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Helping Other Parents Endure
a site
For Grieving Parents
H.O.P.E. meets on Thursday evenings
7:00-8:30 PM
Richland Hills Church Of Christ
6300 N E Loop 820
North Richland Hills, Texas
Room 208
For More Information Call
H.O.P.E.'s Creed:
We will endure this journey which we did not choose to embark on. We will accept a new life which we must, if we are to succeed. We will gain strength to sustain. We will turn and grasp the hand that follows. We will follow the footsteps of our leader, our Lord. We will share our beliefs, our means of survival, and our hope.
" And God Said"
I said, " God, I hurt."
and God said, "I know."
I said, "God, I cry a lot."
and God said, "That's why I gave you tears."
I said, "God, I am so depressed."
and God said, "That's why I gave you sunshine."
I said, "God, life is so hard."
and God said, " That's why I gave you loved ones."
I said, " God, my loved one died."
and God said, " So did Mine."
I said, " God, it is such a loss."
and God said, " I saw mine nailed to a cross."
I said, " God, but Your loved one lives."
and God said, " So does yours."
I said, " God, where are they now?"
and God said, " Mine is on My right and yours is in the Light."
I said, " God, it hurts."
and God said, " I know."

posted on the wall at the
Oklahoma City bombing site
by KC & Myke Kuzmic
Stockton, Ca.

Our Children:
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Adamowski-Bartek-drug overdose
Bracke- Sandra Lynn-seizure/drowning
Clark-Tiffany Nicole-traffic accident
Davidson-Jody-traffic accident
Drew-David Cannon-automobile accident
Fulfer-Debbie-crohn's disease & strep infection
Gerth-Ashlie Starr-accidental aspirin overdose
Hause-Yuri Judah-traffic accident
Hemby-Dylan Reed-meningitis
Herron-Haley-traffic accident
Knight-Kathleen-breast cancer
Newsom-Justin-auto accident
Wilkins-Michael Anthony-SIDS
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In Memory Of
National Children's Memorial Day
December  2009
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