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Hi, my name is Michele and I have found the most wonderful website for children (Young and Old) to play
games and interact with other people.  When i was first introduced to the site, I thought it was a great site for children, but being ummm my age (not telling) I didn't see me getting into it.  But after 1 week i was hooked, and I have been using to teach my stepdaughters alot about money (neopoints) which you have to earn to feed,and take care of their pet.  Yeap they even need vet care.  You also get to make a home for your pet, and even a store, but once again you have to earn all neopoints playing games (alot very educational).  They also are learning the value of a dollar "neopoints," by not always buying what they want, but what they need first.  Oh and their is a
NeoPets National Bank, where both girls are learning the importance of saving money "NeoPoints" , not only for the interest they can earn on a daily basis, but if you keep too much money in your pockets, it soon can disappear, and you have no idea where it went.  Boy isn't that true in real life!

So, If you have children, grandchildren, or younger siblings, I highly reccommend
Neopets, Or maybe you might want to check it out, I am sure you wont be disappointed.
Just click this link to try Neopets

As time permits I will be adding my other
Neopets, they are soo cute.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at