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The FAMILY Section:

Here we go again.  I am really bad about updating this, and  I know that there are those of you who would like new photos.  Unfortunately, there are no new photos digitally.  I apologize - and they will be coming.  We will be going to watch Robert (Ted's twin brother) get his PhD in May02, swinging through both Riversided (to see Ted's Dad) and Las Vegas (to see Ted's Mom and Sister) on the way out and back, respectively.  We just had a garage sale that cleared about $150 and Bev assures us that we have all the money we expect to need for the trip.  Whitney is 4, Joanne is 3, and William is 2.  Whitney draws a $1/week allowance and is very careful to tithe every Sunday (a dime).  God Bless her, you can never start tithing too early.  Ted and Beverly both got baptized recently (full submersion) in a Southern Baptist Church.  We hope to see everyone this year!
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The SPORTS Section:

Ted is on two softball teams this year.  He is coaching his church team (Eastside Baptist) and is starting at right center for his Army company team.  In fact, he has a double header tonight (22APR02)!  He has golfed once since CAS3 as part of a scramble, but birdied a 155yd par3 by himself in that one!  He is doing what he can to get back in good condition to play Rob over the vacation we mentioned in the family section (above).
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The MILITARY Section:

Ted is currently assigned as the S-3 Air (plans and operations officer) in 2-8 Cavalry Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, at Fort Hood, TX.  Currently, the Battalion plans to go to the NTC in November and Kosovo next Spring ('03).  Ted is looking to take command no later than Summer '03.  The timeline is getting tenuous for all of his plans.  He would like to get back and teach at West Point, but he will go where God sends him....
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Beverly is off and running with her stained glass at last.  It is always tough after a move to break into a new market, but she finally has a coffee group (wive's circle) that is buying going away gifts from her.  She makes a dandy stained glass 1st CAV patch.  Don't be surprised to see some of these come Christmas time!  Ted continues to get more stupid in this army while his brother continues to get smarter.  Ted has no choice but to become the guy he hated in school and resort to brute strength to overcome Rob's superior intellect this summer.

God Bless!
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