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December 17, 1999

Love CatsDaddy: Tony, 27, was born and raised in Oceanside, California. He moved to Wyoming when he was 17 and met me (Krisi) in 1991. Right now, we are living in southern California and he owns a computer, copier, fax & printer repair/sales business in Indio, CA. He enjoys Science Fiction/ Fantasy books especially the ones written by Robert Jordan, Raymond E. Fiest, and Orson Scott Card. When he has the time he enjoys playing Heroes II & III, Starcraft, and Star Wars Rebillion on the computer.

Mommy: Christina (aka Krisi), 26, is a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) who enjoys playing games on the computer including the many different kinds of Solitaire, most puzzle games, and Heroes II & III. I enjoy making web pages and cooking yummy treats like Butterscotch chip cookie. mmm! I also enjoy reading books by Robin Cook and John Grisham. I really love it here in Southern California. Its a big difference from where I'm used to living (Wyoming for 10 years and Kansas & Colorado before Wyoming).

CatJessee is the oldest child. He turned 8 on November 11 and is in the 3rd grade right now. He is very skilled in Math at school. Like Daddy and Mommy, he enjoys playing Heroes on the computer. He just started reading Chapter books a few months ago. He especially likes the Animorphs and Pokemon series. He just discovered Pokemon cards so he is wanting to spend the money he got for his birthday on new cards. I'm trying to talk him into getting something else, like clothes.

Brandi is the spunky, youngest child. She turned 4 on November 9. I brought her home from the hospital the day before Jessee's birthday so he considers her his birthday sister. She has a lot of fun staying at home with me all day and she enjoys helping me wash dishes (believe it or not!). Barbie dolls is her favorite plaything and for Christmas this year she is asking for more Barbie dolls and a doll house.

Cat playing with BallOur Pets: Mischief is our oldest cat, he is 4 1/2 years old. We also have 2 cats who are 1 1/2 year old. Their names are Treasure Boy and Princess. Princess has had 10 kittys since April. We were lucky enough to keep 6 LOL. We are looking for homes for the 2 youngest ones though. In addition to our cats and kittys we have a pet Peacock and a new puppy. They get along great with the cats and the peacock eats cat food with them when I put the food out each morning and night. They're a delight to watch. :)

Religion: We are very active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Tony has been a member since he was 11 years old. I was baptized a couple weeks after we got married in 1993. Tony is currently serving a calling as the Elder's Quorum President and the Branch Clerk. I'm serving in the Primary Presidency as the 2nd Counselor and Secretary. We really enjoy it :} We also enjoy going to the Temple in San Diego. We were sealed as a family there on September 23, 1994.

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