November 2001
                this is
GOD's world,
     It has been bought with a HIGH price
this message is brought to you by:shadeTree Ministries,Inc.
the artist: Lars Justinen.                USED BY PERMISSION 11/08/01

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   Greater LOVE hath no man than this,
that a man lay down HIS life for his friend.

                             John 15:13
ShadeTree Ministries, Inc.
is a ministry of GOD's LOVE
in this PRESENT a world crazed by it's thirst for power and authority.
When the true authority and power belongs to only One,

that ONE...IS
Lord Jesus Christ,

and HE (alone) paid that cost. And aren't you GLAD, HE did.
a Word:
    Every day of our lives is a 'GIFT from GOD. Therefor, as with ANY 'gift' we should not let it waste away, uncared for as if it means nothing to us. We need to be grateful and caring for what we have been 'blessed' with because GOD, our Creator, has a 'plan' and our attitude toward that plan plays an important part in that 'plan' being 'worked' out. We must think of our lives as being "ASSETS" that should not be wasted. GO, be happy, it is you choice and by your being happy, it may very well make someone else happy as well. As the Bible says, 'SELA' (think on this). Look on the 'positive' side of everything, it is altogether to easy to a negative person, the continual 'grump'. Face it there is only HOPE when that 'seed' is planted. BE POSITIVE; no, that is not just the world's slogan, but it can be yours and mine. TODAY, right now it's your choice. And PRAYER, moment by moment is a excellent way to begin, occupy your mind with ALL the good things that are just a PRAYER away. Turn off the radio, stereo or tape, turn off the television and turn on the Prayer life that lies before just you,

Once again thanks once again, for allowing me to 'share'.
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