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Walt, Belinda, Eleisha,

Cassandra, Tiffany, Walt Jr..

In our pages you will learn all about us,

Our likes, Our intererests, & our hobbies.

I am a house wife and mother of four,

A challenging job but very


The kiss of the sun for pardon,

The song of the birds for mirth.

One is nearer to God's heart

in a garden than anywhere

else on earth.

--Dorothy Frances Gurney

Ingriedients for life!

(1) Approach love and cooking with

reckless abandon.

(2) Remember that your character

is your destiny.

(3) Believe in love at first sight. : )

(4) Read between the lines.

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Life What a
Beautiful Choice!


Adopted: August 10,1999

Stop Abortion Not A Beating Heart!

Life What a
Beautiful Choice!


Adopted: June 21,1999

Stop Abortion Not A Beating Heart!