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Jerome & Karen Lee's
Family Webpage
Karen was in a near death accident and one of the things that helped to get better was the hope of going on a cruise with Jerome someday. That accident was 10 years ago but here we go in 1999 on our first cruise to Mexico. We left from Los Angeles on February 21 and returned February 28.  We went to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. Of course on the ship the favorite thing was the good food and also we enjoyed the entertainment, especially the fiddler, Billy Armstrong. We did not meet other friends on the cruise but our good friends, the Crabb's and the Bode's drove 5 hours to spend the day with us in Puerto Vallarta. They are the best 8-)) They also took us to the Kingdom Hall in Puerto Vallarta and the caretakers there allowed us to see the hall---what a treat, also to meet some of our Mexican friends. Then in Mazatlan we also met some of the friends as they were vendors at some of the shops we went to. We enjoyed Cabo San Lucas as the place to go on the glass bottom boat and relax on the beautiful beach. An incredibly relaxing place. We didn't get a chance to snorkle, guess we will just have to go back. hmmm. We really did enjoy the cruise and would definitely recommend this as a great vacation. The one thing we didn't really enjoy was the smoke on the ship, perhaps the next cruise will be on Paradise with Carnival Cruise Line.
Entering the Carnival Elation
cruise ship on
February 21, 1999.
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This is our good friends the Crabb's and Bode's in Puerto Vallarta on February 24, 1999. Also in this pic is the dining room on the ship called Tiffany's.
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Here we are in Mazatlan at Senor' Frog's. Don't tell Jerome & Jordan we saw these pics of them. hehehehe Fun place. {8-)) Little Mexican girl with newly made hat. Isn't she cute. 
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Place that Crabb's and Bode's took us. Watched the boy in the water and some mosquitoes had us for lunch. eeek
This is our favorite port Cabo San Lucas. What a wonderful place to relax and just sit on the beach. The water and sand were oh so beautiful. Notice the beautiful. Notice the Iguana. No we didn't eat him. =-)
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Glass Bottom Boat
and Cabo San Lucas
Jerome and Jordan
After leaving Cabo on Friday
afternoon the motion on the
ship made many of us motion
sick. We stayed that way until 
arriving home on Sunday. We
wanted to dress up for the
Farewell Gala and Dinner. 
Although I didn't enjoy my
wonderful primerib dinner, 
We wanted to share our portraits.
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We appreciate being able to share a bit of our cruise with you. Please come back as we will be adding to our page.
Here's a big kiss for you for being so special. -^]