Hi!  May I introduce myself?  I'm, jansoga from small town USA (the last census, our town had less than 500 residents).  I am originally a Florida Cracker but I've lived here in the pines of Georgia for more years now than I lived with the "fun in the sun."  You've found your way to my Cottage in Heartland, but if you followed this lane, you could find your way to my cottage in the pines.
The painting, " Backyard Treasures"  is  by
Tom Sierak and used with his  permission by Moon and Back Graphics to construct this set

In their forward to the "Log of Life," L. I. Foley and Chas. D. McMillin wrote "Blessed is the community which has a goodly number of public spirited, community minded and home loving parents who, while not forgetting their own welfare, are diligently mindful of the welfare of the individual child."  I like to think I live in such a community.  We're still small enough that we not only know our neighbors but most of the folks in town.
I'm glad you came to visit . . . .  I hope you enjoy!
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