business.  Mia graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor's degree in May of 1993.  While living in Charleston, Doyle worked in management, for a manufacturing plant for 5 1/2 years.  Mia worked as an accountant for a company affiliated with the Medical University of South Carolina.  They moved to Washington, DC, in June of 1998, so that Doyle can pursue a law degree.  Doyle is finishing up his second of three years at the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law.  Mia works as a Controller for the Washington, DC, Church of Christ, which is where they attend church.  There are no children to report at this time.  Doyle says maybe in a year or two.

Connie Collins-

Jackie Crowley-  Jackie is married to Patrick Galloway.  They live in Concord, NC.  They own a trucking business.  She also works at the corporate office for Shoe Show in advertising.  They are in the process of buying a franchise to open in Concord.  She has a 12 year old daughter named Brooke, and a 9 year old son named Brandon.

Chad Curtis-  It is with great sadness that I must say that Chad died in 1988 of alcohol poisoning.  After graduation, he went through training for the National Guard.

Renee Davis-  Renee is married.

Margaret Davis-After graduation, Margaret attended Furman University.  She has been attending medical school and doing her residency near Atlanta, Ga.  Margaret suffers from Parkinson's Disease.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Michelle Davis-

Tammy Davis-

Patti DeMiere- works at Chesterfield General Hospital as a Registered Nurse.  She just recently passed her state boards.  She has a son named Landon, aged 3.

Chris Deese-  Chris is a newlywed.  He and his wife are Nurses at McLeod Regional Hospital in Florence.  They live in Florence.

David Dickson-  After graduation, David attended and graduated from Clemson University in 1991 with a BS in Civil Engineering.  He then went to work with a surveying company in Rock Hill, SC  until November of 1993, when he went to work for Chester County, SC as a building inspector.  In May of 1997, he took over the building department for Chester County as the Building Official for the county.  While in Chester County, he earned about 25 inspection certificates which can be used in almost all 50 states in the US.  In September of 1998, he passed the International Council of Building Officials exam to become a Certified Building Official.  Also, in September of 1998, he started working for the City of Gastonia, NC Engineering Department.  He reviews all the commercial site plans being developed in the city.  He has designed some water and sewer, also, but his main job is plan review.  In April of 2001, he hopes to pass the Professional Engineer's Exam so that he will be able to stamp construction plans as the designer.  In September of 1997, he married Patricia (Trish).  They lived in Chester until finishing their house in Clover, SC.  Trish works at Piedmont Heathcare as an insurance specialist.  At this time, they do not have any children, but they do have 2 chocolate labs that keep them going.  David would love to hear from anyone from our graduation class. 

Tammy Lisa Donahue-

Gale Driggers-

Pam Dutton-  Pam is married to William White and they have 2 daughters.

Stacey Evans-

Jeff Gaddy-  Jeff is married to Pam Sellers.  They have two daughters.  Ashley is 2, and Danielle will be one in September.  Jeff is co-owner of Stroud and Gaddy Auto Parts.

Richard Gaskins-  Richard is married.  His wife's name is Charlene.  Richard works at Chesterfield General Hospital as an operator.  He, also, works at Western Auto part time.   they have a new baby.

Andy Gaskins-  Andy is married to Kim Burch.  They have a daugher, named Grayson and a young son.

Veronica Gibson-   Veronica is the mother of twin boys.

Victoria Glenn-

Katrina Gordon-

Wilbert Gordon-

Ivan Gulledge-

James Harris-

Joey Harvey-  Joey has a son.

Ronda Hill-  Ronda has a son and a daughter.

Darrell Hinson-  Darrell is married with children.

Neil Hinson-

Yolanda Hinson-  Yolanda has a daughter.

Sherry Hodge-

Jacki Holshouser-

Jeff Honeycutt-  Jeff has a son named, William.

Emmet Hough-After graduation, Emmet attended Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC.  He is married and lives in Columbia.  Emmet's wife's name is Lawson.  They welcomed a daughter Katherine in October of 2001. 

Mark Huntley-  Mark owns his own heating and cooling business.

Diane Hurst-  Diane is married to Michael Davis.  They have a daugher.  They live in the Teal's Mill area.  Diane owns and operates her own hair salon.

