Welcome to Neufell Guitar!

          This site is under construction so please bare with us for about a month or so (maybe sooner). This site will be used primarily for Neufell Guitar business, which will include Guitar orders and other merchandise posted on collectorsauction.com In the weeks to come you will have the opportunity to order custom built Guitars of your own design and/ or specification, or the option to adopt one of five house Guitars that rival the big boys in beauty and playability for a fraction of the cost! Yes, I said adopt! Let me explain briefly; I am one Man. I build my instruments slowly and carefully.I support myself and my 17 year old Son. I am not a large company, nor do I wish to become one. Like Stradivari I will not sell my soul for money, but possibly for Love!
Thank You,

          Richard "Duke" Neufell

PS From this site you can now browse all of my items on EBay, including, but not limited to guitars, collectable toys, models, and memerobilia.

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