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San Ramon Valley High School
Class of 1979

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First sixteen pages of 1978 yearbook
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Past Reunions:

20 Year Reunion photos (10/23/99)

10 Year Reunion Book (11/24/89)

Alumni Towns
Who moved away? Who lives nearby?
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Links to websites about some SRVHS grads
El Lobo Yearbook
Yearbook Senior Portraits

Biography Page Whatever happened to the Class of '79?  Find out here.  Submit your own biography and tell your classmates how you're doing
Senior Wills - Remember writing a "Senior Will" over 25 years ago?  Well - here they are.  See if they make any sense to you 25+ years later!

The program for the June 8, 1979 San Ramon High graduation ceremonies

Who is this? See some future members of San Ramon's Class of '79 who attended Alamo's Rancho Romero School:

1966-67: Mrs. Hoffman's Kindergarten
1969-70: Mrs. Allio's Third Grade
1970-71: Mrs. Rix's Fourth Grade
1972-73: Mrs. Hagen's Sixth Grade

30 Year Reunion?

Would you like to attend a 30 Year Reunion in 2009?

Don't Know--Too Early to Ask
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