James Ingram-

Kim Jackson-  Kim is married.  Her husband's name is Dean.  They have a daughter. 

Marla Jacobs-  Marla has a son.  She is in bad need of a liver transplant.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Doug Jordan-  Doug is married.  He and his wife have a daughter.  He woks at Ina USA in Cheraw. 

Mondra Kahan-  Mondra lives In Flint, Michigan.  He is a police officer.

Terry Kahan-  Terry lives in Michigan with his brother.

Glen Lampley-  Glen works with his father in their pool business.

Pam Lang-  Pam is married to Jimmy Jordan.  They have a son.

Ellen Lett-

Penny Locklear-  Penny married Dale Wilkerson in June of 1987.  They have been married for nearly 13 years.  They have 3 children.  Megan is 12, Logan is 8, and Davin is 3.  They live in Chesterfield.  Penny is currently attending Northeastern community college to get her nursing degree. Dale works at Ina USA in Cheraw, and is currently in the process of being deployed to Iraq..  In December, of 1992, their middle child, Logan, was diagnosed with a terminal lung and digestive disease called Cystic Fibrosis.  There is not a cure for her yet, however, they pray everyday that there soon will be.  If you ever have the ability or the chance to give to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, they would greatly appreciate it and you can always put it in honor of Logan Dale Wilkerson.  Penny's other two children do not have the disease and they are greatful for that.  Penny and Dale have had a lot to happen in their lives, but have overcome it all, and they are greatful to all the friends that have been there for them and kept them in their thoughts.  Penny is still crazy, and Dale continues to put up with her.  She hopes that everyone is doing well and would love to hear from anyone.

Michael McLain- Michael lives in the Columbia area.  he is single again.

Sylvester Merriman-

Karen Morris-  After graduation, Karen attended Columbia College.  She graduated with a B.A. in Spanish Education in May of 1991.  She has taught Spanish at Cheraw High School, Central High School and Monroe Avenue Elementary School in Hamlet, NC.  She married Tim Ludlow, of Cheraw, in March of 1994.  Karen and Tim have a 5 year old daughter, Cassidy Lauren.  She was born in August of 1997.  In October of 2001, Karen and her family moved to a suburb on the southside of Atlanta, Ga, called McDonough.  Her husband Tim is working for a trucking company named Triple Crown, and Karen is working at a psychiatric group practice in the billing and claims department.  Cassidy just is now in the first grade. 

Brenda Nivens-

Nettie Nivens-

Renee Nivens-  Renee is a sherriff's deputy near Winston Salem, NC.

Wandal Nivens-

Beth Oakley-   Beth attended Florence-Darlington Technical College and graduated from CMTC with honors.  While at Tec, she worked asa secretary for the Dean of Instruction.  She was, also, the secretary of the Student Government.  She has an Associate Degree in Office System Technology, a Diploma in Stenograph, and a Word Processing Certificate.  She has worked at Anson Community Hospital in Wadesboro, NC, for the last 7 years.  Her title is Administrative Secretary, Professional Services.  She works with Risk Management, and credentializing physicians, etc.  She woks for one of the Sr. managers at the hospital.  She has 2 daughters.  Morgan is 7 years old and is in the second grade at Ruby Elementary.  Macy is one year old.  she is remarried.

Dean Oliver-Dean lives in Chesterfield and works for Crown Cork & Seal.

Jean Oliver-  Jean is married and has a child.

Lynn Oliver-  Lynn is married and has children.

Gwen Pegues

Becky Pittman-Becky is married to Shane Ratliff and they live in the Cross Road Community of Ruby. 

Tim Polson-  Tim is married to Rebecca King.  They have a son..

Sheri Poston-

Vandy Quick-  Vandy is a nurse.  She works at the hospital in Laurinburg.  She has 3 children.  2 girls and one boy.

Melinda Ratliff-

Tony Ratliff-

John Redfearn-

Shamon Redfearn-

Michelle Rivers-  Michelle is married to Chris Ross.  They have a home in the Brock's Mill community.  They have a son and a daughter.  Michelle is pursuing a degree in education.

