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Hello Kristi fans! This site was an online tribute to my favorite figure skater. Kristi is the 1992 Olympic Gold medalist and four time World Pro Figure Skating Champion. J

This site will no longer be updated (as of Jan 2000), but I will keep this site up for any one who wishes to find information on Kristi.
The fan forum is where you can find ALL the latest news, information and discussion about her participation on DWTS and more!

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UPDATE 4/02/08 Please visit the forums for ALL the latest news! Thank you! Vote for Kristi & Mark on DWTS!!

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This site was created and maintained by Amy
Please note: I am not Kristi Yamaguchi. I cannot send any messages to her, nor can I contact her personally. This is a personal, non-profit, unofficial fan site. Thanks for visiting!J
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