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I am a mixture of Scottish and Welsh grandfathers, and English grandmothers:  if only I had been good enough, I could have played rugby for any of these countries!

So far, I have researched the following names:
(click on those underlined in blue for more information, other pages being prepared: some of the unlinked can be found on the Other Families page.)

ANDREWS/ANDERSON in Gaddesdens, Flamstead, HRT (and elsewhere ?)

BALL in Stoke STS, Harwarden FLN

COCK at Kintbury BRK

EYTON/EATON in Bangor-on-Dee FLN and Ruabon DEN WLS

FENSOM in Berkhamsted HRT

FINCH in Wheathampstead HRT

FOWLER in St. Albans, Berkhamsted HRT, and Edlesborough BKM

GOLDING in Berkshire

GOODWIN in Much Hadham, HRT

KINGHAM in St. Albans, North Mymms HRT

LAWRENCE in East Woodhay BRK

MASSEY in Chester CHS, Ellesmere SAL, ENG, and Denbighshire, Flintshire WLS.
Other general information also available

McKAY, MacKAY in Tongue, SUT SCT

NORRIS in Wheathampstead, the Gaddesdens, Widford, Much Hadham, HRT, Ivinghoe BKM

RATHBONE in Cheshire ENG

RICHARDSON in Audley, Peover, Ollerton, Knutsford CHS

ROWLEY in Baldock, Much Hadham, HRT ENG

ROSIER in Kintbury BRK ENG

SNELLING in Hertfordshire - and where else ?

SOLES of St. Albans HRT

STIRRUP in Frodsham CHS


SUTTON in Frodsham, CHS, ENG

TASKER in Navenby, Wood Enderby LIN, Knutsford CHS, Harrogate WRY

TUBB in Hamstead Marshall, Kintbury and Lambourn, BRK, ENG

TURVEY in Berkhamsted HRT

WATERTON in Berkhamsted and Tring, HRT and Chesham BKM ENG

WOOD in Vernham Dean and Andover, Hampshire ENG

I have many references and names of other reseachers for most of the above names:  Email me with your own lines and I shall see if I can link you with any of them, and perhaps save you some work.

HIGHLAND RAILWAY and Highland Railway Society

My interest in the H.R. goes back over 50 years, to the times I visited my Grandfather's ancestral croft at Tongue, on the north coast of Sutherland.  At the time we were living near London, and the journey was by the overnight "Royal Highlander" from Euston to Inverness, and then by another train on to Lairg.  From Lairg to Tongue the journey was by the daily mailbus, a combination of coach front half and mailvan rear, which stopped to deliver not only mail but bread, milk and other goods at many of the roadside crofts.  The complete journey from London took just 24 hours.
I am now Membership Secretary of the HRS, for their Home Page click here.

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