Janice Roberts-

Ethel Robinson-

Hope Robinson

Phil Rogers-  Phil has a son named Blake.  He is 8.

Christy Roscoe-  Christy is married to Tommy Rivers and they have 3 sons.  Houston is 10, Ethan is 8, and Cade is 3. 

Paul Roscoe-  Paul graduated from the SC Criminal Justice Academy with honors.  He was certified as a school resource officer.  He was the first officer certified as an instructor in crime prevention.   He has two daughters.  Morgan is 7 and attends Ruby Elementary.  Macy is one year old. 

Jean Rushing-  Jean is married to Jason Watson.  They have a boy and a girl.

Alison Sellers-  Alison is married, and has children.

Chris Sellers- Chris has 3 sons.  Christopher is 10, Aaron is 7, and Zach is 5 months old.  he is single again.

Jay Sellers-

Lisa Sellers-

Pam Sellers-  Pam is married to Jeff Gaddy.  They have two daughters.  Ashley is 2, and Danielle will be one in September.  Pam works at the Chesterfield Rural Water office. 

Ronald Sellers-

Evelyn Short-

Mark Sings-  Mark is married and has a daughter.

Sharon Sowell-  Sharon is married to Stacey Jefferson.  They live in Cheraw.  She and her mother own a hair salon.

Wendy Sowell-

Leigh Ann Stroud-  Leigh Ann is married to Forrest White.  They have two daughters.  Kristen is 4, and Ashton will be 3 in August.  She teaches 6th grade at Cheraw Intermediate School.

Ken Taylor-

Charlie Thurman-  After graduation, Charlie attended CMTC, and graduated with a B.A. in childhood education in December of 1991.  She married David Deese, from Pageland, in July of 1991.  They have two sons.  Caleb and Joseph.

Chris Tucker-Chris is married and lives in Chesterfield.  He works for Suburban Propane Gas Company. 

Lance Tyner-After graduation, Lance attended Furman University.  He began majoring in Religion, but then switched majors to Philosophy and minored in Psychology.  He graduated in 1991 with a B.A.  He then went on to get his Masters Degree at Duke University.  He has a Masters of Theology.  Since then, Lance has worked full-time in the family tire business.  He preaches part-time for churches whose pastors are on vacation, and he also teaches at youth retreats.  Lance was married to Valerie in May of 1993.  They have a son, Davis, who was born in December of 1999., and had a daughter, Logan in January of 2002.  Valerie was teaching full time at an elementary school in the Florence area, but now is a part time instructor at Florence Darlington Technical College where she teaches early childhood development.  She received a bachelors from Francis Marion University and her masters from USC in early childhood education.  Lance and Valerie have built a home in Florence.   

Linda Watts-

Robin Webb-  Robin is married to Michael Davis.  They have 2 daughters.  The oldest is named Kinlyn and they recently just added a new addition.  Robin is a nurse at McLeod.

Jackie Welsh-  Jackie is married to Chris Gaskins.  They welcomed a new son in August. 

Sherry White-  After graduation, Sherry attended CMTC.  She began working for Highland in 1988.  She married Charles Bunting in June of 1991.  They have a son, Justin.  He will turn 6 in November.  Charles works at Takata.  Sherry worked for Dr. Newsome for a couple of years and went back to work for Takata in 1997. 

Amanda Wilkerson-  Amanda is married.  She and her husband have 2 sons.  They live at the beach.

John Wilkerson-

Amy Wood-  Amy is married and had a baby last year.

Mark Wood-  Mark has a daughter. 

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Thanks to Penny, Beth, and Lisa for all their help with gathering this information. 
               Pictures from our ten year reunion...
                Pictured left to right:  Charlie, Dale (Penny's husband), Penny, and James
Some of the members of the class of 1987 dance to the electric slide with their spouses and friends.
         Dee, Leigh Ann and James watch others dance at the CHS Class of 1987 reunion.
                          Glenn Lampley catches up with Sherry White at the reunion.
                      Charlie, Dale and Penny strike a pose.
        Darrell Hinson, Michael McLain, Lisa Adams, and Doyle Chisholm smile for the camera.
If you have any pictures of the reunion that you would like to share, please email them to me.  Thanks.
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