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My Collectable dolls are completely hand crafted in Ceramic bisque.
I visited a friend of mine some time ago, while I was there she took me to see her mother-in-law, who had dolls sitting everywhere.  They told me all the dolls were done in ceramic.  I couldn't believe it!  they were so beautiful.

Then, later that year, that same friend, for Christmas, gave me doll "pieces" to put together to make my own doll.  Well, I was really hooked after that!!!

I  thought about how much fun it was to do that doll, I finally decided to buy some molds of my own.  I have been having fun every since!!!

My husband is so helpful.  He pours the molds for me, and airbrushes the flesh color on the pieces.  It really makes it easier to do each doll.

Now I have LOTS of different dolls.  Am I having fun or what!!!!!!!!
These are awards I have recieved.  Itwas such a pleasant    surprise!
Thank you Geocities Heartland/Cottage!  This award is so
greatly appreciated!
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This is a picture of my dad.
He is a WWII Verteran.  I was
shocked when my brother
e-mailed me a website he
was working on. 

It is a page dedicated to
our Father. 

Click on the picture to go
to the page that I am so very
proud to be able to link to.
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This is my interpretation of "Jessie" by Patricia Rose.  I love to make her into a bride, or an angel, or dressed in an elegant evening dress. I am changing some of the information on my web pages, besure to come back to see what I've added!   THANK YOU for visiting my website!
I am in the process of updating my website.  Thank you for your patience!  Instead of just showing pictures, I'm going to try to explain the steps I use to do my dolls in ceramic bisque.  I have discovered a few shortcuts to time and money!  Thank you for visiting!